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Kalamazoo , Michigan

Beth Jones and her husband Jeff are the founders and Senior Pastors of Valley Family Church, a growing multi-generational church in Kalamazoo, Michigan and the leaders of Jeff and Beth Jones Ministries. Beth is the author of twenty books; including the popular 7 Basics and the Getting a Grip on the Basics series which has been translated into over a dozen foreign languages and is being used by churches and ministries around the world. She along with her husband and kids also writes The Basics Daily Devo and The Basics with Beth, a free, daily, devotional for thousands of subscribers. The heart of Beth’s message is simple: “I exist to help people get the basics!” Through her practical, humorous and down-to-earth teaching she inspires people to reach their God-given potential and to live a life they love and love the life they live.



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Tracy S.

Pastor Beth Jones is an inspiration to anyone that meets her. Her teaching is down to earth and she lives what she preaches. If there is anyone that can take the complex and make it easy to understand and apply, it's Pastor Beth. She is a leaders leader!

July 14 at 8:47 PM
Scott Mason

Leader, teacher, influencer, wife, mother and much more. All done with grace, elegance, and excellence.

July 14 at 7:28 PM
Cindy Barber

Beth Jones has helped shaped my life since I was 12-years-old and her Getting a Grip on the Basics has been a strong foundation for me since then. Her wisdom in leadership has been ground breaking as she's innovative, creative, strong and genuine.

July 14 at 2:13 PM
Matt Harrison

She's insightful, charismatic and loves sharing the basics - because all success is built off a strong foundation.

July 08 at 1:59 PM
Amy Roseboom

Pastor Beth is an amazing woman of God who loves, inspires, and teaches so many here at her local church as well as around the world with her Get a Grip on the Basics books! She is real and genuine and has changed the lives of many people with her knowledge of God's Word and her ability to teach it in a simple way that all can understand! She is a tremendous leader and role model!

June 30 at 7:25 AM
Gary Cole

There are many Pastors across the nation that use Beth Jone's "Getting A Grip on the Basics" book to teach their New Believer's Class . The book is loaded with excellent foundational info to help root and ground all Christians.

June 29 at 3:50 PM
Michael K Farrell

Pastor Beth is a amazing teacher of The Word of God. She has a amazing ability to help people ne'er stand scripture with real live examples. My family is so grateful for her.

June 29 at 5:41 AM
Matt Beemer

We've used Beth's Gotting-a-Grip series to help us reach and disciple thousands of Muslims. I've known Beth since the early '90's and she has always been an inspiration as a leader to my wife and I. We moved to Mancheter, UK to pioneer a church in '94 and used her Getting a Grip series as part of our discipleship program from day one. Then when we stared to see dozens of Muslims come to faith, with her generous permission, we traskated the series into Farsi and it has since helped us disciple thousands of former Muslims. We also used the Jone's church and ministry tools as examples and resources for developing our leadership team while padtoring in the UK. Great leader and great blessing to us and much of the ministry success we've had.

June 29 at 4:30 AM
Dagny Griffin

Beth's books are a blessing, especially her Breaking Through the Stained-Glass Ceiling. So refreshing to learn the Bible confirms a woman can be called to leadership in ministry while still being a helpmate in her home.

June 28 at 12:10 PM
Becky Real

As an empowered and faithful woman of God, Pastor Beth spreads joy and encourages others to dig deep into a relationship with God that stems from simple, straight-forward and basic aspects of living a fully engaged life.

June 28 at 11:12 AM
Rebecca McGee

Pastor Beth Jones helped me put all the pieces of my faith together by going back to basics and building a firm foundation for my faith to built on. I am more confident as I stand on Gods word about, giving, health and healing, the Holy Spirit, and most importantly knowing who I am in Christ that gives me boldness as I deal with every day life struggles as a mom, wife, daughter, aunt, sister, friend and witness for Christ. I am so thankful for Pastor Beth and her perseverance to get whosoever is willing back-to-the-basics.

June 28 at 9:05 AM
Lorrie Johnson

Beth Jones is an amazing woman of God, Pastor, teacher, she has made such an impact on me and my children and almost all my grandkids expecially the ones that are older,she goes over and Beyond to let you know how much she cares and goes out of her way to just lift you up we are so blessed to have her as our pastor there are no words to say how much I love her and how much she has done in my life . I thank God that we have such an amazing Pastor to lead us in all truth and in and God's word

June 27 at 10:55 PM
Judi Hayward-Snell

Pastor Beth has blessed me in my Christian path, in person and in her books. Love her and her whole family

June 27 at 10:42 PM
Carrie Rouse

Pastor Beth is an amazing teacher, pastor and leader. She has such a heart for the Lord and to see her people and community benefit from Him and her teachings.

June 27 at 10:28 PM
Chrissy Pletcher

It is a true honor to be able to call Jeff and Beth Jones my Spiritual Parents! They have such a heart for the lost and to see people reach their God given potential! Can't say enough! Go Pastor Beth!

June 27 at 10:13 PM
Katie Petruska

Pastor Beth Jones is an amazing leader, teacher, and mother of our church family. She shows us strength and Gods love! I feel blessed to be a part of VFC !

June 27 at 10:04 PM
Mia McCarty

Pastor Beth has been a life changing role model for me over the past 15 years. She has challenged me as a lover of Jesus, a woman in ministry, a wife, a leader and a loving mother. She is dedicated and passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and her joy and zeal for life is contagious! She is anointed to teach and preach The Word of God at a level this world is not familiar with. I can't imagine where I would be without her (and Pastor Jeff's) leadership in my life.

June 27 at 9:48 PM
Kevin Pilger

Pastor Beth Jones is not only an anointed minister of the Gospel, but she is also a great speaker, a talented writer, and a brilliant author. Her unique teaching style is down to earth, easy to follow, and simple to understand. On top of that, she's an amazing leader that's fun to be around. I give her a five star rating because she helps people truly "Get it!"

June 27 at 8:49 PM
Taelor Wedel

I am incredibly thankful to have Pastor Beth Jones as one of my pastors. She is an incredible mother to our church and an amazing writer. She has a way of explaining concepts in a "basic" way that is very easy to understand. Her books and sermons have directly impacted my everyday life.

June 27 at 7:05 PM
Betty Allemang

Pastor Beth shows us everyday how to walk as a women of God. I have learned so much from her books and sermons.

June 27 at 6:59 PM

Pastor Beth is the real deal... a tremendous communicator, teacher, author and leader. Her influence goes beyond our community, she is a world changer. She empowers and equips through the basics of biblical truth in her books, devos and messages which make for an easy transition to our everyday lives.

June 27 at 6:28 PM
Matt Munson

While all leaders are influencers, not all can say that they have truly had an influence on a global level. Beth Jones is just that - a global influencer! Over the past decade, she's been a huge personal influence on our family in helping us to get the basics of a victorious Christian life. Likewise, we've seen the impact on thousands of people through the local church that she co-pastors with her husband, Jeff. Not only is she an amazing author, creative leader, and pastor, but she spins those plates along with being wife and mother with a terrific family. Beth Jones sets the bar as leaders go - full of vision, creativity, energy, excellence, wit, wisdom, humility and humor!

June 27 at 6:27 PM
Bryan Smith

I am one of the multitude that has grown under the teaching of Pastor Beth Jones

June 27 at 5:53 PM
Christian Chylewski

Pastor Beth is a truly wonderful leader! She is a creative communicator, pioneer and has invested so much into helping people get the basics.

June 27 at 5:31 PM
Abby Evans

Pastor Beth is not only an amazing author and pastor but an all around awesome person! I am so grateful that both her and Pastor Jeff are always themselves and totally real in every setting. I wouldn't imagine have anyone else as my senior pastor and one of my role models.

June 27 at 5:29 PM