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Sioux Falls , South Dakota

Dr. Keith Alan Loy has pastored Celebrate Community Church for the past 17 years.  Through his leadership, the church is thriving. The mission and vision of the church is not to be seating church, but a sending church. And the impact is noticeable. Dr. Loy was born in Michigan but raised on the plains of Nebraska.  It was during his high school years that his sense of calling began to take flight.  After graduation Keith began working with teens as well as going to college.  On three separate occasions Keith has had the privilege of working with his father in building God’s Kingdom.  In 1999 he moved his family to Sioux Falls to plant Celebrate Community Church. Keith is married to Kay and they have three amazing girls; Jordan, Jaidyn and Jaksyn.

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Michelle Schultz

I am so grateful for the leadership Keith provides. I admire his tenacity, strength, and perseverance in the face of difficult situations. It is through his unshakable foundation in Christ that he leads. Whether in a group setting or a one-on-one conversation, he has the unique ability to address topics in a very direct manner - in a way that is full of truth, grace, and love. He sees great potential in people and thus does everything he can to help people realize that potential. He is ever learning and growing, and encourages all around him to always be a student. He is very humble and is open about his mistakes - past and present - which reminds us that he's "real." He doesn't lead from afar; he leads up close. In short, he's simply amazing, and God uses him in incredible ways to impact the lives of those around him.

June 16 at 10:36 PM
Kristi Gustafson

My life has been completely transformed by God through the love and leadership of Pastor Keith Loy. I attended Celebrate Church for the first time eight years ago and knew immediately that this was the church in which I would give my life away! Keith's authenticity and passion are experienced through his preaching and God's plan for my life unfolded perfectly through serving. I was honored to become a part of the staff of Celebrate six years ago and am so humbled to be able serve the Celebrate Church family. The leadership principles that I have learned through serving with Keith have been priceless and completely life-changing for me. My first role as an administrative assistant has evolved into a pastoral care ministry role ... which God uniquely designed me for and I embrace as I seek God's will for my life. Thank you to Keith for strengthening my faith, nurturing my relationship with Jesus, challenging me to grow in ways I never knew I could, believing in me and encouraging me as I pursue my call to pastoral ministry.

June 16 at 5:26 PM
Chris Fickel

I have served under Pastor Keith since we launched Celebrate Church, 17 years ago. His passion for God and for people has never wavered. Pastor Keith breathes Leadership, and the need for great leadership in God's Church! He is the reason I am in full time ministry today, along with many others, using the gifts God has given, to give back to Him and His Church. He is a true example of what it means to be a great leader. I have learned so much from him about leading teams by simply loving, encouraging, and empowering people. What an inspiration to so many who call him pastor, teacher, mentor and friend!

June 16 at 12:55 PM
Brian Reynoldson

I've known Keith since the 6th grade. We have done interesting and fun things together over the years, some memorable, some maybe not so much, but one thing is for sure-Keith has grown by leaps and bounds over those years. That is one trait of Keith that will not change in him-his desire to grow in whatever he does. Yet, he never forgets a face, a name, a story about YOU. Keith is so very driven, that is true, yet he is such a giver-a giver of his time, care, finances, love, and invests so much in a person because he loves to the best of his ability. He loves as Christ love(d)s. I am so very grateful to him, and his family, for allowing me and my family to have been able to make the move to Sioux Falls and be a part of the terrific staff at Celebrate Church. I am fortunate to call Keith my friend, and my brother.

June 16 at 11:27 AM
Tricia Johnson

Living Legacy. That's what comes to mind when thinking about the impact this man has made. Leading like a velvet brick, Keith is both compassionate and strong in his desire to share the transforming love of God to others. His passion in loving God and loving people inspires others to pursue a path that they may have never conceived before. From a former interior designer to now a full time children's ministry leader or a former car salesman to a new church planter, lives are being changed! I fully support his nomination!

June 15 at 5:04 PM
Casey Comstock

Some key phrases that come to mind that Pastor Keith has said over the years are "a battery cannot produce what it does not have," "Garbage In, Garbage Out," "You can get better or you can get bitter." Pastor Keith can say these things because he lives them out. He is an authentic leader that has the capacity and competence to lead leaders. He is vulnerable, leads with passion, holds himself and has others that hold him accountable, constantly learning and growing. He is an amazing encourager and sees things in others that they don't see in themselves. His love and passion for God and people is contagious. My family and I are forever grateful for Pastor Keith's leadership. Through his leadership I have grown has a Christ follower which has drastically changed how I live the life that I have been given. I am a better person, husband, father and leader because of Pastor Keith.

June 15 at 2:12 PM
Kimm Garner

Pastor Keith has impacted and changed so many lives and continues to do so through his great leadership. He teaches from the Word in ways that pertain to our daily lives. He is continually growing and evolving (spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally) sharing, teaching, and impacting others so they may also lead out in the world no matter their walk in life. His love for the Lord shines through in his love for others and their eternal future. Keith is devoted to teaching, mentoring and multiplying leaders in Christ, towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission. What a legacy to leave for the Lord, this is his heart.

June 14 at 1:12 PM
Brent Norgaard

It is difficult to put into words the impact Pastor Keith has had in my life. When my family and I started attending the church in 2000, our lives were "comfortable" but not impactful. I had been a Christian since the age of seven, but I was one of the 89% of church-goers who thought church was "all about me," and I was completely blind to it! During our first conversation, I can still remember Keith explaining to me that the most important person on the weekend was the guest. That was eye-opening for me. Keith helped me see that accepting Christ into my life was just the beginning not the goal. Our lives are to be about the journey of loving God and others and giving ourselves to impact the Kingdom. Pastor Keith has made me a better Christ-follower, leader, husband, father, and friend. And Keith has had the same impact on thousands of others in the same way. It is a complete honor to serve with and for him at Celebrate. I am forever grateful for him.

June 14 at 11:20 AM
Barbara Boedecker

When I came to Celebrate with my family in 2009 we were lost and I was looking for something that my dear grandmother had, hope in a life with Jesus! Through the teaching of the word of God and the love of Pastor Keith and the Celebrate family our lives were changed, our whole family has given their lives to Christ and we continue to grow deeper in our faith under the leadership of the Celebrate family. Pastor Keith has always shown a deep passion and love for all people and to love them right where they are. One thing I have heard him say over and over is Lost People Matter and he means all people as they are all God's people. You don't have to be a world scholar to make a difference God uses ordinary people and their stories to make an impact for the kingdom. It is this love for people and Keith's vision of going out into the world to make a difference that changed our lives which we are using to reach and grow others for Christ. I am so grateful for Keith, his encouragement and leadership.

June 14 at 11:02 AM
Jeffrey Todd

When I began attending Celebrate Church in January of 2009, my wife and I were separated and heading for divorce. Through the love and hope GOD provided through Celebrate, this Thursday we will celebrate 15 years of marriage together. The teaching and leadership provided by Pastor Keith the past 7 years has grown our faith and our family in ways we could never imagined possible. Of all the amazing things Pastor Keith has taught me, this statement stands out: People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Keith genuinely cares for people and then is able to speak truth into their lives. Those people grow in Christ, and then impact even more people. Thousands of lives have been changed for eternity, and the ripple effects will last for generations. It is such an honor to be apart of this impact, and so grateful for Keith.

June 14 at 9:41 AM
Reed DeVries

Of the many quotes of Pastor Keith Loy that have affected me is "Leaders influence people at a distance, but impact people up close". That has definitely been the case in my life and so many others who have been around Pastor Loy. He has continually led by example and by allowing others to see his weaknesses as well as his strengths. His authentic leadership continues to encourage us all to grow and be better in every area. My life is better in every way because of his influence, and thousands of people have come to know Christ because of his life.

June 13 at 9:23 PM
Curt Wittrock

When I first met Pastor Keith, to be quite honest, I didn’t like him at all. I wasn’t looking for Christ, just a church for my daughter to get married in. I thought that he was just another pastor who was going to tell me about a god that I really didn’t care to know about. But it didn’t take me long to figure out that Keith was a different kind of pastor, one who truly cares about people. He cared enough to get to know me, and through that relationship, my family and I found Jesus. His love for people truly changed everything about me. Eleven years later, I am a different man, and have become like Pastor Keith, in that I am now passionate about reaching people for Christ. Pastor Keith is a great pastor, mentor, and friend.

June 13 at 4:27 PM
Ian Nacy

Pastor Keith is one of the great leaders within the Wesleyan Church. His passion to teach the word of God in a way that is convicting and life- changing is evident weekly at Celebrate. His greatest gift to the Church is the HOPE he shares and the LOVE he shows to all who enter. Pastor Keith has a heart to develop those around him and to continually grow himself and others.

June 13 at 12:46 PM
Carman VanSchaick

Pastor Keith's influence on my life has increased my ability to lead others. He has created a legacy by raising up others leaders at Celebrate Community Church. This would be true not only of those who are on staff like me, but even more who have put into practice what is both taught weekly and modeled daily by Keith. One of the most significant lesson I've learned from Keith is to never be content, but to continually strive to grow as a person, to expect the same from those I lead, and to increase the effectiveness of the areas that I'm directly responsible for. I'm grateful for this level 5 leader. I'm a better man because of Pastor Keith's influence on my life.

June 13 at 10:47 AM
Becky Naber

After 60 years of not really knowing Christ, he brought me to Him. I'm forever thankful to now be living in God''s way and never thought I would find peace and comfort like I do now. Thank you Pastor Keith for showing me the way to God.

June 13 at 9:04 AM
Adam Dorzok

I have been attending celebrate church for a year and a halfew and what I've seen and herd is temarkable. I've been to church all over the country and I've been shunned ,judged and condemned by most churches due to my past. When I came to celebrate some was different as soon as I walked in the door. The love felt at first was breath taking , I approached Keith after service gave him a run down of my testimoney and told him I was called to ministry, he not only listened but has opened doors as I am now a church planter at celebrate. Pastor keith, because of him i know the true gospel of Jesus Christ exsist smong man in this age, i have a strong pasion for truth and he is a great excample of a good shepard, who truly imitates Chris. Keith is the only pastor I have ever seen and had the privilege to get to no and learn from as he speaks the bible to its entirety, lives it to its entirety humbly admitting his mistakes to his congregation, and teaches the bible to its entirety. Pastor Keith is well deserving of this award because his love for lost people and the great commission give by Christ that he fully grasps with all of his heart, and it shows through his loving staff,that I'm glad I get to be apart of to build God's kingdom. Paste Keith truly gets it. Humbly I say he is worthy of this award.

June 10 at 11:04 PM
Amanda Clausen

A lot can be said about Pastor Keith Loy’s leadership skills. He has a passion for sharing the Gospel with lost people that drives every decision he makes. He is an extremely talented public speaker; he has the capacity to help people of all ages and levels of education learn and grow deeper in God’s Word week after week. He encourages all of the staff to never stop learning and growing; and he leads by example, always reading and sharing what others have taught him. The caliber of his leadership is evidenced by the high level of respect and loyalty of his staff, congregation, and fellow pastors in the community. Whether encouraging someone for their hard work, or correcting someone for a mistake, Keith always speaks with love and compassion. However, I believe that it is not his capacity to lead that makes him a great leader, but rather his passion to learn and his willingness to serve. Keith has a high level of respect for his leaders, mentors, and accountability relationships. His willingness to seek advice and wise counsel from those around him sets him apart from other leaders I have encountered. He listens to others, not out of a sense of obligation, but because he is excited to learn more about them and from them. This is true not only of those older and more experienced than him, but even the youngest and least educated or experienced people. The most powerful lesson Keith has taught me is that the value of leadership is not what I can teach those under me, but what they can teach me. Keith embodies the servant leader mindset. He is eager to do anything and everything he can to meet the needs of those around him. Above and beyond meeting their needs, he strives to always be a blessing to other people—not for his own recognition or self-promotion, but because he loves people and loves to see them happy. He is truly a man after God’s own heart.

June 10 at 4:10 PM
Barbie Rosendahl

Truly a man after God’s own heart! For the past 18 years I have witnessed Keith’s passion for making a difference in the lives of people. It can truly be said that he see the needs of people, has compassion on them and does everything he can to meet their needs. Keith has an incredible urgency to help people understand God’s Word and discover the fullness of life that Jesus spoke of. His passion for the lost drives him. He teaches God’s Word in such a way that captures the heart of men and women of the highest caliber of education and leadership, as well as the least educated people in the audience.

June 10 at 3:37 PM
Doug Morrison

Keith is truly a level 5 leader. As a leader and business man in the community I have strengthened my leadership abilities through his teaching and mentoring. Level 5 leaders create legacy. Keith has created a legacy of leaders at Celebrate Community church. Leaders are courageous, bold, humble, and results oriented. Keith is all of those things. His character is unwavering. Keith continues to seek to make himself a better leader by having a thirst for reading, studying, and surrounding himself with successful leaders. The church planting plans for Celebrate are only possible because of the leadership and mentoring he has provided to developing pastors. I am blessed to know him, serve alongside him, and I am a better man because of him.

June 10 at 7:30 AM
Cordell Vinz

Keith has been my friend first, then my pastor, leader, mentor, and accountability. I’ve known him since the fall of 1999 after he planted Celebrate Community Church. We’ve had very difficult conversations together, laughed hysterically together, and cried painful tears together. We’ve been to Alaska, Africa, Haiti and many other places capturing some amazing video for various reasons. He believed in me many years ago stating, ‘Cory, you are like a stallion waiting to get out of the stable and run.’ He has encouraged me and led by example to be a better man, husband, and father. Keith was by my side in the ER summer 2007 when my wife’s sister and family were in a car accident. All were hospitalized and we lost the youngest (age 6) at the scene of the accident. He has given of himself, his time, his resources, his prayers to me and my family countless times. He is like a father to me even though he’s only 10 years older. Honestly, I have not met a man that chases after God’s own heart for the lost more than Keith.

June 09 at 3:51 PM
John Semchenko

One of Keith's greatest strengths is inspiring leaders too reach for their dreams. Many Celebrator's have never believed what sort of a difference they could make for the Kingdom. Upon being around Keith's vision and teaching, they cant help but begin to pursue their destiny and identity in Christ. He is a unique blend of fierce loyalty, unwavering belief, and laser sharp instincts to move people to action. Giving courage and hope to people across dramatically diverse sectors of life is common practice for this level 5 leader. His influence and magnetism have allowed Keith the opportunity to impact the Kingdom of GOD from our local church gatherings to city, state and federal government. He has a tremendous heart and vision for pouring into pastors. He is a man of integrity and honor. Appreciating and embracing people with no strings attached while inspiring them to achieve their greatest and smallest dreams is for me what makes him a level 5 leader.

June 09 at 2:35 PM
Kay Loy

Pastor Keith and my husband is such an amazing man of God. He is an influential leader not only at Celebrate Church, but in our city of Sioux Falls, and within the Wesleyan Church as a whole. Keith's vision for Celebrate is to be a sending church not a seating church. That is already happening today, but with many other church plants ready to begin. It is so amazing how he has raised up so many men and women within the walls of Celebrate Church to fulfill the great commission.

June 09 at 2:05 PM
Mike Mcknight

Pastor Loy wow what can be said of person I hold in such high regards. Man of God, Family not limited to his church family always a man I feel open to speak with on any level. I have been able to serve with him for 5 years and his leadership in God and the Word has changed my life, I am a better father and person for the things he has taught myself and my family. Celebrate is a brighter place with him around. Thank you Keith for just being an amazing man

June 09 at 1:02 PM
Michelle O'Connor

Pastor Keith Loy is an incredible leader and man of God. I have had the privilege to be part of Celebrate Community Church for 9 years (4 on staff), and witness Keith’s ability to lead people through mountain tops and valleys alike. Keith is probably the most encouraging person I know; a true leader that pours himself into making others better, and leaving them feeling better after any encounter. His God-given vision has led our church on a path to plant 50 churches in the next 10 years, and we are well on our way. The thousands of lives changed in Sioux Falls are the result of Keith and his amazing wife, Kay, answering God’s call and by faith – planting a church in a city they had never been to before (Sioux Falls). My life, the lives of my husband and our children, and the lives of thousands of others have been forever impacted as we experience God through Celebrate Community Church and the vision Keith and Kay followed 17 years ago. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17. We are truly blessed to have Pastor Keith Loy and his leadership!

June 09 at 11:35 AM

Keith's leadership and vision are contagious. He has taught us all so much and through his relationship with Christ, thousands have heard the Truth of who Jesus is. Not only that, but Keith's obedience to Christ has opened the door for thousands to receive the gift of eternal life. I'm proud to serve with him and to be part of this church.

June 09 at 11:27 AM