Michael Fletcher - Faith-Based

Fayetteville , North Carolina

Michael Fletcher is the Lead Pastor at Manna Church in Fayetteville NC. He has pastored Manna Church for almost 30 years since he was 25 yrs old! They now have over 9000 members in 5 locations. Manna is currently expanding under Michael’s leadership to plant churches or sites along what he calls "The Military Highway": locations in the USA where there are concentrations of military personnel. This year Manna is opening churches in West Florida & Hawaii. Michael is a true visionary which a passion for advancing the Kingdom of God! Michael & his wife Laura have 8 children with 5 of the 8 serving in various ministry capacities. Additionally Michael is a marathoner and has completed an Ironman in Florida! Michael Fletcher is not a great leadership but a powerful anointed man of God that loves the Lord with all his heart.

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Linda Cooper

May the Lord continue to bless him and his family. May he continue to to grow in the Lord and teach us all that he has learned. This is my Pastor and I am very proud to say it.

July 25 at 4:12 PM