Clarence Oliver - Education

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

When I think of a person who has intentionally given of themselves to better others I instantly think of Dr. Clarence Oliver. Dr. Oliver has created a living legacy of education, leadership and giving. Throughout his distinguished career Dr. Oliver has served the people, every day, every hour. His endless plight to see that every child has a great education is mesmerizing. He has authored many books, even giving all the royalties from his latest book to a state education system so they can use the monies for years to come to help the children. Dr. Oliver has served his community in several capacities such as superintendent of the local school system, to Dean at ORU to Board Member for Cancer Treatment Centers but the greatest title to me is Man of Integrity and Character. I have never meet anyone that has had a negative word to say against Dr. Oliver. He has walked in love throughout his career and life. Dr. Oliver also served our great nation in the Korean War. His book, Johnny Dufflebag, is a great look into that war. Dr. Oliver’s leadership and passion of education has transformed the lives of literally thousands and thousands of people. He is considered a leader among leaders.

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Amy Fichtner

Dr. Clarence Oliver lives an intentional life! Through every personal and professional choice, he considers service to others yet consistently chooses the narrow path. If you mention his name, volumes could be filled with stories of the way he leads. It is remarkable that his character is matched by thousands of artifacts from his daily work. Dr. Oliver's wisdom is timeless as it is grounded in the eternal truths of the Word. However, his actions and interactions are as relevant as to millennials as to his peers. It's awe-inspiring to think that for every act of which we know, there are undoubtedly more deeds quietly done by Dr. Oliver that have affected eternity. May we use his example as motivation for living our own intentional lives of leadership!

June 24 at 7:07 PM
Janie Green

Dr. Clarence Oliver is a constant inspiration to me. His calm, thoughtful and determined approach to solving problems is always present and why he is so desired on boards. He brings the best out of anyone who engages with him, and I am honored to be his friend.

June 21 at 2:36 PM
Mechelle Sheneman

I can think of none other that deserve a leadership award than Dr. Clarence Oliver. Growing up in Broken Arrow, I knew Dr. Oliver as a leader in my church with a servants heart. He taught Sunday School every Sunday with a sweet spirit and a love of the Father. I also knew Dr. Oliver as a neighbor down the street. He was always quick with a kind word and sweet smile even though I'm sure he wanted us hooligans to get off his lawn and out of his driveway with our bikes. As I grew older, he became a leader in our community as the superintendent of our school system. And as always, lead with a quiet strength and grace that is not seen very often in men in leadership roles. The Broken Arrow school system saw unprecedented growth during Dr. Oliver's leadership and his strength of character and humble spirit paved the way for us to become a leader in Oklahoma education. Now as an adult, I love to see him every Sunday in the congregation worshiping his Lord and always with a gentle spirit. He is on numerous boards and committees and always sought out for his wisdom and guidance but you would never know it as he always has a kind word and a smile for everyone and never draws attention to himself of his accomplishments. Please consider Dr. Oliver for this high award as he is very deserving.

June 17 at 4:42 PM
Jill Fitts

Words aren't adequate to describe the character of this man. If we only had a million Clarence Oliver's we would have peace, love and caring for others at its epitome. This man exudes kindness for others and he has been a leader in every source of the word. No one could be more deserving yet he is so humble he would never even admit it. He was my superintendent when I taught in Broken Arrow and never, not once were there any kind words ever said about him from staff, parents or students. He treated everyone with respect and integrity. The world would be a better place with more gentlemen like Dr. Oliver

June 17 at 3:45 PM
Lynda Blythe

Dr. Oliver is a perfect description of leadership. As a man of great faith, integrity and character, he has been my lifelong mentor. At the age of nine, I was blessed to have Dr. and Mrs. Oliver as my Sunday School teachers. In high school, Dr. Oliver was my Distributive Edcation/DECA teacher, and in my young adult years he was my employer. Dr. Oliver planted the seed of servanthood and leadership in my life at a very early age and I am blessed that he taught me how to stay motivated to lead teenagers today. Thank you, Dr Oliver, for inspiring me to follow you into the field of education in my professional life, and for the years of friendship. Congratulations, "well done thy good and faithful servant."

June 17 at 12:39 PM
Kay Long

Dr. Oliver is the epitome of an officer and a gentleman. Although he has a resume filled with distinguished awards, he is extremely humble, always celebrating others. Both my personal and professional life has been greatly influenced by this man. Thank you, Dr. Oliver. You are my hero.

June 09 at 8:35 PM
Robert Franklin

Dr. Oliver was the first inductee into the Tulsa Technology Center Hall of Fame. He was a foundational lynchpin in the formation of Tulsa Tech over 50 years ago. He is wise and seemingly clairvoyant as his ideas and recommendations in the education sector have paid dividends for tens of thousands of students and families throughout northeastern Oklahoma for decades. Dr. Oliver is a treasure to not only to common education but also to higher education institutions throughout the region. His peaceful countenance is reassuring, and he is known as a legend that you always want on your team. He is deserving of lofty regard as his community, his state, and his country would not be the same without him. Respectfully, Robert Franklin

May 31 at 4:38 PM
Judy Elliott

Dr. Oliver personifies gracious leadership, strength and wisdom. It is true that in most settings in the Tulsa metro area, including Broken Arrow, you can ask if someone has heard of or knows Dr. Oliver, and they do! He is an exemplary role model of one who served through their work, and continues to serve his community and state. He is always a welcoming face in a crowd, inclusive of all people, and a strong man of faith and integrity.

May 31 at 10:46 AM
Valerie Russell

Words cannot explain Dr. Oliver's passion for Education plus so much more. He was and has continued to remember names if past graduates. He has mentored me and many of his other friends! Thank you Dr Oliver for always seeing the cup half full!!!

May 28 at 8:25 PM
Janet Gray

It is an honor to know and acknowledge Dr. Oliver , a scholar and an a gentleman! He is most deserving of this award! He is an inspiration to all!

May 27 at 9:26 PM
Linda Jones

Dr. Oliver , has dedicated his life to education. Whether it was his years in the classroom, as a school administrator, an editor for the community newspaper, a Dean for Oral Roberts University 's School of Education or his numerous seat on boards across Oklahoma, Dr. Oliver is truly a "lid lifter." Mention the name Clarence Oliver any where in Tulsa County, and some one will tell you how he has positively impacted their lives. A natural story teller with an incredible gift of an historian, Dr. Oliver is able to weave together most of Oklahoma 's past in education in a way that captivates the listener. To meet Dr. Oliver is to love him. The ready smile and twinkle in his eye, draws you in. Dr. Oliver never forgets a face and he always is ready to assist especially if it is for students, teachers, and education in general. Dr. Oliver is truly deserving of this honor.

May 27 at 6:53 PM
Doris Watson

Congratulations Dr. Oliver! We all have know how great you are, now that is shared with others!

May 27 at 1:48 PM
Lori Lewis

I first became acquainted with Dr. Oliver in the course of my internship and employment at The Museum Broken Arrow. Dr. Oliver served as a board member at the time. Soon it became clear to me that this is just one organization that benefits from his time. Each of these organizations happily calls him a supporter and, more importantly, a friend. When I graduated with my Masters degree, Dr. Oliver spoke at the commencement. Hearing him speak of the rich history of Broken Arrow and a life spent in service inspired me to dedicate my career to preserve that history. For many years, Dr. Oliver served as the superintendent of the Broken Arrow school district, shepherding the school through some of the highest rates of growth imaginable. He serves on the board of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, is a member of the Rotary Club, is involved with his church, and gives freely of himself when he sees a need. He is also a retired Army officer. In 2015 the Broken Arrow Chamber of commerce presented him with a lifetime achievement award, an award that is now named in his honor. A listing of accomplishments cannot do justice to Dr. Oliver. He simply inspires people to do great things by doing these things. These everyday small tasks seem insignificant when taken in pieces but, when viewed over a lifetime, constitute a body of work that is unparalleled. Each and every day Dr. Oliver shows up at an event or lends his time to a group or does any of the other countless things that need doing. He does it day after day, year after year, and, in so doing, has built a lifetime of contributions that some may equal but none excel. His work, his perseverance, and his dedication are what ultimately make Clarence Oliver a most deserving recipient of this award. By simply sharing a room with Dr. Oliver, you will see the level of respect he is accorded. He has a natural dignity that cannot be missed. He has inspired me to do things I never considered possible. He has encouraged me on a personal level to become involved and help those that I can help. And what he has done with me, he has done with countless others. His example shows the rest of us what can be done by showing up and starting the work that needs done. Seeing it done inspires others to do what they can which in turn inspires others. The effect is like watching a wildfire. Dr. Oliver is that single, bright spark that has inspired me and countless others to make our community a better place.

May 27 at 12:55 PM
Carolyn Hodges

Dr. Oliver is an inspiration to all. I have never met anyone who exemplifies a true gentleman of faith and service as Dr. Oliver. I am proud to call him my friend.

May 26 at 7:29 PM
Paul Barrett

Dr. Oliver is the definition of a leader and a gentleman. I have worked closely with him on several community projects. He gives of himself unselfishly and untiringly. Our city and state would be a much different place without his leadership.

May 26 at 6:24 PM
Major Joe Mure'

Probably the most awesome man ive ever met. Dedicated to his craft as an educator is an understatment.

May 26 at 5:46 PM
Bob Baker

I know of one in my life for whom I hold in higher esteem. Clarence has been a good friend and supporter of my causes for over a quarter century together in the Broken Arrow Rotary Club. I enjoyed his historical tours of Broken Arrow and the books that he has authored. Thank you, Clarence, for your friendship and all your service to education and the community.

May 26 at 4:52 PM
Gladys Decker

Dr. Oliver has given so much to Broken Arrow, OK he should be the honorary Mayor Emeritus. He always makes himself available to speak to school children, civic groups and non-profits sharing his wisdom.

May 26 at 4:50 PM
Sheryl Morphew, Broken Arrow, OK

I believe Dr. Clarence Oliver deserves this honor because he has dedicated his life to service to our community and our children. He is an inspiration and an example of utmost integrity to not only our youth, but to all generations. There is none finer.

May 26 at 4:40 PM
Derek Blackburn

I cannot think of a more deserving individual than Dr. Oliver. He has been and continues to be an inspiration to our community and to our school district. Congratulations Dr. Oliver.

May 26 at 3:19 PM

Dr Clarence Oliver has committed his life to serving our community and he has infected hundreds of thousands with his positivity and compassion. I am a better man today because of his presence and influence in my life. Well deserved!

May 26 at 3:17 PM

Congratulations on your nomination. Thank you for your many years of dedicated service. We are proud to have you represent Broken Arrow, Oklahoma!

May 26 at 12:26 PM
Kate Buster

Dr. Oliver is the most respected men in Broken Arrow and probably Oklahoma. He earned this respect by working tirelessly for schools and his community. He is the most professional man I have ever met as well as one of the kindest. His influence in the community is unsurpassed.

May 26 at 12:08 PM
Tonya Wolfe-Bell

Dr. Oliver helped make Broken Arrow the "Greatest and biggest little small town in Oklahoma". His influence and hand print is on everything in BA that makes it a #greatdaytobeaTiger.

May 26 at 9:38 AM
Kristin Armstrong Brown

Dr. Oliver represents the best of Broken Arrow. He is a legend in his own right. Dr. Oliver makes people feel welcome and cares deeply for his country, state and hometown. Teaching at the school with his name on it makes us very proud. The students love him and respect him as he always attends special events at his school. He is a people's person. He loves doing the right thing, showing compassion to others and is a friend to all. He is humbled by the admiration which shows you the depth of his character. He is about bettering all and not about self promotions. This makes him the best person to receive this honor. We are blessed to know him and consider him our friend. Well done, Dr. Oliver.

May 25 at 9:52 PM