Matthew White - Faith-Based

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Matthew White works for a faith based hospital founded by the Sisters of St. Agnes in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He is noted for the service he provides not only at the hospital where he works, but the community that he lives -- his goal is to help be a voice for those who lack healthcare. Matthew’s journey is quite amazing. After struggling in college nearly a decade ago, he would tell you his self worth was shattered. However, in the years that followed, he rose in influence at St. Agnes, and, while working, returned to college to graduate with honors. He is a young, dynamic and respected leader at the hospital, in his household, and this hometown. In many ways, he credits John Maxwell for where he is today. He will tell you that John’s books have done more than teach him leadership tools, they have gave him the confidence to embrace his role at work, at home and in the community! 

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Casey Reilley

I have been blessed to know Matt for 17 years and privileged to grown up with him in every part of our lives; e.g. hockey, marriage, work, kids, ect. Through those years I have witnessed Matt in so many successful leadership roles; e.g. team captain, coach, husband, father, supervisor, ect. He has always, and continues, to be an outstanding leader and role model for everyone in his life. Matt has always been the type of person that will strive for the best in his life and for everyone around him. He continues to improve his leadership capabilities through continued education, building new relationships, accepting new challenges and creating new goals to reach for in the future. I have never known anyone that is more deserving of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award and I wholeheartedly support Matt in any and all future aspirations he may have.

June 06 at 8:04 AM
Chuck Weiss

Matt began his journey in life along with 12 other brothers and sisters in humble beginnings. He took on many responsibilities in that journey. He was home-schooled through high school. Because of his self-starting, hard work ethics, he began his journey at the hospital and worked his way up to where he is now - a very successful journey. His Christian leadership in his family is also evident. Matt is definitely worthy of this award.

June 02 at 8:10 AM
Derek Colmenares

Matt's faith and strength with his principles are clearly evident with his every interaction. His ability to listen with the ears and the spirit allows him to be very effective when performing the extremely sensitive work that he does. Matt is an exemplary leader and I'm blessed to work with him.

May 31 at 12:49 PM
Bill Daly

Matt is an aspiration to the over 3,000 associates affiliated with Agnesian HealthCare. I've had the pleasure to work with Matt at our cancer center and in his new role as patient experience coordinator. Matt is a young professional who is driven to make a difference in the care provided at Agnesian HealthCare! He is a true leader and a tremendous asset to our organization!

May 31 at 12:31 PM
Traci Haskins

It has been my honor and pleasure to work with such a professional as Matt White for more than ten years. His kind and compassionate nature has a way of helping others feel at ease. He is the truest of servant leaders with a heart of gold. His unwavering dedication and devotion to his faith, family and role at Agnesian Healthcare, are to be admired and applauded by all who know him.

May 31 at 11:16 AM
Jason Tate

Matt White is an amazing and inspirational leader! He is a humble, servant leader, that all of us can learn from and try to emulate more often. He is always available for teams in need of help. He is always the first to volunteer to participate in strategizing how our organization can improve, learn, and grow. Matt sets out every day to make a difference. Having a positive attitude is everything! And with Matt's constant positive energy, he will go farther than all of us. Truly the best of the best, and in the best way; he leads by example, he leads with compassion and grace and energy that motivates and inspires me every day. As iron sharpens iron, so a leader like Matt sharpens us all to be better leaders.

May 31 at 9:16 AM
Julie Schneider

Matt White has fought his way through educating himself from grade school on, and has worked so hard to achieve what he has. He is an amazing leader, and is so respected by peers, his employees, his family and his friends. It is against adversity that he has perservered and worked to achieve success and his main support was from above. His faith is undeniable, and his determination is unmatched. He is a wonderful person, father, and friend to many while remaining humble, and letting God lead him. We as his in-laws couldn't be more proud, and they day he graduated, we cried too because it was a day to celebrate Matt, His faith, and his endurance and determination. He is a truly amazing man.

May 31 at 8:20 AM
Mike DeGere

Matt White is one of the most gifted active listeners I have met. His leadership capacity shines in silence as brightly as it does in his words and actions. I value Matt as a trusted sounding board and guide, and he has been instrumental and gifted in navigating some of the most delicate conversations in his role as Patient Experience Coordinator. Matt's brand of excellence requires intention and discipline, and he blends that strong work ethic with his remarkable humility and inspiring faith in God. I am proud to work in the same organization with Matt and look forward to continuing to learn from him.

May 27 at 3:05 PM
Kimberly McCaskill

To me, and many others, this man is a leader because he first listens. "Making his ear attentive to wisdom and inclining his heart to understanding, (Prov. 2:2)." Matthew listens with compassion and gentleness. He gains wisdom not by talking but by listening. Listening demonstrates that you respect others and is the first step in building trust. He is a leader because he listens with his heart to his patients, his wife, his children, and, above all, our God.

May 27 at 11:40 AM
PJ White

Leading through humbling serving Christ each and every day, Matt White walks the journey of life as a disciple for the lord. It shows in his children, his marriage, and his craft. I am privileged to know this man.

May 27 at 8:59 AM
Donna Jost

I have worked with Matt for many years at Agnesian HealthCare; from an entry level associate through the transition to his leadership role as a supervisor in our laboratory and presently in his current position as a patient advocate. Matt is a servant leader, his daily interactions with patients and associates are grounded by his faith and his personal values. It has been a pleasure to see Matt develop and grow his leadership skills!

May 27 at 8:42 AM
Steve Little

This young leader is the real deal. Grounded in his faith and committed to the healing ministry of Jesus. What strikes me most are his listening skills which contribute to his thoughtful decision making and excellent outcomes. Matt is an excellent common sense thinker that considers the good of the whole and finds solutions where others would give up. His emotional intelligence exceeds all of his peers and is a huge factor in his ability to deal with patients that have encountered a negative experience within our health system. This world would be a better place if we had more Matt White's.

May 27 at 8:26 AM
Sue Edminster

I have had the pleasure of being Matt's leader for the last year in his role as Patient Experience Coordinator and to participate with Matt in our Mission Day by Day program. Matt truly embraces his work and continues to look for opportunities for personal growth. He is the voice of our patient and seeks out opportunities to embed our mission in his daily interactions. His has earned the respect of leadership and associates across the organization. He embeds his strong faith structure in all avenues of his life and works hard to balance all aspects of his wellbeing.

May 27 at 8:16 AM
Juan P. Villegas

I am blessed to have met Matt as a team member of Agnesian HealthCare, but through work interaction I am honored to say that Matt has offered more than a work relationship, he has offered friendship. Matt is a well rounded leader, from his work talks to casual gym talks, he always reflects positivity and offers advice. Matt truly lives Simply the Best standards both at work and outside of work, he is a natural leader. Thank you Matt for all you do and allowing us to be part of your leadership development.

May 27 at 8:15 AM
Peggy McArdle

Matt White is a man who puts his faith in the forefront of all of his decisions. He is an advocate for the patients who utilize our services, striving to provide a better patient experience, because he knows it is the right thing to do! He shares the Word with both leaders and frontline associates and then demonstrates his dedication to it in his actions. He is a positive role model for the associates here at Agnesian HealthCare and it is a privilege to watch this man develop into a strong leader.

May 27 at 7:55 AM
Jill Stenson - VP CNO

Matt is an Outstanding Leader -- his positive influence and fun communication style makes it Fun for the teams in striving for Simply the Best Patient Experiences!!! Matt is #1 in Leading patient care excellence--

May 27 at 7:39 AM
Andy White

Matt has a unique ability to manage several projects and continually produce work that exceeds expectations at the hospital. His leadership and ability to get things done are an inspiration to his family and friends. Even more impressive is the example he sets as a husband, father, brother, son...a true man of God. This achievement is a reflection of the dedication you demonstrate daily!

May 26 at 8:25 PM
Mike Feudner

Matt, you are deserving of this nomination. Through your actions you demonstrate what it means to live the Mission of Jesus Christ. You are a man of Christ and a positive role model for others. Good luck with this year's John Maxwell award. What an honor to be nominated!

May 26 at 5:09 PM
Brooke White

Matt has accomplished a lot at work but it doesn’t compare to the leadership role he has embraced at home. Through daily devotions, pep talks, and most importantly his TIME he is a solid leader in his three boys’ lives. He understands that leadership success starts in his home and comes from the LORD!

May 26 at 3:56 PM