Dr. Darryl Adams - Education

Alta Loma, California

Dr. Darryl Adams has spent 26 years as an educator with the goal of preparing students for College, Career and Citizenship. He has served as music teacher, band director, middle school assistant principal, high school assistant principal, high school principal, director of human resources, assistant superintendent of human resources and superintendent. Dr. Adams has recently been selected by the White House and the US Department of Education as one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in America and was praised by President Obama for leading the way in ensuring students have equity and access to technology and the Internet. Coachella Schools were recently featured in the news for providing free Wi-Fi for students on buses and at home. They have given 20,000 iPads to students to help give those who do not have access to the internet a better chance to be "connected" and continue to think, study, learn, create, innovate and build a bright future. Dr. Adams believes "that every student in America should have equity and access to technology, a rigorous and relevant curriculum and well-trained teachers that will ensure that all students graduate prepared for College and beyond."

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Kim Beacham

As an ardent proponent and follower of John Maxwell, few candidates embody the spirit of the Maxwell Leadership Award more the Dr. Darryl Adams. He is both mission- driven and people centered in his approach which allows for groups under his watch to achieve extraordinary outcomes. His transformative leadership style provides opportunities for students and leaders at every level of the organization, both in and outside of classrooms to be inspired, supported, and recognized as they grow in their own personal journey of learning. Despite serving in one of the nation's most beleaguered professions, he refuses to settle for the status- quo and consistently works to achieve excellence and equity via the ultimate transformative experience, a quality education.

July 13 at 1:32 PM
Linda Ramirez

Dr. Adams' enthusiasm and dedication to serve those around him is remarkable. His passion to connect all to their highest potential is inspirational. He is not only an influential leader but also a compassionate humanitarian working to connect us all.

June 17 at 5:31 PM
Elizabeth McCurtis-Bell

As an African American educator/musician who also incorporates music into instruction to make connections with students who struggle to learn, I deeply admire Dr. Adam's non-conventional, but highly effective instructional strategies. In addition to narrowing the student achievement gap through highly qualified instruction, his contributions also extend to impacting change in policy and practice in his current role as Superintendent of Schools for the Coachella Valley Unified School District. Recently recognized by President Obama for his stellar work and research, with particular focus on equity and access to technology for marginalized students, he now has earned recognition by the John Maxwell Team. This becomes another lens to examine why his example of exceptional leadership continues to be noted nationwide. Congratulations, Dr. Adams! Continue to live the mantra: "Good, better, best! Never let it rest, 'til the good becomes better, and the better becomes best!"

June 17 at 4:17 PM
Sheri Rahmani

Dr. Adams is a one-of-a-kind leader in education. Thanks to this visionary's tireless commitment to excellence, the students of Coachella Valley Unified have a fighting chance to reach their full potential and become effective citizens. He leads by example and inspires the rest of us into action. His enthusiasm, energy, and positivity encourage me as a leader-in-training to push boundaries and never lose sight of the big picture: there are no barriers... only endless possibilities. He teaches us that when is comes to the success and well-being of our students, we must reject the status quo and settle for nothing but the best. This servant leader's hands-on approach has created a community that values learning. He is a gift and a beacon of hope for education. It is with great honor that I support his candidacy for this nomination. I can't think of anyone else more worthy, and feel truly blessed to have him as a mentor and a friend. Upward and onward!

June 17 at 3:33 PM
Dede Roan

Dr. Adams is a dynamic educational leader who leads from the middle to empower young people to believe in themselves and to engage with the world in great ways. Dr. Adams builds connections through technology, human connection and through the arts.

June 16 at 7:08 AM
Ann Flynn

Dr. Adams' vision for learning in his school district serves as a model for superintendents and school board members across the nation and around the globe. His solutions put real action behind the phrase, "All means all", in the context of providing digital access as a 21st century civil right. Dr. Adams is a real-world champion for his community and has offered a new pathway to the future for his students.

June 15 at 5:15 PM
Mary Novak Jones

Dr. Darryl Adams is a leader of one of the lowest socio economic status regions in the country but he does not let his students have anything less than the best. He is creating high performing students and schools in a high poverty environment by allowing the students and families to have a world of knowledge at their fingertips. He deserves the leadership award because he is supplying endless possibilities of research and development in all students and families by providing iPads and wifi to his community. Thus successfully educating all students to high standards which is critical to ultimately eliminating poverty as well as providing their parents more opportunities to learn and grow with their children.

June 15 at 4:24 PM
Crystal Church, Ed.S

Dr. Darryl Adams is the epitome of a servant leader as well as a fantastic singer, songwriter, musician, and even a rapper who thrills audiences with his positive, inspirational messages! He is a family man of the highest integrity. He touches the lives of students, parents, families, and educators not just in his state of California but throughout the US as well. President Obama has even recognized his efforts for education. He puts others before himself, indeed! Dr. Adams has certainly been a mentor to me in education as well as other life experiences. He brightens up anyone's day. Simply the BEST!

June 14 at 7:59 PM
Sarah O'Connor

Dr. Adams is a leader, innovator and true educator who is passionate about helping students be successful!

June 14 at 4:40 PM
Monica Slabaugh, Invisible Disability Project

Dr. Darryl Adams a true leader, innovator, changemaker, and outstanding human being. Dr. Adams has made it his mission to fill achievement gaps in education, to increase equity and access to technology for all students, and to advocate for the social and emotional health of all students (you know . . . humans, with real emotions, and complex identities). His leadership is built on love, community, and an ability to see greatness in the people and resources around him. Dr. Adams is brilliant, resourceful, enormously talented, full of love and compassion. I proudly nominate Dr. Adams for this award.

June 14 at 12:30 PM
Alyse Fritz

Dr. Adams strives to bring equity, access, and opportunity to all of their students. He is an outstanding mentor who engages and supports those open to his leadership. So excited to see him on this list!

June 13 at 9:31 PM
Linda Williams, Ph.D.; Founder and Creator at Invisible Disability Project

Be warned: If you are not ready to own your spot at the table, to see yourself as a necessary and valuable player in shaping a more equitable culture in education, then don’t get too close to Dr. Darryl Adams. Like a true innovator and changemaker, Dr. Adams ignites the people and resources around him to create real social change from the bottom up. His spirit and leadership are built on love, and he is committed to increasing equity and access to technology for all students. Adams gets the job done, and he makes the people and places around him better while doing it. I am proud to support and nominate Dr. Adams for this prestigious award.

June 13 at 1:24 PM
Wendy La Duke

Dr. Adams has a passion and a drive to serve his students and community. His ability to see the vision for their success and find our develop the resources to allow that vision to become a reality is a rare combination of talent and grit. Dr. Adams allows every child in his district the opportunity to find success though their education. He is the perfect example of an "AGENT OF CHANGE" for all students providing equity and access to everyone he serves. He is the poster person for innovative Leadership.

June 13 at 1:06 PM
Andrea Bittick

Dr. Adams is not only an amazing educational leader, but he is an incredible person. He is very passionate about providing access for all students. He also thinks outside the box, and finds creative solutions for common problems in education. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him over the past few years!

June 13 at 1:06 PM
Ariel Bartlett

I have been very impressed with the energy and unwavering commitment Dr. Adams has for improving our schools. He's particularly passionate about reaching underserved populations of students - and the entire community! I've never seen one school district have such a radical positive impact on the entire community around it, and it is thanks to Dr. Adams's vision and tireless devotion to his students.

June 13 at 11:55 AM
Azadeh Jamalian

Dr. Adams is a visionary educator and superintendent, transforming education as we know it to a true 21st Century Teaching and Learning Environment that prepares students in his district for College, Career and Citizenship. He is committed to bring educational equity and access to all his students. As a result, the students of CVUSD are now out of the column of the “Have-nots and into the column of the Haves," which is truly inspirational. It is my honor to recommend Dr. Adams for the Maxwell leadership award.

June 13 at 11:10 AM
Ellee Koss

Vision, creativity and enthusiasm! All are hallmarks of a great leader who inspires. Darryl's commitment to transformation and equity inspires. He is truly worthy of the Maxwell leadership award!

June 13 at 10:17 AM
Mindy Brinson

Dr. Adams is an inspiring leader who is always willing to share his knowledge and his passion for educating both students and teachers. He embodies all the qualities of a great leader, and uses all the tools at his disposal to make K12 Education better for every child and every teacher. His mastery of social media has enabled him to reach an even wider audience than his own district and his willingness to make himself available to other educators wishing to develop themselves and increase their skills. Lead with joy, love what you do and keep on "ROCKING", Dr. Adams!

June 13 at 8:42 AM
Angela Bryant

Dr. Adams is a true student advocate and innovator in education. His work around digital learning and accessibility for all students has truly provided equity to all students, thus enhancing student success in all content areas. He believes that no student should be without the connectivity necessary to propel their learning to the next level. He has paved the way for many educators across the nation, and it has been a pleasure to partner with him in education.

June 13 at 7:31 AM
Synthia Rigmaiden

It's is with great honor and distinguished privilege to to support as well as nominate Dr. Darryl Adams for such a prestigious consideration. His love for both academics and his students (the apples that who do not fall far from the tree of Dr. Adams) is not only commitment beyond expectation but exemplary on every level. He's contribution to education coupled with love for all students and community by far is the epitome of passion, love, investment and never forgetting to ensure students are not left behind. Dr. Adams I salute you with great reverence, admiration and respect. Thank you for being such a great gift to so many!

June 12 at 9:36 PM
Robin Briones

Dr. Adams is a true leader who makes a difference for all students.

June 12 at 9:34 PM
Dr. Angelica M. Ramsey

Dr. Adams is the epitome of a servant leader. He is a social justice warrior that works tirelessly to ensure that all of the students in his care receive a high quality, 21st century education! He's innovative and a visionary that also posses the tools to make his vision a reality.

June 12 at 6:49 PM
Brandy Sick

Dr. Adams is a visionary leader who makes things happen. Closing the achievement gap, equity, college and career ready and providing opportunities for Coachella has been a priority. His tireless efforts are making a difference. He truly is a leader and a mentor. Great job, Dr. Adams!

June 12 at 6:46 PM
Nora Yokota

Dr. Adams is a 21st Century leader!! President Obama highly praised him for his iPad initiative, which provided an iPad to each of his 20,000 students in the Coachella Valley Unified School District. The President added that Dr. Adams' WiFi on-Wheels program is a model for the nation because it not only gives students access to the Internet, but to their families as well. Dr. Adams unparalleled initiative, commitment, and transformative leadership are just a few reasons why he deserves this recognition.

June 12 at 5:01 PM
Hidali Garcia

Dr. Darryl Adams is a tireless servant leader at Coachella Valley Unified School District. Dr. Adams cares deeply about improving the quality of education for our community. He is devoted to minimizing the digital divide and addressing language challenges for students in Coachella. He is compassionate, loving, and a visionary.

June 12 at 2:06 PM