Robert Lysholm - Government/Military Service

San Angelo, Texas

Robert Lysholm serves as a Technical Sergeant(TSgt) in the United States Air Force(USAF). He is at the helm of the Goodfellow Air Force Base Honor Guard. He is directly accountable for over 32 personnel and $40K of equipment. His core duties include providing final military honors in an over 300 sq mile cover zone, all color guard events that represent the USAF to the American people. Since assuming his position last September he has augmented manning on funerals 150%, and attended a 2 week long training course to expand his knowledge on his job and was recognized as the Second Air Force Honor Guard Program Manager of the Year. He is also an instructor for the John Maxwell courses here on base as well as a firefighter instructor. He is a very involved leader, he takes his time to know all of his subordinate troops spending many hours both inside and outside of his duty hours. He is keen with taking feedback from the leaders appointed under him and has implemented many possess improvements creating a enhanced image to the American Public. TSgt Lysholm is a vital leader to this nation's military ensuring all service members receive the proper honors before being interned to the ground.


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MSgt Brenda Dodson

I have not worked daily with TSgt Lysholm, but I was the First Sergeant when he was interviewed and selected for the Base Honor Guard NCOIC position. I know that his selection was based on his outstanding professionalism and work ethic with the confidence that he would take the program to the next level. From the first moment in the position, he was looking for things he could improve. TSgt Lysholm is a hard charger who simply does not know how to not do his best. He is absolutely deserving of this leadership award.

June 20 at 1:14 PM
MSgt Samuel Dishion

I was TSgt Lysholm's supervisor and Assistant Chief of Operations at Malmstrom AFB, MT. Upon his return to the flight from leading the FTAC program at Malmstrom, I was amazed at the leadership skills this young SSgt (at the time) already possessed and the potential he had to become not just a leader, but one of the best I had seen in my career. TSgt Lysholm embodies every aspect of the Air Force's Core Values and the definition of character, mentor, and Airman. Robert was my #1 NCO on our shift and I could count on him to handle any task that was given to him, no matter how big or complex. He is a true leader and cares not only for his subordinates, but for everyone he comes into contact with. I can't think of anyone else that is more deserving of this award!

June 20 at 3:24 AM
SMSgt William Smith (retired)

In my time as Malmstrom Air Force Base's Career Advisor Robert ran the First Term Airmen Program. Sergeant Lysholm’s leadership was instrumental in developing and transitioning over 800 Airmen from training status to unit mission operation and production. He organized 45 educational briefs for 50 week-long courses familiarizing new Airmen with the base and local community. Roberts level of leadership was above and beyond anyone that worked for me in my tenure as career advisor. Everyone that he supervised knew that he cared and was willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of programs and people. Robert is the perfect example of a 360 degree leader...

June 15 at 10:21 AM
CMSgt David Clifford

As TSgt Robert Lysholm's fire chief at Malmstrom AFB, MT, Rob was my "go to" NCO when it came to mentoring the younger firefighters, briefing senior leaders that visited the base, and conducting fire inspections throughout the installation...all as a brand new SSgt. TSgt Lysholm truly embodies the Air Force core values and Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do! In addition and as a former instructor / student of John C. Maxwell courses, I believe Rob is the person you are looking for and embodies the message of Mr. Maxwell. Rob dedicates countless hours to helping and leading others both on and off base.

June 15 at 4:40 AM
SSgt Terell R Harris

TSgt Robert Lysholm joined the Base Honor Guard team when it was falling apart at one point. He provided many suggestions to enhance the team and later was selected to become the NCOIC of the Base Honor Guard Team. He was the perfect Airman for the job and is a great motivator. He has made the weekly practice more effective by making sure members understand why the Honor Guard is necessary and the impact its has on family members left behind by a deceased veteran/retiree. He ensures every funeral/ceremony gets filled with members and doesn't hesitate to volunteer himself. Overall I can honestly say the Base Honor Guard program has tremendously improved in ALL aspects from the time he took over as NCOIC. It has been a great honor to serve next to our Base Honor Guard NCOIC TSgt Lysholm.

June 14 at 11:02 AM
Mr. James F. Fitzgerald

To whom it may concern: TSgt Robert Lysholm is by far one of the most motivated and dedicate airman I have ever had the pleasure to supervise. His attention to detail and his passion for the Honor Guard makes him in my eyes the best Honor Guard Manager that I have ever met. In all my years doing this job in the military and as a civilian I have never had a HG manager of this caliber and I can honestly say he is one of the BEST.

June 14 at 9:54 AM
SrA Dillon Duermyer

TSgt Lysholm is the epitome of excellence and truly embodies the meaning of leadership. It has been a honor and privilege to serve hand and hand with him on Goodfellow Honor Guard. He provides a simple yet unique training platform where he demands excellence, yet accepts imperfections. TSgt Lysholm personifies gratitude in that he is always humble about his position in the Air Force, his family, and his friends and does not allow for deviations from his goals. He has always made the time to sit down with me over any and all issues that have confronted me, and provide a nonjudgmental ear, and even as I found them insignificant, he would sacrifice the small amount of personal time he had to ensure there was nothing wrong. It is to no surprise of mine that he was able to achieve the great honor of being selected in the top 100 and good luck in the next selection. TO HONOR WITH DIGNITY!

June 14 at 9:07 AM
Lt Col Derek Ferland

I was lucky enough to see Rob in action as his former squadron commander. Rob is one of those dedicated, hard working, and selfless individuals that no successful organization can live without. He is always seeking opportunities to get involved with tasks that are above and beyond his normal responsibilities and find ways to make things better. He always impressed me with his deliberate nature in first finding out how processes work before figuring out ways to improve them. That's a hallmark of a mature leader. Another hallmark of great leadership that Rob demonstrates is his positive attitude. No task is too tough that he won't tackle with enthusiasm and positive energy. It rubs off on everybody and suddenly the toughest jobs don't seem so difficult. The privilege of serving with great Americans--and great leaders--like Rob is what has made my own Air Force career so rewarding.

June 14 at 8:56 AM
Tyler D. Wiseman

TSgt Lysholm since I have known him has showcased leadership every time I see him. Being a member of the Honor Guard is something he takes with serious pride and respect, his #1 goal is to honor the fallen and give the respect to the families as they deserve. When teaching he has never come off rude or disrespected anyone, he always takes the time to make sure you understand your position. TSgt Lysholm showcases leadership by example with every detail that comes down. As a leader should he sends the detail out to all of honor guard and if extra bodies are needed he is the first to step up.

June 14 at 8:32 AM
SSgt Calida Churchill

As a prior member of the Goodfellow Base Honor Guard team I worked directly with TSgt Robert Lysholm. I watched him take a small undermanned group of people that made up the base honor guard and turn it into a sizeable team that worked together to take on even more details than we thought possible. He stood out as a leader to me because although he always demanded that we work hard to master every aspect of every detail we performed, he always encouraged and empowered us. All the little things he did everyday, at every detail, and at every practice, made it obvious he truly cared about what he was doing and everyone on his team. He is the kind of leader that makes you want to work harder for him and for yourself.

June 14 at 7:09 AM
2d Lt Nicole Flanagan, USAF

Rob is leadership's go to guy. He took over a broken Honor Guard program and turned it around completely while leading from all angles. He starts with himself. He "leads himself exceptionally well". He is an expert time manager, prioritizing tasks better than I've ever seen. He is willing to take on the impossible jobs that no one is brave enough to tackle while doing more than anyone ever expected. He is always the first to step up and help anyone with anything. Him and I would tag team projects as he would help with mine and I would help with his. He is the ultimate teammate always taking responsibility for whatever outcome comes his way. Rob continually thinks in the long term and pushes boundaries to lead change. He adopts the organizations goals as his own and above all takes excellent care of his people. He is truly what I think of when I think of a Professional Airman.

June 14 at 1:19 AM
Major Jason Tomcho, USAF

Rob has always been willing to do what it takes to accomplish a specific task. He is thirsty for knowledge and eager to learn how improve processes and procedures. Rob is ready to listen to everyone around him in order to gain a deeper insight into a problem and further understand the root cause. He creates multiple courses of action, communites his plan, and implements the best solution. He is not only a great leader in the Air Force but he is involved with the community and his family. I honestly don't know how he balances work life, home life, volunteering, and taking time for himself. Rob is certainly a leader among leaders and a model for all to follow.

June 14 at 12:15 AM
TSgt Vincent Morgan

Technical Sergeant Robert Lysholm has provided steadfast leadership as the NCOIC of the Goodfellow AFB Honor Guard. Having served on multiple Honor Guard teams across numerous Air Force installations, Robert Lysholm has mastered every position for every detail, perfectly executing each role with dignity and honor. He has anchored high-level Honor Guard details, most recently as the Colors Team NCOIC for the funeral of an active-duty O-5. As the Base Honor Guard NCOIC, TSgt Lysholm brings years of invaluable experience to leading a team of skilled, dedicated guardsmen, guiding them and supporting them in rendering final honors to the greatest of America's heroes. His inclusion into consideration for the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award signifies his deep dedication to the Goodfellow Air Force Base Honor Guard and to its sacred duty of paying respect to those who have come before. The qualities exemplified by TSgt Robert Lysholm make him a perfect candidate worthy of such high praise and esteem.

June 13 at 8:04 PM

Dear Son, Your determination, character, dedication, strength and hard work has brought forth an honorable achievement. We are so VERY proud of you! We know it is not easy to do all that you do _that makes all you have accomplished even BETTER. You are a blessing to us! We love you. Congratulations, Son! Mom and Dad 2016

June 13 at 7:55 PM
SSgt Ezra T. Kiihn

Technical Sergeant Lysholm was promoted to his current position as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of Goodfellow Base Honor because during his time as a team member he displayed selfish leadership taking on details and roles within the organization.

June 13 at 4:32 PM
TSgt Stephen Weaver

TSgt Lysholm is "The Leader" amongst his peers! Leading is second nature to him. He is someone that I know I can always trust to do the right thing and get the job done. There was never any fear or doubt when he was the primary instructor for a class that those students would leave the Fire Academy with superb knowledge in their career field. Sergeant Lysholm will continue to do great things in our Air Force.

June 13 at 4:06 PM