Adriana Estrada - Community Service

San Antonio, Texas

Adriana has a passion for giving hope to those in need. Just over two years ago she accepted a position as a community engagement representative (CER) for the GenCure Marrow Donor Program (a non-profit) who works in partnership with Be The Match (America’s national bone marrow registry). She dedicates almost every waking hour to supporting families that have a loved one with blood cancers such as leukemia who need a transplant to survive. Understand that the job of a CER is to get people signed up to the registry, but Adriana goes above and beyond to help families go the distance to find a matching donor. She’s helped develop patient and college campaigns to spread awareness while giving students a hands on leadership opportunity to educate their peers. Some of these campaigns have been highlighted on the news locally as well as across Texas. She visits her patients in the hospital, works with the families even when a match isn’t found, and on her own time, attends funerals for the ones that didn’t make it. She gives hope in the most dire situations and is honored to be the first step in saving a life.


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Adriana is a very compassionate individual with a heart of service. Her mission to make a difference in the community by connecting those in need of bone marrow, to persons wanting to donate. One of the greatest attributes she has, is her tenacious spirit. She has a passion to serve and to push for results, so that she can help change the lives by helping restore HOPE. Adriana is truely the embodiement of the John C. Maxwell Award recipient.

June 20 at 9:29 AM

Adriana Estrada is an exceptional person, a true humanitarian, and an inspiration to her community. As a bone marrow recruiter for the “Be The Match” program she is a strong leader and has always excelled in everything she does. Her ability to bring diverse cultural groups together to contribute to the program has resulted in about 6,000 registered bone marrow volunteers over the past two years. She works with college campus throughout south Texas and her in our local community of San Antonio. Her compassion for the patients waiting for marrow transplants is her drive. She is a genuinely caring and loving person that has helped anyone in need including bringing favorite snacks, kids pajamas, and Build a Bear, with the voice of her daddy, to a daughter of a soldier that would never see her daddy again due to his passing while waiting for his transplant. She not only helped with material items but spiritually through prayer as well. Her devotion to humanity started as a child at the early age of 7yrs old. Her spirituality led her to visit hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, orphanages, and the disabled, homebound, blind people of her community. Adriana is a military child who grew up outside her home state of Texas. We were stationed on the East coast, Hawaii and Japan where she did volunteer work with the church and on base overseas. I’m most certain her religious foundation led her to share and care for her community and those in need. She started out as a mustard seed and has continued to grow leading her to this point with patients and donors of the marrow program where she helps to recruit to find matches for those patients looking for that last hope of life. Adriana is not one for personal recognition but has dedicated herself to her work doing what she believes in. She strives to bring awareness to “Be the Match” and GENCURE to help find that lifesaving cure for cancer patients in the program. I don’t know anyone who is more deserving of the honor of such a prestigious award as the John C. Maxwell award for leadership. It’s a wonderful blessing for me to be able to continue witnessing her purpose in life. I truly believe God has had a hand in all she does. Her mission is not over I pray that God keeps her safe and continues to walk with her guiding her through her work and places she visits. I love my daughter very much and I am very proud to be her mother.

June 14 at 10:48 PM
Cindy N.

Adriana is a young lady with a huge heart. She dedicates so much of her time to those in need. She takes pride in the work she does. She is compassionate and dedicated to raising awareness as well as providing support to families who have been affected by leukemia. When you inquire with her as to what she does, she lights up with the opportunity to educate you on her job and how you too can help make a difference in the lives of others. She is definitely making a difference in many lives. She is truly inspiring to me as I am sure she is to everyone around her.

June 14 at 5:21 PM

Adriana is an extraordinarily young woman. Always doing what's in the best interest of others before herself. Helping others that are in need, and going out of her way to do so. She is a wonderful leader, I hope other young people follow in her footsteps.

June 14 at 5:21 PM
Emily Iris Guzman

Adriana is committed to educating and serving the community as a community engagement representative finding matching donors. She stands out as a leader because of her commitment, loyalty and compassion to those in need. The difference she is making is shown in lives that have been impacted by her dedication to promoting awareness in finding donor matches. The result is keeping hope alive and lives being saved. It takes an individual who can see beyond themselves to care about making a difference. Most adults her age are challenged by such a concept. I believe Adriana N. Estrada rises above the rest and should be recognized as a leader.

June 12 at 11:48 PM
Christine Wong

A leader is a rock, someone that others can go to for strength, comfort, and guidance. A leader is a workhorse, someone that is capable of delegating, and yet more hardworking and invested in exceeding goals, than anyone else. A leader is a motivator, someone that inspires others to take action to be and do the best they can. My best friend of eight (8) years, Ms. Adriana (Adrie) Estrada, is a leader. Adrie is a rock for not only the patients with blood cancer, but their families as well. She is a very caring person who tailors her supportive approach to comfort and provide strength for people when they need it the most. Adrie is a workhorse because there is no limit to how many hours she will push herself to go above and beyond to spread awareness for her patients lives. Her job is far from the typical nine-to-five. She sacrifices her own plans often because she knows that any one donation could be the match and be the difference. Adrie is a motivator because she inspires people through her informative, kind, and genuine stories and hopes. I had never donated blood before, until I met Adrie and she encouraged me to go to the Health Blood and Tissue center. She even went with me. If not for her encouragement, I may have never actually taken the time or felt comfortable enough to donate blood. Adrie is a rock, workhorse, and motivator. She is a true leader.

June 12 at 11:36 PM
Ruben J.

"Leadership is influencing people by providing purpose, motivation and direction while working toward a common goal and improving the organization." Adriana has demonstrated this definition not only throughout her career, but to friends, family, and colleagues throughout her life. During her time as a Community engagement representative, she has worked so hard by selflessly devoting herself to the program. No matter how long the hours, she will drive on to do everything she possibly can to find a match for someone in need. I could ask her what motivates her, but I already know she'd say that even the smallest bit of someones hope is still hope, and how honored she feels to be a part of that person's hope (or something along those lines). She never has to say it because she shows it everyday. She's touched several lives and has left a lasting impact on many others. Adriana is more than a leader and role model for the generations to come. In my eyes, my sister is a superhero and her super power is her big kind and loving heart.

June 12 at 10:29 PM

People come in all shapes and sizes with different morals to accompany their character. Although people tend to posses faults and at times become a little selfish, Adriana Estrada is one of the rare people that God spent a little extra time in creating. She was meant to be in this world to assist people and sacrifice many things to see that others are happy and prosperous. No matter the time of day or night you can count on Adri (as her beloved friends like to call her) to answer her phone. No matter the distance she will always provide not only the bare minimum but her entire effort for many regardless if they are friends, family, or strangers. If the entire population could mirror her efforts, even in the slightest, the world would become a better place, if only for a moment.

June 11 at 10:09 AM

I've known Adriana my whole life, she is part of who I am today and she has always been my role model. She selflessly goes out of her way to help those she hardly knows and touches their lives by her extreme efforts and big heart. I'm proud of my sister for being the best at what she does and believe she deserves to be rewarded for all her hard work.

June 11 at 4:56 AM

The John C. Maxwell leadership award is an award given to leaders that ”stand out and are making a difference” in our community. I believe Adriana N. Estrada is such a leader. I have known her all her life literally and I have seen her grow from a shy little girl to the wonderful giving person she is today. She gives freely of herself never stopping to think how tired she is or how difficult the next task might be, but rather the patients searching for a life giving marrow transplant and how they need her to push forward to accomplish her goals. I’m sure having read some of the other comments on this site you may have an idea of the scope of her present position as a recruiter for the “Be The Match” program. But you don’t know the background story of how she came to become part of this wonderful group of people that strive to save lives by what they do. Adriana did not start out working for “Be The Match” program but rather as an administrative assistant for one of the departments of The South Texas Blood and Tissue center. She changed departments several times working as a scheduler, a part time secretary and doing payroll. She struggled financially and had difficulty understanding why she was doing the odd jobs that she was being given which had nothing to do with the degree that she had earned at The University of The Incarnate Word. I remember her saying “what am I doing here” I felt in my heart that she would find her spot in the world, whether it was with this company or another. I knew God had a plan for her. A few years ago Adriana learned of a position that was opening up in the bone marrow program as a recruiter. She struggled to decide if this job was for her but as fate would have it she applied for the position and made it to the top two. Interviews were held questions were asked and one of which was “what can you bring to this position that we have not seen before” Her answer was a fresh look at how presentations were done, new ideas from someone that had never done this before. The initial decision was to hire the other candidate but after being offered the job he decided to take another offer. The position was then offered to Adriana and she accepted. She was given some initial training but was soon set on her path of recruiting. The road to where she is now has not been without its trials. She faces terminally ill patients who are searching for the last hope they search for that one in a million match that may save their lives. It is an emotional roller coaster, the joy of knowing that she has personally recruited a bone marrow donor that saved a small child’s life to being asked by the father of a young girl to share his daughters last moments of life here on earth at her bedside. This young girl could possibly have been saved had the donor that matched her said yes to going through with the donation. Adriana and the team learned a valuable lesson that day, the true meaning of their work and how important it is to make sure they recruit only committed donors. Adriana is a committed, companionate, driven individual that looks for new innovative ways to complete her task of getting as many people to commit to the bone marrow program as possible. She uses a small pocket sized projector to give her presentations and a Bluetooth speaker to attract possible donors to her recruiting areas. She educates and motivates university and college students, under the CAMCO program, to recruit from their fellow student body. She has traveled several times to the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and surrounding small towns to do her recruiting. She has put aside her own personal physical and emotional stresses to make a difference. Adriana is a leader that knows what needs to be done, she knows how to get there and shows as many people as possible the way that they too can save a life. I’m sure by now you realize that Adriana is my daughter, but she is much more to me. She is my inspiration and makes me want to be a better person, she is an amazing person that is making a difference, she is my hero that saves that day and does it all without asking for recognition or awards. Adriana does what she does because she believes in the program and how it affects the community. If the world were coming to an end and God asked her what contributions have you made to your fellow man she could proudly say I fed the hungry, visited the sick, and consoled the inconsolable. I am very proud of my daughter for who she is and what she does.

June 10 at 11:13 PM
JR Carmona

I met Adriana through my girlfriend a few years ago. She always shows her commitment to the work she does and she's always proud to talk about Be the Match. I am an avid bike rider and we quickly learned she loves it too. She is small, but definitely mighty! I appreciate her drive to always do better, in her work and in her love of sports. She encourages others to do their best and to push themselves just as hard as she pushes herself. She's a fighter and a leader!

June 10 at 9:28 PM
Gloria Rivera Rodriguez

I met Adriana a little more than two years ago just before she accepted the position with GenCure. I immediately sensed her integrity and commitment to excellence. As a bone marrow recipient and ambassador for the work that GenCure does, I have had the opportunity to work with her and see her in action. It is truly an amazing sight to see this young woman hard at work. She tirelessly devotes her time both professionally and personally to the cause. Once she commits to something, be it the work she does or to helping a friend in need, she goes all in. I've watched her guide and lead others to the goal that was to be accomplished. She seems to work 24/7, yet every time I see her, she has a smile on her face. She is seen as a leader in the community and she is certainly someone that I look up to. In my lifetime, I hope to show half the passion and commitment that she shows for everything she does.

June 10 at 9:21 PM
Melinda Orta Teplitzky

Adriana has been a crucial piece to many people living healthy lives. She is phenomenal in that she gives 100% of her time, expertise and most of all, her heart to finding donors and matches. A true servant leader!

June 10 at 8:41 PM
Martha Rael

Adriana Estrada is an outstanding young woman who has been a beacon of light and hope in her community. At her young age she has, over the years, given of herself to the betterment of her home town and other areas of the world where she has lived. Now now as a Community Engagement Representative (CER), she is an outstanding leader for the Be the Match National  Bone Marrow Registry.  It is her life's commitment to seek volunteers and ultimately donors. Adriana has influenced others to take on the challenge to grow the registry databases. Simply stated: Donor matches save lives. Adriana's insatiable commitment and drive influences others to take up the challenge to fight this disease and thus increase the chances of survival for many.  Without her zeal how many patients would have their hopes dimmed.  We have known the Estrada family for over 20 years. Our son was diagnosed with acute promyelogenous leukemia. Sadly, he survived only five years after diagnosis.  The John C. Maxwell award is for our heroes whose life commitment is to battle this disease and give hope through the registry program. Adriana has made this her lifelong work, to improve the mortality rate.  Adriana is a leader. Adriana is a hero. 

June 10 at 8:37 PM
Christopher Alva

Adriana is an exceptional individual who brings hope to those who need it most. She does her job with passion and enthusiasm and always has a smile on her face. Many hours she spends setting up the Be The Match booth and that includes evenings and weekends. She helped organize a match search for my nephew when he was diagnosed with leukemia and as a family we cannot say thank you enough. She deserves all the blessings coming her way. Thank you for who you are and what you do.

June 10 at 7:24 PM
Steve Vasquez

Adriana is a very special young lady. She lived in Japan most of her early childhood. As a child she demonstrated kindness and compassion within her community. Her involvement included visiting the elderly, hospitals, and numerous activities in her church. The dedication and compassion she shows within the Be The Match organization is only because she has so much love that she would love to find a match for everyone that she meets that has Cancer.

June 10 at 7:15 PM
Erica Mendez

I knew Adriana while we were in college together. We had a few classes together but we didn't really hang out and she was a year ahead of me. Years after I graduated college, I reconnected with her at a networking event. She was there for her job as part of GenCure . We slowly started our friendship and it was through the last few years that I realized what kind if work she does and how inspirational she us. She is always advocating for these families. Adriana is a fighter for finding matches and she visits kids in the hospital or posts their stories on Facebook, Adriana tries her best to spread her mission and kindness

June 10 at 6:50 PM
Azalia McDuffee

Adriana is a kind and loving person who always puts others first even while battling a devestating illness of her own. Her generosity is overwhelming and she is a person that everyone should strive to be more like.

June 10 at 6:23 PM
Beverly Bernal

I have known Adriana for several years now and she is one of the most passionate people I know. she truly cares about the work that she does and to her it's so much more than just a job. From the stories she shares, you can truly see how much she cares for all of the families and for this amazing cause. She is always one to help anyone out in any situation and does so with so much kindness. She is truly deserving of this award.

June 10 at 6:17 PM
Beth Carrion **Not Adriana** (oops)

I am so proud to have such an amazing co-worker that really cares about our patients and their families. This is not a job to her it is a mission. I am happy to recognize her for her outstanding leadership role and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about Gencure a contract center for "Be the Match". Adriana is very passionate about making sure everyone she comes into contact with is educated about the marrow donor program so they can make an informed decision before signing up. She makes sure that their commitment is there which is essential for follow through if a donor is called to donate. What is amazing is how the efforts of one person in our line of work can truly make a difference for this cause. Not only does Adriana schedule marrow drives around San Antonio, but she also does an amazing job of getting volunteers to donate their time as well. On top of her regular job she has taken on the role of being a social media liaison as she holds a Bachelor's degree in communications. I am honored to work with someone who really cares about Gencure and what we stand for as well as being an amazing friend and co-worker. Thank you Adriana for always being their for the team! June 10 at 5:45 PM

June 10 at 6:08 PM
Adriana Estada

I am so proud to have such an amazing co-worker that really cares about our patients and their families. This is not a job to her it is a mission. I am happy to recognize her for her outstanding leadership role and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about Gencure a contract center for "Be the Match". Adriana is very passionate about making sure everyone she comes into contact with is educated about the marrow donor program so they can make an informed decision before signing up. She makes sure that their commitment is there which is essential for follow through if a donor is called to donate. What is amazing is how the efforts of one person in our line of work can truly make a difference for this cause. Not only does Adriana schedule marrow drives around San Antonio, but she also does an amazing job of getting volunteers to donate their time as well. On top of her regular job she has taken on the role of being a social media liaison as she holds a Bachelor's degree in communications. I am honored to work with someone who really cares about Gencure and what we stand for as well as being an amazing friend and co-worker. Thank you Adriana for always being their for the team!

June 10 at 5:45 PM
Sandra Cordell

Adriana has the passion of a Mother looking for a life saving cure for her only child. Every time I work with her she takes the time to answer all questions and concerns a potential donor might have. GenCure is very lucky to have her as a recruiter. Her job is not an easy one! She has to convince someone to truly give of themselves to save someones life. She does this with grace and passion. Marrow donation is a cancer patients last hope. And while we pray everyone that has signed up will say yes, sadly not everyone does. She can speak to a donor and convince them that this step is the right step for them and the life they will be saving. Leadership is another strong quality this woman possess. Frequently speaking in front of a school full of apprehensive participants she will convince them this is something that will give their life purpose. She gets very excited when a donor she personally signed up gets the call that they could be someones cure. I appreciate this opportunity she has with Maxwell and know this would be a great fit for her.

June 10 at 3:32 PM
Jon Hudson, Community Engagement Lead - GenCure Marrow Donor Program

I have had the honor of serving alongside Adriana for just over two years in Community Engagement for GenCure Marrow Donor Program. Adriana does not work here, she serves here. She has implemented strategies to best serve our patients and donors. Her work in developing patient and college campaigns has resulted in several marrow matches for patients in need. In order to maximize efforts to best serve our patients , she organizes teams on college campuses to maximize our reach. She evaluates students strengths so each student has a vital role in connecting a donor with a patient in need. She effectively explains "The Why?" for what she is asking of the students so that they all work as a team toward a common goal even when it gets tough, resulting in productive and effective events . As I am typing this I just got word that another donor has matched a patient in need from an event that Adriana organized and trained student ambassadors to lead. I look forward to seeing Adriana grow as a leader in our organization and in our community. I look forward to seeing more lives saved due to her relentless efforts in our community.

June 10 at 3:07 PM
Derek A. Estrada

Ms. Estrada is an amazing individual dedicated to finding a donor for every patient. Over the pas years Ms. Estrada has taken leadership to organize Bone Marrow Drives at colleges across the state, including The University of the Incarnate Word. With her help and collaboration with the Pre-Pharmacy Asscociation, she has been able to register over six-hundred possible donors to the registry. She organized information sessions to educate students of the cause, invited family's who have been impacted, and reached out to any individual who had questions about the cause. Without Ms. Estrada Th University of the Incarnate Word would not have been able to host such a wonderful drive.

June 10 at 2:23 PM
Julie Aleman

I had the pleasure of working with Adriana at Be the Match, she is caring compassionate and works tirelessly to raise awareness about Bone Marrow Donation. What stood out most to be about her aside from her great compassion for other was her ideas. At meetings, when talking with her she was always on to the next idea about how she could reach more people, how she could make a bigger impact with the community. The work she does everyday makes a difference and her efforts the awareness that she raises truly saves lives!

June 10 at 1:51 PM