John Kammeyer - Business

Chattanooga, Tennessee

John Kammeyer is Vice President at the Tennessee Valley Authority, which was created in 1933 by Franklin D. Roosevelt to bring prosperity to the people of the Tennessee Valley through the generation of electricity. In 2008, the company experienced a major environmental event, where over 5 million cubic yards of coal ash was released into the Emory River. John was instrumental in leading the recovery of this event and transformed the management of coal combustion residuals in the industry. His ability to bring people together and motivate them toward a common vision is at the heart of his organization’s success.  He outperforms the industry in employee satisfaction surveys at 94% versus 52%. His team is recognized as the example of collaboration, where he leads with the vision of a strategist and the heart of a servant.

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David L Sutton, P.E.

I have the distinction of leading my organization's representation to TVA in its capacity as a supplier of engineering and construction services. I have worked with John since 2012 and it is rewarding and a pleasure to work with him. John is an exemplary and outstanding leader. He displays vision, insight, aptitude and fairness. He reasonably demands accountability from within his organization and from outside service providers. He has demonstrated the ability to steer TVA through demanding decisions with prudence and expediency. John is extremely deserving of the prestigious John C. Maxwell Leadership Award.

June 27 at 9:51 AM
Stephen bickel

The past seven years I've been fortunate to have worked with John. While I do not see him on a daily basis, I've observed his leadership style, and I've heard from his TVA team. He is clear, friendly and courteous in communicating, and he makes good, solid decisions. He is a man of deep faith who loves his family, cares about those around him, and helps his staff reach their potential. He is respected by those who know him.

June 20 at 9:07 AM
J. Darrell Tipton II, P.E.

The foundation for John's leadership is his heart. He gives it to us every day through his consistent, loyal response to challenging people and demanding conditions. He is like a generator, setting voltage for the system. He inspires his peers and those working under his care to desire and achieve excellence in areas both personal and professional. He backs his people fearlessly because he establishes trust. His discipline is incredible. It allows him to maintain course despite strong pulls in many directions. He maintains an even keel by quick, informed decision making. John at the helm makes everything better. He has inspired me run through the finish line, not coast to it. John Kammeyer is the guy I think about when I hear John Maxwell speak. Please honor John with the 2016 John C. Maxwell leadership award.

June 15 at 7:52 AM
Gabe Lang, P.E.

I first began working with John in 2009 as a consultant to TVA. Over the years, I have benefited by and through my interactions with John on both a professional and personal level. I have seen his leadership and vision in action and witnessed the positive outcome that he has on the personnel involved, projects and the organization. His patience and vision have always stuck out to me and have influenced my approach to management. John is an outstanding leader deserving of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award.

June 13 at 1:10 PM
Tom Kovacic, P.E.

As a non-TVA employee working closely with several joint project teams since 2009, what I quickly learned to appreciate about John's leadership was his ability to bring people together. He makes everyone feel like an equal and encourages them to participate to develop the best possible solution to the current challenge. John's nomination to this award is very deserving.

June 13 at 8:04 AM
Gunseli Shareef

Congratulations to John on his nomination for this prestigious award. In the seven years I have worked with him, I have found him to be a visionary and a strategic thinker, always caring about his staff and TVA's role in the community.

June 10 at 11:07 PM
Michael Clemmons

A person can lead no matter where the destination, but leadership is only valuable if it is to somewhere worth arriving. When I envision the ultimate leadership style, I think of Jesus. His passion for those God gave him, his commitment to the overall goal, the ability to communicate that goal clearly and paint a picture that triggers a reaction at the heart level and doing that in a way which expresses caring and love to those he addresses. When I met John Kammeyer approximately 6 years ago, I knew immediately he was someone I wanted to be associated with, to work for and learn from. John embodies the qualities mentioned above, because he studies and strives to emulate Jesus' leadership style. He has a unique gift of guiding both those he manages and those outside of his organization into a place of harmony, unified toward a common goal. Because of his unwavering passion and faith, his yoke is easy and his burden is light, and John is able to serve the people he leads from a deep reservoir of caring. John is a discipler, not a manager, of the men and women he leads. It is less about success on a corporate level, and more about the success of the individuals, our journey to excellence with freedom along the way to make mistakes and learn. My time under John's professional leadership has been my richest and most fulfilling work experience to date. But the lessons he has taught me about life, being a husband and father, and walking in faith are things that I will hold onto forever. His life and character are an inspiration to me and my family. John Kammeyer leads people to a destination worth arriving at, and I believe he’s worthy of receiving the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award.

June 09 at 4:10 PM
Rachel Combs

Mr. Kammeyer exemplifies many traits of a great leader. John is a leader who communicates clearly and concisely and motivates everyone around him. He is genuinely concerned for other people's welfare not only in the workplace but outside of work. He always seem to have a solution, and always know what to say to inspire and reassure his organization. He sets high expectations within his organization and provides the support needed to meet those expectations. John is an exceptional leader and it has been a privilege to work with him for the past 7 years. He is very deserving of this award!

June 09 at 8:29 AM
Shannon Bennett

John Kammeyer has been a great leader for our organization. He not only cares how we do professionally, but also wants us to succeed in our life outside of work. He takes the time to get to know people and genuinely cares about them. He takes the time to talk with his employees to see how things are going and if there is anything he can do to help or provide guidance. Even outside of his job at TVA, he works to add value to others with his ministry. It's very inspirational to see how someone in his position seeks out ways to continually help and mentor others he is in contact with. Mr. Kammeyer is very intentional in all the aspects of his life and has left a lasting impact on all of us.

June 09 at 7:37 AM
Nicole Walker

John Kammeyer is a very inspriational leader. His leadership quailities are outstanding; he builds his people and his people build the business. John is a great example of what a leader should be, his actions speak lourder than words and it shines through the people he interacts with. It has been an honor working for John for the past several years. He has believed in me even when I may not have believed in myself and I can truly say I am a better employee and person because of John Kammeyer!

June 08 at 9:27 AM
Hugo Aparicio, PE

I only know John strictly from a business perspective and about fifty group meetings we have participated together since January 2009. We first met in January 2009 during a late evening meeting following the December 2008 major environmental TVA sustained. He had spent the entire day reviewing another event, at a different TVA plant, that could have potentially matched the consequences of the 2008 event. From the get go it was obvious John brought to the table an unusual combination of leadership skills during very difficult circumstances. John did not say much but displayed a suave attitude, making sure all meeting participants stayed on task. Once all the background information presentation and engineering discussion was completed, John extended his business card to my team and simply said ‘it is all in your hands, call me if you need me’. It is very seldom (I have been practicing engineering for over 40 years) to see a leader manage a highly technical meeting dealing with a crisis with the ease and tactfulness John displayed that evening. As it turns out, there were many more similar meetings – although not as stressful as the first one – led by John in a similar fashion. In my book, John is fully deserving of the John Maxwell leadership award.

June 08 at 7:40 AM
Kris Johnson

My first introduction to John Kammeyer was at the TVA new employee orientation where he spoke to a fresh class of new hires. During his presentation I was impressed with his message of how he promotes accountability through collaboration among his teams and his expectations of people. Since that day I have had the pleasure of experiencing John's leadership first hand and consider him one of the best I have worked for during my career. He leads through example and by his actions makes an individual strive to achieve more than they thought possible.

June 08 at 7:01 AM
Aaron Nottis

John has a number of traits that exemplify leadership. He leads by example and inspires those around him to work together toward a common goal. His character, vision, and ability to make decisions in the face of adversity have made him a commendable leader. My interactions with John have been both educational and inspiring.

June 07 at 3:17 PM
Caitie Suttles

The saying "actions speak louder than words" is so true when it comes to John Kammeyer. Sometimes you learn the most from people when they are not speaking. He has taught me how to be strong when you do not think that you have the strength, how to have faith through hardships, and he has taught me how to love unconditionally. To me, that makes him a leader. I am so proud to call such a man of God- my father. One of my favorite things about my dad is that he is constantly learning and trying to better himself. Whether that be with his work or with the Word of God, he is always reading and studying. He has been a great example in showing me that a teacher never stops being a student. Not only has he shown me and my three sisters love and encouragement, but he has shown my mother a Christ-like love throughout their marriage. I thank God for the leader that my daddy is! I am so blessed that my daughter will get to see what an amazing man her poppa is. I know that she will learn through his actions of love, just like I did and still am learning! :) So proud of you, daddy! I cannot think of anyone who deserves this leadership award more than you do! I love you!

June 07 at 7:54 AM
Robert Fuller

On behalf of my brother and I, our sincere congratulations goes to John Kammeyer on his nomination! There is not a more deserving individual for the 2016 top leader award.

June 06 at 3:52 PM
Alan Casaday

John has great balance of life with family, religion, community and work. At work he helps guide and work through issues but he is also their to help you become a better person in life. He is there to listen and give advise to resolve issues.

June 06 at 3:43 PM
Danny Stephens

John is a great leader. As I have had the pleasure of his influence over the past 7 years, I have enjoyed his presents. John's leadership is one of engagement, empowerment and inspiration. His compassion for each employee and doing the right thing is always evident. One of Johns great strengths is his ability to listen to his team and serve them with clear inspiring vision. But without a doubt, John's greatest quality is his faith in Christ and the guidance provided by His influence in all of our lives.

June 06 at 9:28 AM

I have worked for John for about 6 years now and I don’t have the words to describe the impact he has had on my life both professionally and personally. Professionally he has taught me about forgiveness and grace by creating an atmosphere where it is okay to take risks and make mistakes. John has a very unique ability to get people to move in the same direction even under strongly varying opinions. He doesn’t do it by authority, I believe he does it by winning over and transforming people’s hearts first and then peoples thinking. People in his group know and trust that he is always doing the right thing even though they don’t understand strategically why. Personally he has taught me that power of faith, hope and happiness are not dependent on circumstances.

June 06 at 8:54 AM
Lee E. Young

I work with John on a daily basis. He is a wonderful person who keeps his Bible open on his desk at all times. He loves his employees but is not afraid to discipline when needed. He is a man of faith and a great leader! He is well respected by his peers, subordinates and his leaders., John is in a class by himself! He is selfless and he is a servant! I love him as a friend and brother in Christ. His greatest treasures are his wife, girls and grandchildren. He is the BEST!

June 04 at 7:46 PM
Patrick Kiser

John has a gift for establishing, presenting, and promoting clarity of vision and purpose. He is a man of integrity and honesty, consistenly exhibiting high moral character. I never walk away from an interaction with John without having been challenged and inspired.

June 03 at 11:12 AM
Brett Wyatt

John is a great leader. I count it an honor and a privilege to be under a person who still exhibits faith in the Lord and such high moral values. The traits that John has are hard to find in this day and time.

June 03 at 10:10 AM
Michael J. Steele, PE

John provided me with the unprecedented opportunity to manage the engineering design and construction quality control programs for the Kingston Recovery Project (activity following the 2008 dredge cell failure). This was a once-in-a-career opportunity framed with extraordinary pressures and high expectations for success. At each step along this 6-year journey, John instilled confidence and inspired me by using four simple words "Mike, I trust you". John is a true example of a servant leader and to me, is the clear choice to receive the 2016 John C. Maxwell Leader of the Year award.

June 02 at 2:55 PM
Wayne Palmer

I have been working with John for the past several years in different capacities. He is a man of integrity and leads by example. I have worked at TVA for over 35 years and I can honestly say that John Kammeyer is one of the very best leaders I have ever worked with. His team building skills and inspiration to encourage his team to achieve lofty goals is such a unique ability. His vision is clear and always effectively communicated. John is the ultimate definition of “Servant Leadership”. I am sure the John Maxwell Foundation will have several good candidates but few with the leadership traits of John Kammeyer. And whenever John decides to leave TVA, he will be leaving behind a legacy of future leaders.

June 02 at 11:01 AM
Alan F. Rauch, PhD, PE

They are many positive things that can be said about John Kammeyer's leadership style. But there is one aspect that I admire the most - his ability to get people moving in the right direction. We once had a project issue arise, where I was on the opposite side of the fence from John. We went into a meeting where I had my rhetorical guns loaded, ready to argue to the end of the day that I was right. I mean, nobody was going to convince me I was wrong. It took John only about 15 minutes to convince me that he was right. I walked out of the meeting completely agreeing with him, and ready to go implement his approach. And asking myself - how did he do that? It is easy to lead a crowd in the direction they are already headed, but it takes true leadership skills to convince them to change direction. John Kammeyer has those skills.

June 01 at 1:15 PM
Melissa Hedgecoth

My relationship with John Kammeyer has not always been positive. Please read further…During the Kingston ash spill, I was the Manager over the Ash Management Program. I was at extreme odds with TVA during this time, even labeled by the press as a “whistle blower.” I could not have imagined my career in any worse of a situation. Today, I cannot imagine my career in any more perfect situation. The transition required: forgiveness, patience, honesty, respect, and a selfless love for TVA and all of its employees, which are exactly the leadership qualities that John Kammeyer exemplifies every day. It’s easy to love those that love you, and to lead those who admire and respect you. But the true test of leadership is to gain respect from someone who has not always respected you, and to lead someone that doesn’t want to follow. John Kammeyer took an organization that had huge division and resentment for one another. He didn’t come in and clean house. He kept all of the same employees from the top to the bottom, and took them from the organization with the worst morale in the company to the organization with the best morale in the company. Now, that’s phenomenal, un-heard of, once-in-a-lifetime kind of leadership!

June 01 at 12:08 AM