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Fresno, California

Josh Brahm is President of EQUAL RIGHTS INSTITUTE - an organization dedicated to training people to think clearly, reason honestly, and argue persuasively in the arena of pro-life issues.  His passion is to add value to people by empowering them to communicate more effectively by connecting.  Josh travels throughout the US and Canada leading workshops developing reasoning and communication skills.  Josh’s focus is on rigorous philosophy and relational apologetics.  His impact encompasses both pro-life and pro-choice advocates.

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Dave Martina

I've come to know Josh Brahm through working as a branding and messaging consultant with his non-profit, Equal Rights Institute. I have also come to consider him a friend and ally in cause of justice for the unborn. He, along with his brother Tim, is doing the hard work to create a culture of thoughtfulness, compassion and dialogue in an age of increasing violence and emotion. Great leadership is hard to come by - but Josh has it in spades. He exemplifies the sort of strength and stability that accompanies principled conviction combined with empathy and sensitivity. He is courageous in the face of dissent; he is kind when confronted by pain. He is pursuing a long game in an era of immediate gratification and short gains, while also training students to be excellent advocates "in the moment," in the daily grind of conversation for hearts and minds. When confronted by aggressive protestors at UC Davis, Josh led the charge for civility and conversation, not allowing his team to reciprocate or lash out. He rose above the fray and elevated the team and the cause with him. He works to build bridges between various wings of the American pro-life movement and secular right-to-life groups, carefully weaving alliances between disparate parties and elucidating areas of agreement. Josh has not let his ego obstruct the goal, which is single-minded and powerful: to train pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly, and argue persuasively. He (and his brother) have a clear-sighted mission that extends beyond even the pro-life cause: they recognize deep fissures in the bedrock of American society, and understand that communication and reason are the keys to understanding and empathy. Josh is working to mend those fractures and restore graciousness to our cultural dialogue around this contentious issue. I hope to work with Josh for many years - I am inspired by his willingness to do and say the right thing with sincerity, wisdom, and grace. That is true leadership. Josh Brahm would be a worthy recipient for the Maxwell Award, and I give him my heartiest recommendation.

June 11 at 4:20 PM
Andrew Anderson

Josh is a proven leader. He has trained me to be the advocate I am today saving several babies every month.

June 09 at 4:31 PM
Timothy Brahm

I have the kind of up close and personal perspective on Josh’s leadership that few others do. We have a complicated relationship. We are brothers that grew up with a bad relationship and developed a good friendship as adults; we are business partners who co-founded an organization together; he is also my boss and we work together in the same office on most days. Josh is the kind of leader who inspires people to follow even when it requires taking risks. Starting ERI together was uncontroversially Josh’s idea and he convinced me that we should do it. He isn’t afraid of the unknown, he just works his butt off getting ready for it. At the time I didn’t know if he would be a good leader or not. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be excellent. Josh particularly excels at managing staff. He is good at pushing us to improve upon our weaknesses with a spirit of coming alongside us. I haven’t ever had a boss before that was so adept at bringing the best out of his staff. It’s difficult to balance a passion for efficiency and productivity with treating one’s employees with genuine care, but he manages it. When he runs a meeting, it is consistently on point, efficient and short, though without being impersonal. Examples go on and on. ERI is going to go far because Josh is at the helm.

June 06 at 6:05 PM
Felicity Troupe

Josh Brahm has been a servant leader at Free Grace Church for about 6 years. During this time, he has transformed our worship services with his gentle, understanding, and skilled leadership. Josh regularly plans, schedules, and coordinates our worship band members, along with our media team, to lead a worship service that facilitates a heart connection with God that is beautiful, musically excellent, and free of distractions. As a vocalist on the worship team, I have enjoyed Josh's constructive feedback and willingness to coordinate with my school obligations when it comes to scheduling me and scheduling rehearsals. Josh has introduced many different technological improvements into our worship services, including presentation software, improved sound mixers, and recording software for our sermons. Josh has also been a leader in our church as a pro-life educator and mentor for many church and community members. He has a heart for his cause, and even more, he has a heart to change the minds of pro-choice people through loving, logical, virtuous dialogue and real relationships. . He is truly a man of vision who seeks to improve the world wherever he goes with quality conversations, expertise, and strong communication.

June 05 at 10:56 PM
Ian Troupe

Oops! The comment below was written by Ian Troupe. Obviously, Josh did not write his own comment!

June 05 at 7:38 PM
Josh Brahm

The John C. Maxwell Leadership Award aims to identify a leader who stands out and is making a difference above and beyond. Good luck finding someone who exemplifies these attributes better than Josh Brahm. Such a remarkable person is found only a few times in a generation. His dedication to the mission of the Equal Rights Institute is only exceeded by his genuine love for the people around him. He works tirelessly to promote a peaceful dialogue between people of intensely different ideologies because of his deep affection for children. I have had a personal relationship with Josh for the past six years. As the worship leader at Free Grace Church (where I am a percussionist), Josh has proved his outstanding leadership abilities through persistent care for every single member of the team and an organized, intentional worship experience. Likewise, I have volunteered with Josh in several pro-life settings in which he consistently exhibits a desire to legitimately improve society and an ability to make authentic changes in the people that he connects with. As a father, he has been not only a role model for his sons but a thoughtful husband through a variety of trials and difficulties in their lives. Josh's determination and resilience are only outweighed by his kind heart and enthusiasm for such an important and difficult mission.

June 05 at 7:35 PM
Scott P

Josh has been an inspiration to me as he has put it all on the line for the cause of the ones who can't speak for themselves. Changing hearts and minds, one at a time, is the most effective way to impact the world for Christ while respectfully challenging those with the truth of the plight of the unborn. Josh has found a way to gain the respect of people who may favor abortion, and yet, have an intellectual discussion with them, often changing hearts and minds for the kingdom. Thank you Josh for your willingness to risk it all for the least of these.

June 05 at 5:49 PM
Stace Garcia

Josh Braham is an amazingly HUMBLE man of God. He is so gentle in spirit, patient and honest. Until I sat in on one of his trainings last year, I didn't understand what it was exactly that he did for a living. I walked away from the training, so humbled due to his love and passion for human life. To become more effective, he's moving his family half way across the US! I want to be like Josh Braham when I grow up!

June 05 at 5:44 PM
Pastor Matt Troupe

Josh Brahm is a man who has clear vision of a better future. While he believes in the pro-life message he has been disheartened by the way that some members in the pro-life community share that message. Too often poor quality reasoning is used, or (even worse) the message of life is presented in a way that is disrespectful or demeaning. Josh has worked to educate pro-life advocates in the art and skill of reasoning clearly and compassionately so that we can win hearts instead of winning arguments. Because of this vision, Josh has worked for years within traditional pro-life organizations to great effect. In recent years he started his own organization so that he could focus on building a system to support trainers and thinkers to equip the next generation of pro-life advocates. His work has helped to bring emotional and intellectual credibility to a controversial discussion. Further his approach has not only impacted pro-choice thinkers, but has imparted confidence and conviction to the people he serves. More than just being a clear thinker and effective communicator, Josh has brought the grace and grit of entrepreneurship to this endeavor and embodied the character and sacrifice that is a prerequisite for leaders in the struggle for life.

June 05 at 5:07 PM
Kim Padan

I have been following the work of Josh Brahm even before he started Equal Rights Institute. He is intelligent, caring, and very engaging in his presentations. I am very impressed by all that ERI has done in its short history. Personally, I have learned a lot from his work, and have incorporated many of his tips in my own interactions with people who hold opposing views. I believe the growth of Equal Rights Institute is evidence of Josh Brahm's communication skills, leadership and vision. I believe he is quite worthy of this Leadership Award!

June 04 at 10:01 PM
Rhonda Phillips

Josh has been a huge influence on me with regard to learning how to dialogue with people who are pro-choice. Even the term 'pro-choice ' vs pro-abortion was discussed between him and me with me coming to the conclusion that Josh ' s approach resulted in a more positive outcome. He is kind, patient and brilliant in his ability to meet pro-choice people where they are. I have a file of his best responses for reference and have used them quite often. Josh is a great asset to the pro-life community!

June 04 at 6:24 PM
Megan M

Josh Brahm has inspired my desire to become a better communicator. When I was in high school, I attended a pro-life outreach training at which Josh was one of the leaders. He helped me realize the need to listen for the sake of understanding, not just for the sake of knowing when it was my turn to speak, and to ask questions for the sake of digging deeper into the other person's perspective, not just to trip them up or make sarcastic points. I recently attended another of his seminars, and left feeling refreshed by his honest, empathetic, rational approach to complex, controversial, and emotionally charged issues. His treatment of pro-life subjects is not only well-reasoned, but it is also extremely kind. He is the kind of person I wish I were. Josh Brahm has inspired me to genuinely seek the good of those whose ideas differ from my own, to seek a through understanding of their perspective through thought-provoking questions, to listen empathetically, and to persuade through patient, honest, kind arguments.

June 04 at 1:39 AM
Benjami W

Josh is a very level headed individual He deals on a regular basis, with discussing issues, specifically those related to abortion, with people who disagree. He ensures that discussion is logic and not emotion based. He teaches others these strategies as well. He is a great team leader and always willing to listen as well as give advise.

June 03 at 1:24 PM

Josh is absolutely inspiring and in many ways a mentor to me. He speaks truth with humility and is at the forefront of the pro-life movement. Josh spoke to over 2500 students when he spoke at our high schools in Halton, Ontario. They were inspired and transformed by what he shared and the way he presented it. Through the Equal Rights Institute, Josh is transforming the way people engage the pro-life topics. He is changing the face of the pro-life movement to encourage real dialog and finding common ground while speaking truth about the value of human life. Furthermore, he is constantly learning and researching how to better engage the pro-life topics and teaching others to be better in their debates and activism. Josh is more than deserving of this reward.

June 03 at 12:53 PM
Nicholas Bradley

I am a Pastor and I work with a lot of people and a lot of organizations. I confess that, more time than not, my experience with leaders in organizations is necessary but disheartening. Many leaders are in place due to their passion. They get things done and they are doing good work. However, I find that they often have at least a small wake of hurt people in their past that they've railroaded or unintentionally abused. Josh is unlike any leader I have met. Not only is he passionate and effective, he is WONDERFUL with people. He believes that in order to accomplish what you're passionate about you MUST treat and lead people well. It's no wonder to me that even people who don't align with Josh at least respect Josh. In this way, he moves EVERYONE further down the spectrum towards truth. I can think of no one more deserving than Josh Brahm.

June 03 at 12:37 PM

Josh Brahm is a good leader because his approach to leadership involves hard work, stepping up as an example, and serving those under him. This promotes trust and consistency within any group he is over-seeing. He responds thoughtfully to suggestions and also cares enough to use correction when it will benefit a team member and the group in a way that moves all towards excellence.

June 03 at 8:25 AM
Jasmin Aprile

My deepest desire, in today's culture wars, has been to become an agent of change. Josh Brahm has taught me, instead, to become an agent of reconciliation. His work has impacted my life with revolutionary force. It does not merely offer practical, proven training in constructive dialogue on issues that matter. He also teaches both the relevance of developing genuine virtue and the nuts and bolts of displaying that character in our interactions with others. These principles of open-mindedness, genuine authenticity, humility, conviction, and basic human kindness have revolutionized how I approach relationships and controversial issues. One of his most compelling personal testimonies is his genuine, rich relationship with his lesbian, Canadian, formerly pro-choice friend Deanna Young. Through their relationship, she has since become pro-life. And I witnessed, for the first time, a Christian leader model how to not only engage with, but build a friendship with, someone of the LGBT community. Since then I have become friends with a coworker who also happens to be lesbian. In the entire evangelical community, Josh was my only model for how to engage in friendship with her - I, a young, conservative, evangelical and relatively sheltered home school alumna, working my first job, who had never before had daily interaction with someone of the LGBT community. She and I have become good friends - so much so that when a recent tornado threatened my town, she - of all my coworkers - was the only one who texted me to make sure I was okay. She and I have a genuine friendship - thanks to Josh. His work empowers people to cross boundaries, break down walls, and see the humanity of ideological 'enemies'. In a culture that constantly polarizes and dehumanizes, Josh provides an arsenal of tools to help everyday people to love their neighbors as themselves. His character backs up the principles he espouses. His work is a force for unity, and his life a force for love. I can think of no cause more worth fighting for, nor anyone more deserving of this award.

June 02 at 3:10 PM
Michele McCormack, The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia

Josh Brahm is changing the world and teaching others how to do it in love and with open hearts. Only a strong leader can accomplish this lofty goal. I cannot think of a better legacy to have in this world. He certainly deserves the award.

June 02 at 10:19 AM
Nathan Hitchen

Josh Brahm has a magnetic passion for helping others be better listeners to those with whom they disagree, which opens people to the possibility of becoming friends. In a time when social media inflames debate with antagonism and vitriol, Josh leads against this trend by modeling interpersonal dialogue grounded in respect and understanding. I can say honestly that he is leading a generation of youth into a love for truth and for others. That is the highest form of leadership.

June 01 at 9:17 PM

I am so thankful for Josh's leadership in the important area of pro-life issues! His work and efforts are so valuable to this movement, and are so highly effective due to his strong leadership. One thing I really appreciate about his leadership style is that he is so down to earth and humble. He came to give a training to our pro-life club even though only 5 members were present! Josh is so very deserving of this award!

June 01 at 7:44 PM
Jacob Nels

Full disclosure: I am an employee of Josh Brahm at Equal Rights Institute, but this does not make me feel obligated to write this essay in any way. In my diverse career, I have had many bosses. Some were deplorable, most were OK, and a few were great, but Josh is simply the best boss I have ever worked for. He has a keen ability to understand what motivates his employees and volunteers. The people under his leadership are able to perform their job from a full heart out of an abundance of the guidance, encouragement and passion for the job Josh pours into each of us. No one feels the sting of rejection or jealousy because you see plainly you a part of the team, regardless of status or seniority. An inflated ego is the most damaging character flaw I have seen in a boss. The pride of place and power creates a toxic atmosphere that drizzles down from the top and poisons the water. It is with joy that I am able to tell you that humility is central to the character of Josh Brahm. He is a leader not so high up that he is unwilling to do the tasks of lower order and service to the people under his leadership. While many bosses I have worked for have seen admission of wrong as a weakness, Josh is quick to admit when he is wrong. This creates an open atmosphere for the rest of us to admit failure or wrong without fear of being berated. Failure is treated as an opportunity for growth. He is slow to draw conclusions and careful to gather all the information. This means he truly listens to his staff. It took me quite some time to realize that when Josh asked me a question, he was not seeking to hang me on my opinions or lead me to his own conclusions. He genuinely respects my opinion and works to gather all the information to make wise leadership choices. I have worked for bosses who use fear as a motivational tool. Josh's employees do not live under the guillotine of fear. I go into each project, email, conference call and performance review with the fresh air of respect filling my lungs. I am respected by my boss for who I am and what I bring to the team. Josh does not labor to make me conform to his image in my work. He has a high level of trust and respect for his employees, and demonstrates that respect by leading each of us to be the best employee we can be given our individual personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and passions. I honestly believe I am growing to be a better version of me under Josh Brahm's leadership.

June 01 at 2:34 PM
Alice Witt, LCSW

I've known Josh for 3 years. Our relationship and my respect for Josh, has deepened over this past year as I've served on the Board of ERI. Josh is a powerful communicator and a man of deep passion. He is generous with his time and gifts, while working to maintain a balance between work, family, and ministry. As a leader, he is thorough, respectful, open to learning, and clear in direction and communication. When I think about Josh I think about his passion for Pro-life issues, his amazing and powerful communication style, and his openness to learning. an aside he is an truly gifted musician and a wonderful friend.

June 01 at 11:09 AM
Rebekah Chiew

As leadership equals influence, Josh Brahm is an exceptional leader. Josh causes people to reexamine dearly held beliefs and long standing assumptions, one of the most difficult areas to effect change in any individual. However, Josh is not merely content with personally influencing others; he is passionate about creating other leaders, who can in turn influence those around them. Josh provides powerful dialogue tools and training for those who are already passionate about their pro-life beliefs to help them communicate clearly. Josh's leadership is clear in his actions as well as his words. Over the last 3 years, Josh has been an excellent example of leadership by personally sacrificing time out of his busy schedule to individually invest in our high school and college students through one-on-one mentoring sessions in the Students for Life of America Wilberforce Leadership Fellowship.

June 01 at 10:58 AM
Keven Smith

Josh Brahm is the best kind of leader because he leads by teaching. With a unique blend of intellectual clarity, sound philosophy, winsome humor, and genuine warmth, Josh challenges people to think, think often, and think deeply about the most important human rights issue of our time. Nobody leaves a conversation with Josh unchanged.

June 01 at 10:35 AM
Andy Soldo

I attend the church where Josh is also worship leader. Whether it is in his pro-life work or in his leadership of worship, Josh always leads his team to excel. He clearly thinks through the mission of the team and develops within his team the same understanding and passion for the mission so that the team does not just follow him, but can truly follow the larger vision. Each is thus enabled to contribute to the mission with their own gifts, insights, and talents. Josh also works then to further develop the gifts and abilities of those on his team.

June 01 at 10:20 AM