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Virginia Beach, Virginia


Although she is only 22 years old, Rachel’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention. Particularly noteworthy is that her accomplishments are all on her own time as a volunteer while also pursuing her academic career. Rachel led a leadership-training course teaching leadership and team building skills to young adults, ages 18 to 26, representing every country in the Western Hemisphere. Parts of her responsibilities included developing and leading a multi-national staff to deliver this training. In the process, Rachel helped create and develop the training modules used in this training. This course has been a phenomenal success that has resulted in influencing young adults far beyond the participants who attended. Many of those participants have gone on and developed their own training programs in their respective countries thus Rachel’s influence is having an exponential impact across the Western Hemisphere. Recently Rachel was asked by the Girl Scouts of America to use her experience to develop a leadership training course for girls in the Girl Scout program. This will further the impact that Rachel is having on the lives of young people.


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Tom Ryan

I met Rachel back in the summer of 2012 when I served on a National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience course with her. She was the Assistant Senior Course Leader and always strove to be prepared for every situation that might arise. She then went on to do many other wonderful things, and I have seen her thrive as the NAYLE Coordinator and in working with the ILT Program. She has been a wonderful friend ever since I met her, and goes out of her way to show care and love for those around her. I'm proud to call Rachel my friend, she is an amazing leader, and I know that she will go on to do many other amazing things in her life.

June 22 at 10:12 AM
Ronald Thomas

I had the distinct pleasure of serving with Rachel on the international leadership training course she led for the Interamerica Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement over a two year period. Rachel has the unique ability to serve those she leads as well as inspiring others. I strongly believe Rachel's life experiences has prepared her for the role she now plays on the international and world stage. Because of her leadership skills - team building, mentoring, coaching, and most importantly compassion; she has the ability to bring together young leaders from various ethnic, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds to create projects that benefit their communities (e.g., Trees for the World, Books for All). Rachel communicates well with those that she meets. She is a well-organized and well-prepared leader no matter the occasion or tasks to be performed. Whether leading a group of international leaders during a training course or leading a group of young adult leaders to the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg, Switzerland, Rachel will always deliver the leadership one expects from Leader born to Lead. Rachel is a generational leader that will make a difference in a world gasping for LEADERSHIP.

June 20 at 7:27 PM
Betsy Montero

I had the opportunity to be one of the participants of the leadership course Rachel helped organized in 2014. It has been, by far one of the greatest scouting experiences I've had. The opportunity to connect with so many people of so many different cultures and the depth of that connection, it's something beyond description and something that I will always be grateful for. I'll always appreciate people like Rachel, who worked so hard and put so much of herself, heart and soul into such an amazing project, who build a team that worked tirelessly to create the amazing experiences we treasure till this day. I have no doubt in my mind that Rachel is one of those people, the people with the dedication and courage to make thing happen, to make the right influence on others.

June 16 at 2:13 PM
Damián Bacarini

I first met Rachel the winter of 2013 in Camp Strake, a scout camp near Houston, TX. She was staffing the first Interamerican Leadership Training and I felt blessed to share with so kind person. I've been participating in that course, and we were 2 people from each country of the whole continent and Caribbean. I'm from Argentina, the really furthest, and I felt like home so far away from mine with people I hadn't ever seen before. Her leadership in that course made us collaborate no matter the differences in sight of the same objectives. The ILT finished and we were in our homes again, remembering wonderful moments. Some of us were so inspired that in the same week we arrived home, we started new projects for a Better World. In summer 2014, I recieved a letter from a support staffer, Mr. Thomas, asking me for Staff that year's ILT. "Count me in!" I said, and soon I were working for something I loved, scouting. The Interamerican leadership training was held in Galveston, TX, and with the same enthusiasm but more effectiveness. I realized the staff were growing in experience and knowledge. Who were the head of this group of young dreamers? Rachel Eddowes! And she did it amazingly. Me, as a Team Advisor, and her, as the Senior Team Leader. I got inspired again. And now she were handling with so many more situations. And -again- she did it amazingly. I'm really proud she's a nominee of this awesome award. And she's in my prayers, I'm convinced she deserves this and much more.

June 15 at 11:00 AM
Gus Sanchez

Throughout the past three years I have been able to work with Rachel in many different scout activities. I have seen her influence radiate throughout leadership training not only in participants but with the staffers as well. Flexibility and adaptability is a quality in leadership that is often overlooked but important in leading any group or event. In a leadership course Rachel and I worked together in I witness those qualities shine through and how these hurdles never stopped her from having a successful course. Rachel and I, along with a few other incredible leaders, were selected by the Boy Scouts of America to represent the nation in Slovenia for the World Scout Conference and Youth Forum in 2014. It was inspiring to work alongside with her at this event. I was able to see how she can break down policies and recommendations and truly analyze them in order to make decisions that will affect the whole world in this scouting movement. Her passion for this organization has re-lit my passion for this organization that has truly impacted my life. Her leadership and example has paved a pathway for my decision making and problem solving in scouting and in life in general. I am blessed to have gotten to know her and excited for the many projects she will lead that will greatly influence the world.

June 15 at 8:23 AM
Monica Figueroa - Colombia

Soy Monica Figueroa y por este medio me gustaria comentar que Rachel es una persona que ha influenciado mi experiencia como Scout y como lider. En el 2013, tuve la gran oportunidad de conocerla, en el primer Interamerican Leadership Training y posteriormente en el 2014 trabaje junto a Rachel en la ejecucion del mismo curso en su segunda version. Lo anterior ha cambiado sustancialmente como percibo las cosas debido a la inspiracion que he recibido por parte de una gran lider como es Rachel. Su trabajo, motivacin y disciplina me ha inspirado para realizar varias actividades dentro del Movimiento Scout una de ellas es el desarrollo de un programa mundial de donacion de libros y fomento de los habitos de lectura llamado Books for All, actualmente el proyecto se encuentra en 30 paises, logrando recolectar libros para crear bibliotecas en lugares de dificil acceso para poblaciones vulnerables, igualmente me encuentro liderando mi propia Fundacion para el fomento y materializacion de los Derechos Humanos en Colombia y estoy trabajando junto con Rachel en la creacion de ayudas para que en otros paises se desarrollen cursos de liderazgo. Honestamente, siento que nada de esto fuera posible sin la gran inspiracion y modelo de vida que he recibido de Rachel, realmente es una persona objetiva, honesta, sicera y calida, y todas sus cualidades han impactado positivamente en mi existencia y la de muchos jovenes en todo el continente. Hace poco tuve la oportunidad de reunirme con ella en Houston y tuvimos una intereante conversacion sobre historia y constumbres de otros paises, lo anterior me mostro que Rachel continua inspirando mi vida para ser una mejor persona y me indica que ella no solo es una gran lider, sino tambien es una gran persona y sin lugar a dudas puedo decir que ella que ha marcado la vida de muchos y espero que este comentario sea una prueba de ello.

June 14 at 5:32 PM
Donna Copeland

Rachel served as the Senior Crew Leader for the National Advanced Leadership Experience at the Boy Scouts of America Sea Base at Islamorada, FL, teaching the entire syllabus to the Scouts on a 41' sail boat for 6 days. The boat captain and I served as resource assistance for her. Rachel not only led the group in the sailing needed to move the boat from one location to another but encouraged each youth as she taught chart estimation, mock search and rescue, proper radio communication, datum work, and even chores needed to keep the boat clean. What an extraordinary experience for Rachel as she prepared the entire program for other youth, then delivered that program, and observed the growth in not only her leadership skills but those of the Scouts she led. One of the reasons I continue to donate my time as Rachel has done, is watching the growth of young adults in a world that tends to only speak of those who make poor choices. Rachel's focus, determination, and self discipline are the character traits that show those of us who are much older that integrity, compassion, and engagement are indeed part of the future generation.

June 14 at 4:55 PM
Aaron Parks-Young

I first met Rachel Eddowes while staffing the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). (NAYLE is the premiere youth training course in the BSA's youth training continuum.) Rachel challenged the staff of that course to uphold the principles on which the course was built in earnest. Having worked with her on that course, I have no doubt that she made an impact in many people's lives during those couple of weeks. Further, still, I have no doubt she has influenced people across the planet through her Scouting experiences. While I have not had the privilege to work with Rachel but on a few separate occasions, I've seen evidence of her charisma, passion, influence, and dedication in Scouting when I've not had the chance to bear direct witness to her work. On top of her already notable experience in Scouting directly involved with the Boy Scouts of America, Rachel has participated in a number of international Scouting events, often in a guiding or staffing role. Her commitment to serve others, even despite difficult and unpleasant circumstances, sets her apart in my mind as a notable leader in my generation of Scouts. In fact, I would say her conduct, attitude, skill, and vision set her apart a leader who has served with distinction in the Scouting movement.

June 14 at 4:38 AM
David Hines

Rachel is an impactful servant leader. I benefit greatly from the activities which are outcomes of her leadership in the world scouting movement. She led a trip of 15 American scout leaders to visit Kandersteg, Swizterland and pay homage to Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the world scout movement. Kandersteg was established as the International Scout Center as a permanent world jamboree for scouts around the world. During the 12 days of outdoor adventure and bonding in Switzerland, I developed friendships with the other highly engaged American scout leaders. I was also able to meet many scouts from other countries staying in Kandersteg from countries such as Switzerland, England, and Australia. I learned about their scouting programs and traditions. This experience continues to fuel my passion for connecting scouts around the world. Scouting is an incredibly large and diverse network of leaders who share a passion for conservation, outdoor skills, and community service. Rachel continues to cheerfully and selflessly serve the cause of world scouting.

June 14 at 12:57 AM
Armando A. Aguirre

I have had the privilege of working with Rachel on several leadership training events. Her dedication to excellence is only surpassed by her passion to make a positive difference in the lives of those she interacts with. She gracefully challenges those of us around her to reach within and become better than we might otherwise be. The impact she has had on hundreds of individuals across the Western Hemisphere is certainly noteworthy. A truly admirable aspect of Rachel character is that she is truly a very humble individual wanting only to do what she can to be of service to those she might encounter. She has been an inspiration to many of us who have been honored to know her. Rachel continues to have an impact on the leadership training programs taking place in several scouting organizations in the Western Hemisphere by helping to develop resource material that these organizations will use to establish a sustainable training continuum that will impact young adults for years to come. Rachel also continues to strive to improve her own knowledge and abilities by being an avid reader as well as pursuing an academic career that includes studying various aspects of leadership. Rachel is truly an outstanding individual.

June 11 at 9:34 PM