Rachel Rutledge - Family/Youth

Huntsville, Alabama

Rachel is the Founder of a nonprofit titled The BRIC, serving teenagers in Madison County, AL. The BRIC provides a safe and supportive environment for teens to congregate on weekend nights with live bands, DJs, coffee/snack bar, mini-library, gaming and mentorship and enrichment opportunities. The BRIC is an alternative to teens hanging out in parking lots or engaging in illegal or unsafe practices. Rachel has and is making a difference in the lives of local teens through her efforts in forming The BRIC. She works tirelessly to create programs that will both interest and help educate them. She has established Saturday afternoon summer classes that are free for all teens and will include such topics as: financial literacy, resume/interview skills, leadership, dress for success, ACT/SAT prep, writer’s workshop, self-defense, and art classes. Rachel actively promotes The BRIC within the community through schools, churches, and youth organizations. She is constantly on the look-out for ways to improve and grow the organization in order to benefit and reach more teens. You will find her on weekend nights interacting with youth at the coffee bar, playing games, drawing or just talking.


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Ms..Rachel is one of the best people I know. She always listens to me and give great advice, I can tell she really cares not just like some adults who make you think their listening. She works so hard for the BRIC and we love her for what she does.

June 29 at 10:57 AM
Tabitha Grace

Passionate about providing better opportunities for the youth in community to be the best they can be in their future!

June 21 at 10:04 PM

I first met Rachel while she was forming The BRIC to be a nonprofit in early 2014 - what determination! I've heard of people quitting their job in order to make their dream come true, but I had never witnessed it. She did it because she believed entirely in the vision God had given her. She has a heart for leadership, to lead the next generation into greatness!

June 20 at 8:52 PM

My family and I just recently found out about The BRIC and we are completely thrilled with Rachel's heart and vision for the teens in our community. The BRIC may be just in its infancy but everything starts somewhere and with her incredible leadership this has the ability to change thousands of lives!

June 18 at 5:41 PM
Fern Brazda

Rachel's leadership, persistence , and intrinsic drive has given her success in all she touches. Her passion for organizing a safe environment for teens is something the community needed and will thrive with Rachel at the helm!

June 17 at 5:46 PM
Katie Duke

I have known Mrs Rachel for 7 years and has never failed to step up to every opportunity to be a leader. She runs The BRIC, she's the colorguard mom in the band, she leads the worship team, volunteers at the Manna House, and she is an excellent mentor to all young ladies. She is such a Godly woman and strives to serve God in every way!

June 17 at 4:57 PM
Olivia Duke

Mrs. Rachel, never fails to encourage teens in Huntsville to love God. Gods love strives her to do many great things in the community!

June 17 at 4:57 PM
Rebecca Ortiz

Before Rachel founded The BRIC she was the head of the Celebrate Recovery group. She helped me tremulously with her transparency, honesty, compassion, concern, etc. for a large group of women. She is an extremely strong believer. She sets goals and accomplishes them. She never gives up. It is amazing what she has accomplished through God, Holy Spirit lead in a very short amount of time. Rachel has a huge heart, ran into obstacles; she kept on going. She is a wonderful mentor to a lot of people. She is extremely Selfless.

June 08 at 4:17 PM

Rachel leads us and others in the way she would want to follow someone. She is a great communicator and sometimes uses role play and modeling of actions that she hopes to see in her volunteer team. She uses her knowledge and feelings together when making decisions that affect the organization.

June 02 at 12:13 PM

Rachel's goal of giving all teens a place to feel safe, learn, and have fun is inspiring on so many levels. With blood, sweat and tears she has seen her vision come to life. I look forward to watching it reach all kids in the Huntsville and Madison County area.

May 28 at 7:40 AM

Rachel is positively one of the top leaders in her community - she lives to serve in every sense of the word! She has done and will continue to do amazing things for the youth and families of the greater Huntsville area. I hope her amazing accomplishments will serve as a model for other communities, if they haven't already!

May 26 at 10:40 AM

It was only about 2 years ago that Rachel started with a vision for The BRIC. She engaged the community and it's leaders to share the vision and raise support, generated interest among teens and didn't wait until there was a building to use. She organized and grew separate teams of both teen and adult volunteers and started with "pop up" events at various locations around the community. As of January 2016, she was able to secure a 10,000 sq ft facility and led a complete renovation project of that space that took 2 1/2 months to complete. Today The BRIC is operating debt free and is open on Fri and Sat nights, for FREE, to teens. She has already led forward by starting the next phase by introducing free classes for teens on Saturdays that include everything from ACT/SAT prep and self defense to arts and media training culminating in teen showcases that evening after the training. Rachel's vision and leadership are changing the landscape of possibilities for teens in Huntsville and Madison County .

May 26 at 10:16 AM
Jeff Bobo

Rachel had a dream of a place where youth could meet and be in a safe environment to have fun. She has worked tirelessly to make this happen and the BRIC ribbon cutting was this spring! Way to go Rachel for not giving up and listening to God instead of man!

May 26 at 9:12 AM
Tonita Bobo

Through strong will and sheer determination, Rachel has taken her little "idea" of a safe place for kids to hang-out; and turned it into a reality ! Thanks to Rachel's dedication, The BRIC, Inc. is no longer just words on a piece of paper. Lots of people want the world the change... a select few; ACTUALLY CHANGE THE WORLD ! Here's to you, Rachel Rutledge !!! So proud to know one of the SELECT FEW !!!!!!

May 25 at 7:47 PM
Kay Sturtz

Rachel has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her many years ago. She has a schedule, doing mostly for others, that few people could undertake. I was broken, scared and alone and who came to my rescue, of course the answer to that is "Rachel." She is number one in leadership and guidance. Her faith shines like the brightest star and she never backs down from a challenge. She deserves so much, and asks for so little. I respect her and I admire her. To know her, is to love her!!

May 25 at 7:24 PM

I met Rachel as a leader of a ministry several years ago. The best way to describe her is Servant Leader. She leads with her heart, always serving as she leads. She isn't one to tell others what to do, but instead shows them and walks through the process with them. She listens and gives encouraging but wise counsel. She is an exceptional thinker, always seeing situations from a viewpoint others wouldn't have considered. Rachel taught me so much about what it means to lead others and that is by loving and serving them first of all.

May 25 at 6:11 PM
Luke Wylie

Rachel is such an industrious person. Anytime she see's a job that needs to be done, she jumps on it in and does it a little different than anyone else would. She is encouraging and uplifting. She gets the job done efficantly. Great leader overall.

May 25 at 5:01 PM
Tara Van Winkle

If anyone is deserving of this award, it's Rachel. She selflessly spends her time for the betterment of our youth. The BRIC is an amazing organization giving our teens a safe place to hang with friends while also providing free classes to help teens in their future. Rachel is an amazing person, with an amazing heart and leadership skills and deserves this award!

May 25 at 11:54 AM
Laurie Maxson

When I first learned who Rachel was and the dream she was pursuing, I was inspired. The true actions of a person with passion are that they refuse to be defeated and they will continue to take steps until they reached their goal. Then, they continue to learn, grow, and set more goals. Rachel is a Leader, with a passion and purpose to raise up leaders. Her future leaders are teenagers, which is even more amazing. She not only has a created a place for teens to hangout, she has created opportunities for them to explore their passions, utilize their talents, and to learn in an exciting and fun atmosphere! Thank you Rachel for believing in your passion and purpose in life, AND fulfilling it!

May 25 at 10:24 AM

First of all I must start by saying "WOW" Rachel is one of the most amazing people I have met. She shared her dream the "BRIC" with me a few years ago. Rachel knew at that time the challenges she would have to endure, however she never once allowed that to stop her. She just kept pushing and pushing and pushing. Which is why she is one of the nominee's of this award by not ever giving up, and to me that takes alot of faith and hard work. I personally can say she is awesome for her Community Servant work for our youth in the Community. She is demostarting to them to never give up follow your dreams no matter how Big the dream is just work hard, and pour into your community, because when you do your Community will pour back into you... Kudo's Rachel!!!

May 25 at 9:51 AM
Antonio Montoya

I have seen Rachel as she has built the BRIC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, from a vision to a fast growing organization. I credit her success to Rachel's ability to build a strong coalition of supporters and empowering a team of committed volunteers to make it happen.

May 25 at 8:57 AM
Wayne Olson

Rachel is one of those rare people who choose not to stand by and let things happen. She saw a need in our community for youth and young adults, to have a clean, safe and attractive place to gather, socialize, and learn. She created such a place from just a simple idea, gathered volunteers, donations, and found a suitable place and made it happen. The world would be a much better place if we had more Rachels doing what she does so well.

May 25 at 8:07 AM
Anna Cummings

I've known Rachel through her daughter since the summer before sixth grade. Her daughter is is a fun and engaging girl as well as a natural leader, and I have to say that she gets it honestly! Mrs. Rutledge has shown me what it means to be a leader who doesn't only take charge, but who also devotes her time and heart to helping others however she can.

May 24 at 10:21 PM
Jessa Wylie

I have known this nominee for the better part of 17 years now. I have seen her in moments of shining glory, but I have also been with her during some of her most heartbreaking experiences and times. Through it all, she has exemplified excellent leadership through her devotion to her mission, her faith, and herself in general. Rachel is not only excellent at growing todays leaders, but also is gifted at raising up future leaders. It is an honor to know and be inspired by such an incredible and influential woman. If there is anyone who deserves this title, it is the one and only Rachel Rutledge.

May 24 at 9:47 PM
Sarah Williams

Through observing Rachel's leadership, I have learned how to be a good leader myself. She has shown me that leadership involves more than just being in charge, it includes things such as compassion, time management, and much more. Rachel is not only willing to help guide me toward being a better leader, she is also always there for me personally. She gives great advice and is willing to give her whole heart to benefit others.

May 24 at 9:11 PM