Matthew Ohlson - Education

Jacksonville , Florida

Dr. Matthew Ohlson has been committed to improving educational outcomes and access to leadership development for students throughout the nation. Matthew has a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Policy with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida. He also received comprehensive leadership training from the New York City Leadership Academy and the Schlechty Principals Academy. His K-12 experience includes roles as a 15-year teacher and school leader in the Boston Public Schools and the Florida Virtual School. In higher education, Dr. Ohlson served as a clinical instructor at the University of Florida, Director of the nationally recognized C.A.M.P.  Mentoring program and leadership facilitator at the Lastinger Center for Learning. Matthew is now faculty at the University of North Florida- helping to develop leadership policies and practices that will improve teaching and learning practices within area schools. His service leadership efforts include designing a computer donation program for poverty stricken families, helping to develop/evaluate a college immersion program for children of migrant farm workers in Southwest Florida and a virtual mentoring initiative to connect student leaders from around the world.  Matthew has received recognition from the National Jefferson Service Awards, the United Way “Work of Heart” Award and the United Health Care Heroes Foundation.

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Barbara Colton

Being impressive as a father, an educator, AND a man is how I would describe Dr. Ohlson. He strives to do his utmost to help others not only in his work but in his community as well. One of his recent endeavors is to change the trajectory of the life of a young African American man who would otherwise become ensnared in the cycle of poverty. Dr. Ohlson has recognized the potential of Keyor Cunningham, 20, and has been helping to secure his studies at the University of North Florida. For his efforts we are extremely grateful. Without reservation I recommend Dr. Matthew Ohlson for the John C Maxwell Award. One hundred deserving students will benefit from this award under the direction of Dr. Ohlson.

July 11 at 9:08 AM
Paula Pringle

I met Mr. Olson while he was working at the University of Florida with the program Camp Gator. My son was in middle school at the time. The implementation of this program allowed my son exposure to positive college athletes while learning lifelong leadership skills. My son is now 21 and has obtained skills that have allowed him to go on to be a college track coach. As a parent, I will be forever grateful for that opportunity that Delvin. Would not have had otherwise. Mr Ohlson is worthy of this nomination because without his presence, Camp Gator and the student athletes that he mentored me son would not have exceeded this limitations that were placed in him in the normal school setting.

June 05 at 7:12 PM
Anna Byrd

I met Dr. Matt Ohlson about a year ago when he was my instructor in one of the courses in the educational leadership doctoral program. His class sessions were well-thought out and organized. It was clear he knew the material and was able to get it to students in an efficient and engaging manner. He then agreed to serve as a chair of my dissertation committee. While I'm only in the beginning stage of the writing process, in the short few months we've been working together - he showed exceptional support and great guidance. Dr. Ohlson deserves this prestigious award and has my full endorcement!

May 29 at 11:31 AM
Therese W. Gamble

Dr. Matthew Ohlson is the most exceptional and extraordinary Educational Leader Professional that I have met at University of North Florida College of Education and Human Service Doctoral Orientation Reception. Dr. Ohlson is very innovative, forward thinking, and champion in the field of Education. Dr. Ohlson empowers me to ensure that I kept my voice while preparing me to become engage in all arenas that the Doctoral Educational Leadership field. Dr. Ohlson mentoring has kept me on track as well as recognizing my skills and talents that I offer that compliments my goal of obtaining my doctoral degree. Dr. Ohlson is truly worthy of this award and recognition nationally because through his teaching and mentoring he has kept me focused and inspired to finish what I start with him mentoring me toward becoming Dr. Therese W. Gamble! "Giving Honor to Whom Honor is Due" Dr. Matthew Ohlson

May 28 at 5:53 PM
Ali Badibanga

I consider Dr. Matt Ohlson to be one of the finest leaders I have worked with. At the University of North Florida, Dr. Ohlson is widely respected by students, faculty and staff. Having the opportunity to work under his guidance, I was able to present research at a regional conference during the second semester of my doctoral program; his support and encouragement were essential in my presenting the research during such an early stage of a doctoral program. His aptitude to provide shared vision among various stakeholders is evident in his leadership of CAMP Osprey – a program aimed at pairing collegiate student leaders with middle school students as part of a mentor and mentee initiative. Dr. Ohlson has consistently aligned affiliates of CAMP Osprey with direction, achievements and next steps of the program as he establishes the foundations for success. It is with great pride that I nominate Dr. Matt Ohlson for a national leadership award from the John Maxwell Group!

May 28 at 3:10 PM
Joshua Davis

I first met Dr. Ohlson earlier this year as one of his graduate students. To say the least, I was and continue to be extremely impressed with Dr. Ohlson's natural leadership. He has a proven track record of designing and implementing leadership initiatives which will have a lasting impact on such impressionable youth. Likewise, as one of his students, I have been impacted deeply by his servant leadership. Being a 16 year veteran of the United States Navy, and a member of the exclusive Chief Petty Officer Mess (association), I can say with conviction that Dr. Ohlson embodies every characteristic of a true leader. Dr. Ohlson took it upon himself to secure funding to invite four of his students to attend an international conference to help define teacher leadership. I was blessed to be one of the four who was asked to go, and I look forward to the learning experience. Dr. Ohlson is your clear choice to receive this prestigious award, and he has my full endorsement.

May 28 at 8:46 AM
Jennifer Rivera

I consider Dr. Matt Ohlson to be a gift! Over the course of 3 years, he has supported and inspired me and countless other great educators. I first met Dr. Ohlson through a partnership with the North East Florida Educational Consortium. He provided support for our small and rural districts by providing professional learning in the Essential 3. Through this series, Dr. Ohlson collaborated with our NEFEC team to provide school leaders with tools to focus their support, resources, and feedback to help faculty move toward rigorous, standards-based instruction. During both our project planning sessions and professional learning events, I found him to be encouraging, practical, and responsive. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but he was also extremely approachable. During the series, it was clear almost immediately that he was a true servant leader, constantly moving beyond the scope of the work to provide additional support and resources to educators. Through some of this additional support Dr. Ohlson mentored a leader through the conference proposal and presentation process and helped another principal develop student leaders. I recently had the honor of being a student in Dr. Ohlson's class at the University of North Florida. I was so happy to find that he was also an exemplary leader in the classroom! He was engaging, facilitated meaningful collaboration, and was always available to provide additional support and quality feedback. All of his assignments were challenging and relevant. I left every class meeting feeling inspired and motivated to apply new knowledge and skills. It is my great honor to endorse this great leader for this recognition.

May 27 at 8:25 PM
Evona Frink Jones

Leadership is the most fun during times of ease and joy but the most rewarding during times of trial and hardship. I have been impressed with Dr. Ohlson because he has shown superior character and leadership during difficult situations that called for outstanding leadership and difficult decisions. His commitment to truth and integrity and his standards were evident in his personal behavior and his care and concern for those he led. Leadership begins with servanthood which is a way of life for Matt.

May 27 at 3:44 PM
Emily Rickerson

Dr. Ohlson is a truly inspiring person. He is a great mentor, leader, motivator, friend and father. I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Ohlson at the University of Florida through his CAMP Gator program. The program inspired me so much that I organized my Thesis project around CAMP Gator and in my current position as Student Events and Activities Coordinator at IMG Academy, I started a mentoring program for the students based off of CAMP Gator. Dr. Ohlson has definitely made a great impact on my life. He is the type of person who makes you strive to be the best that you can be and is always there to do anything he can to help lead you to your goals.

May 27 at 10:49 AM
Andrea Buenano

There are two quotes that I believe to be the inner workings of Dr. Ohlson. First, “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” and “leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” I believe these two quotes summarize the quality of leadership and character of Dr. Ohlson. From the moment we spoke, I could instantly recognize that he cared about people and he was going to make a difference, not only in the college, on campus, but in the community as well. In less than a year he has done just that. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ohlson on several initiatives he created and it has truly been my pleasure to learn from him and witness the impact his leadership has on his students and the community. His students have gained tremendous amounts of satisfaction and leadership skills from his courses and his ability to get them to do more than the status quo. Dr. Ohlson is extremely humble and is an exemplary in our department and on campus. He has certainly shown the way and continues to influence lives every day through his mentoring, leadership, and passion to do more in his life and for this world we live in.

May 27 at 8:57 AM
Denise Harshbarger

Dr. Ohlson exemplifies Transformational Leadership. He is an inspiration to those fortunate enough to work with him, under his leadership, and by his side. He is a rare find, as he understands that there is often a difference between research and practice and he knows how to bridge that gap with intuitive leadership skills that generate data and promote positive culture and collegiality. I am honored to know and have worked with Matt, and am pleased to endorse him for this recognition.

May 26 at 7:19 PM
Muriel Summers

Dr. Ohlson is an amazing leader that embodies what true leadership is all about. He is a servant leader who cares so deeply for others. He makes a difference and leaves his mark on every life he touches. He is so deserving of this recognition!

May 26 at 6:11 PM
Justin Lerman

Many leaders are competent, but few qualify as remarkable. It is easy to see why Dr. Ohlson falls under the latter.

May 26 at 2:33 PM
Christy Anne Vaughan

Thanks to Dr. Olson's encouragement I am a doctoral candidate collecting data for my dissertation. Thanks Dr. O. Congratulations for being recognized as a great leader!

May 26 at 1:57 PM
Dr. Elizabeth A. Gregg

Greetings, I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Matthew Ohlson for the past year. He is a natural leader driven by the desire to impact the lives of young people and college students alike. Dr. Ohlson implemented his C.A.M.P. model of mentorship and leadership at the University of North Florida this year. I was able to witness first hand the positive impact the program has had on the community and university. Further, Dr. Ohlson is a leader when it comes to leadership. He initiated several collaborative research projects designed to disseminate findings from his innovative model of leadership during the past academic year. Matthew is highly deserving of the award! Many thanks, Elizabeth A. Gregg, PhD

May 26 at 1:23 PM
Tamara Gill

I have been blessed to have the opportunity and privilege to work with Dr. Ohlson. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for that, I will be forever grateful! Dr. Ohlson is the epitome of servant leadership - a visionary and a creative problem-solver who is always cheerful, approachable, and dependable. With his guidance and mentorship, I am now in the process of applying to the doctoral program – this would have never been a thought, had it not been for Dr. Ohlson’s guidance, teachings, and encouragement. I have the deepest professional respect for Dr. Ohlson, he brings his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to the classroom and continues to mentor and encourage me to strive for excellence. He has my highest endorsement!

May 26 at 12:59 PM
Richard Parker

There is no better qualified candidate for this recognition than Matthew Ohlson. I have years of experience in government work and feel fortunate that I encountered Dr. Ohlson during the first term in my program at the University of North Florida. He has provided specific guidance and motivation on matters important to me and has always taken the approach to mentor and coach vs. present himself as someone knowledgeable on everything. I offer the following example to illustrate his approach to leadership. He reached out to me on a matter important to him because of my professional background. We spent considerable time discussing a range of information, options and decisions linked to the issue and I felt throughout the entire experience that he not only respected my positions, he wanted to make himself fully informed beyond his own initial thoughts on the matter. He chose to not only engage me to accomplish this, but offered his expertise on connected ancillary issues that in turn enabled me to think through and find a solution to an issue outside this conversation. THIS is leadership; to motivate others through action and accomplish things. He is a superlative example of what can happen when the right people at the right time find others and change their lives with the abilities they already have.

May 26 at 12:14 PM
Casey Duhart

I had the privilege of working with Mr. Ohlson when he was in a leadership position with Florida Virtual School. As my acting principal, Mr. Ohlson saw a flaw in my path to becoming a stronger educator. The flaw was my inability to utilize the concept of work, life, balance. He continuously reminded me that while working hard is rewarding, maintaining a heathy, proper relationship with my family and friends was equally rewarding. I will forever be grateful for Mr. Ohlson's leadership and tenacity to help me become a more well-rounded educator!

May 26 at 11:38 AM
Angela Reed

Dr. Ohlson has been instrumental in helping me find focus for my dissertation topic. Now, as chair of my committee, I appreciate the time he has taken with me and the feedback he continues to give me as I complete the journey.

May 26 at 11:26 AM
Lynnice Hockaday

I had the privileged serve as a teacher at Florida Virtual Global School under the leadership of Matt Ohlson. His dedication to his work and his staff was obvious in everything he did and he always had the well being of the students in mind. He is an honest leader who will put others before himself and would admit to weaknesses and look for ways to better himself. He always knew the goal and vision of the school and the schools leadership and was very responsive to the needs of his staff. His communication skills were outstanding and he was great at strategic planning and anticipating the needs of our students. I highly recommend Matt.

May 26 at 11:24 AM