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Los Angeles, California

Winston Bui has been a campus pastor of Chi Alpha at UCLA, the 3rd campus ministry he pioneered in the country. Immediately  he was different, one of the best leaders around. With a powerful story of him and his family escaping Vietnam on the day of the fall of Saigon, his life and ministry now exemplifies unity in diversity. His mission is to make life better for people. As a leader, friend, and mentor to many, he lives out this mission sacrificially and generously. He is a relentless pursuer of people, fighting for lives with consistency until there is positive & lasting change. He has a heart for the nations and compassion for the poor. He has brought mission teams to an unknown village in Haiti called Fond Doux 32 times in the past 18 years and has turned them away from the life-destructing voodoo religion. He is a powerful & sought-after speaker. He has a contagious passion that can light up a fire in any soul. He believes that life is an adventure and we must leave our comfort zone to make a difference in this world. And he has lived a life of exactly that. With a heart for people and a life of service, Winston is a leader and influencer that the world must meet.

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Brian Kloefkorn

I have known Winston Bui for more than fifteen years. He is a great example of a servant leader. He pulls more out of people than they know they have to give, but he also sacrifices more and fights harder for the good of people than anyone I know. He constantly looks for what's best for the group while keeping individual's needs and desires in perspective - often setting aside his own preferences or desires. Winston is a gatherer. He's always looking to include more people in his circle, making space to build new relationships. And these relationships aren't about having numbers or just to hang out. He is purposeful to encourage, correct, guide, uplift, and in so many ways pour into these lives. Winston is a visionary who is able to inspire people to believe and follow where his convictions take him. He never aims at something small, yet he always finds a way to lead his team to get the big wins. Winston's personal impact in my life is immeasurable. I have leadership skills because of his example. I pour into people because of his example. I sacrifice because of his example. I am a better person because of Winston Bui's influence, and that is his gift. He inspires and challenges people to stretch to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

June 12 at 11:23 PM
Angela L

I met Pastor Winston as a high school student around 15 years ago. He spoke at my church as a guest missionary, but what I found unique was that his purpose was not to build up his campus ministry or himself. He spoke in a way that was inclusive and touched all people groups. He is humble and compassionate. I have been a part of Winston's team as a student, student leader, intern, and now staff member. He is passionate about helping others succeed. Winston creates opportunities for his team members to shine and grow in their giftings. I know I would not be working/living at my potential without his support and challenging leadership. I am living out my dreams of being a missionary and going abroad because Winston made space for me. I know there are countless thousands of people across the US and world who have been blessed by Winston, whether it be from a one time interaction, as an audience member, or whether it be in a long-term friendship. There is so much more that could be said about the impact and leadership qualities of Winston Bui. These short summaries are not enough!

June 12 at 8:23 PM
Bryan Citrin

When I was in college my professor said one of the first things a consultant does when they come into an organization is remove the top leadership. This did not make sense to me at the time because I didn’t understand just how instrumental the top leadership could be in influencing problems and individuals at the bottom level of an organization. The opportunity to personally work with Pastor Winston shifted my mindset and enabled me to see how the right leader WILL positively affect the entire organization to succeed and be more effective, influential, and impactful. Exceptional leaders always find a way to win and that is most definitely a consistent quality of Pastor Winston regardless of the situation. He has made a significant impact in my life personally and thousands of others through his years of service in pioneering 3 campus ministries, his selfless efforts of pouring into the nation of Haiti, and his impact from leading leaders of leaders as the West Coast Area Director overseeing campus pastors across Northern and Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii. Whether leading elite college students, successful business people, or impoverished people in Haiti his care and love is the same. He has taught me to think big, to give time to both people and God, and has lived a continual life of sacrifice in every arena of his life. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the John Maxwell Leadership Award than Pastor Winston Bui.

June 12 at 6:38 PM
Uwe Muench

Pastor Winston Bui has pioneered campus ministries on three campuses, and those ministries are thriving today. Uncountable numbers of students, as well as many pastors, have been influenced by the wisdom, the encouragement, and the leadership qualities of this man. I just learned about this page and the ability to comment today - if all the people who Winston has influenced would know about this page, nobody would have the time to read all these comments. I could comment on many qualities, but I want to focus on Winston's ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and cultures. I grew up in Germany, and when I met Winston in Missouri, I had not yet connected well with people. Winston took me under his wings 16 years ago, and I am still working with him and for him today.

June 12 at 4:56 PM
Mitch G

I met Winston 11 years ago. I was teaching High School in inner city Los Angeles and he was a guest preacher at the church I was attending. Over the course of my life I had heard many different and many great communicators. That Sunday was the most powerful, impacting, and influential message I had ever heard. Winston was moving to LA to start a campus ministry at UCLA. After meeting him that Sunday, I knew I wanted to be around this influential man more. I was in need of a mentor and Winston was gracious to quickly befriended me and be a mentor figure in my life. He has been my mentor and great friend the past 11 years. I went on to intern with him and then join his staff team as he started and developed the campus ministry at UCLA. Over the past 11 years I have seen him first hand make an incredible impact on hundreds, if not thousands of lives, not just in Los Angeles but all over the World. Whenever Winston is in a room, it doesn't matter who is in that room (college students, pastors, business leaders, executives, school teachers, youth, adults, seniors...), Winston stands out among the crowd as the one people want to listen to and be around. Anytime Winston is around someone he is influencing them, inspiring them, and depositing some of his DNA in them. I have read and studied John Maxwell's 'Levels of Leadership'. Winston is a Level 5 leader through and through, and personally, the greatest leader I have ever met.

June 11 at 10:38 PM
Timothy Faas

I met Winston in April of 2000 and he shared two words with me that forever changed my perspective: DREAM BIG. This man exemplifies dreaming huge! He came to the USA from Vietnam as an immigrant from a poor family and now is the most powerful and effective leader I know. After successfully starting a Chi Alpha ministry in Oklahoma, I watched him pioneer another two Chi Alpha ministries at University of Missouri and then at UCLA: Both the best in their districts by far. On a personal level, he invested more in me than both my parents combined. Due in large part to his strong mentorship, I graduated from Missouri and now work as a Manager at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, this man gives generously to the poor and sets lofty giving goals annually which he takes very seriously. He also wins with people in every area of life. A true legend in the making and great friend as well.

June 08 at 10:46 PM
David Citrin

He’s been selflessly pouring into my life and helping me reach my full potential. His influence and leadership helped me overcome weaknesses and sharpen strengths. Met him my last year of college in 2005. God radically transformed my life through his ministry. He’s been my friend and mentor now for over 10 years and I’m a better person because of him and I’m extremely thankful for his life. Not just a campus Pastor, since 1999, he’s led 32 separate short term mission trips to an orphanage in Fond Doux, Haiti, where he’s had an incredible impact on the local village and country side. Everyone in the area knows who he is and loves when his teams visit. I’ve had the privilege of going 9 times. These trips changed my life. Serving people in the poorest country in the western hemisphere gives you perspective on what’s truly important. Of everyone I know well on a personal and professional level, no one else epitomizes the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership better than Winston Bui. Oh, and he’s Vietnamese. His family fled Saigon the day it fell in 1975. His story is as incredible as his leadership and you have got to hear it!

June 08 at 5:54 PM