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Norfolk, Virginia

For the past 24 years, B. Courtney McBath has worked diligently to realize an ever-expanding vision for ministry in Hampton Roads and beyond. In 1998 McBath founded Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries, an organization that serves Bishops and leaders in the U.S., Africa, India and the Caribbean. He is also the current President of the Hampton Roads Ecumenical Council of Bishops (HRECB), an organization established by the late Bishop Barnett K. Thoroughgood, to provide accountability and fellowship for members of the episcopacy and promote unity in the body of Christ. McBath has dedicated his life to teaching the truth of God’s Word so that all who hear can understand their significance in the Kingdom of God. His heart is to see people enjoy a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and walk in God’s will for their lives.

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I thank God for Bishop McBath dedication to teaching and preaching the Word of God. It was the Word that he taught which drew. It's the Word that he continues to teach which has helped me to continue my journey with the Lord during some very trying times. I have learned and continue to learn something new each day how to yield my will to the will of the Lord and be content. I have grown and matured based on the Word of God. Thank you Bishop for loving the souls that Jesus gave his life for by remaining faithful to your calling and feeding us with the word to help us walk in God's will.

July 24 at 10:49 AM
Suzette Douglas-Jones

Bishop B. Courtney McBath ministry has changed 3 generations in my family line. Because of his strong spiritual convictions Bishop McBath listen to the Holy Spirit and started a church in Norfolk,VA. I was going to church, however I was playing church, I would go on Sundays and still go club hopping feeling like a gave God His time now it's my time. I never had any strong convictions or knowledge of what God wanted from my life. Once I went to Calvary Revival Church on Little Creek Road, I found that I was sitting under a spiritual teaching that would transform my life. I wanted to know more about God, what he wanted from my life. I wanted to please GOD and not people. Looking back over my life I was going to bust hell wide open and my family was destined for the same. Until a man that the Lord sent to Norfolk, VA told me about a man name Jesus, and the teachings that were Holy Spirit led filled my broken life. Our family destiny is forever changed and the mere words of thank you seemed to small because Bishop McBath uprooted his entire family. To follow Christ leading and I just want to thank him and his family for obeying the call that God placed in his heart. Thank you God for loving so much that you allowed me to hear a word preached through Bishop B. Courtney McBath.

July 24 at 5:44 AM
Deborah .Brown

Dear Bishop.I am extremely proud of you. I have been under spiritual tutelage for 25 years.You deserve EVERY blessing that God has for you. You are my role model. It is your honesty,and humility are just a few of the gifts I pray to enhance. There is more to come.Congratulations my dear Pastor. Dr.Bishop B. Courtney McBath. Debbie

July 19 at 11:42 AM

Bishop McBath is a man of God that really loves God's people; all I know is that the simplistic way in which he presents the Gospel of Christ has allowed me and my family to overcome some great obstacles. We can really make application of the message to real life. Bishops' leadership style doesnt require members to do anything that he doesnt require of himself. I will continue to follow Bishop as he follows Jesus Christ. Congrats Bishop!

July 18 at 8:19 PM
Shantel Thomas

So thankful for Bishop and all he has taught me and my family. His teachings brought me through dark times in my life, led me to my husband, and continue to inspire me today. He is very deserving of this award. He is a blessing to so many in this world.

July 18 at 5:08 PM
Min. Matthew Stakes

One of the signs of a great leader is that their influence transcends generations. Dr. McBaths' leadership has not only affected me, but my parents, my in-laws, and children. The training and mentorship he has provided has equipped me to lead within our school system. our community, and within my home. I applaud the example and leadership of Dr. McBath. He is a leader of leaders that provides a timeless message of love and peace that has and will transcend generations.

June 25 at 10:48 PM
Cindy Jones

I'm happy to come into agreement with recognizing God's servants. Over the years, Pastor/Bishop McBath has stayed relevant and found ways to connect with God's people. As a member and PhD student living in Alabama, his office reaches out to me so that I'm aware of the monthly church announcements. He also challenges me to move forward being the leader that God has called me to be and connects me to vital and rich leadership training through webinars. Distance does not affect the anointing! I wish Pastor/Bishop well in ALL that God is calling him and Pastor Janeen to accomplish for the God's kingdom!

June 23 at 8:47 AM

I'm still gleaning from your wisdom! I appreciate your ministry. What an appropriate honor to be the highest nominee. Congratulations and Amen!

June 22 at 7:47 PM
Carol Johnson

Bishop McBath taught me more in the time I was going to Calvary then all the time I was going to my old church. I was thirsty for the word and was led to Calvary. It was one of the best experiences in my life, learning and worshiping! Free worship is the greatest gift I received. I felt at home immediately and to feel that way and learn it's amazing. I feel so blessed to have been apart of Calvary.

June 21 at 4:28 AM

Bishop Mcbath is one of the best examples of a serve leader I have seen. I just retired from US Navy and I have study leadership most of my time in the Navy. The Navy make some of the best leaders out of last 60 years the US Navy produce more Presidents than any other institutions . This is my background. He model how to be a father to men who have no clue since all the men they know personally was not good dad just help make a baby. He brakes down barriers for other by be a pioneer in the black church in the US. He is mission minded. His leadership style is to meet the physical needs before addressing the spiritual of his local community and national and global community. He stated people do not care what you know until they know how much you care. This is method of missions. He cares for all ages and all people groups all over the world from churches in Chine to Church in Dominica Republic and Europe and the Continent of Africa. He main focus is to impair his passion to next generation. He want to work himself out of a job and enable other to us there leadership ability.

June 20 at 9:36 PM
Mark Booth

Bishop McBath has impacted my family's life and I in a great way for about 25 years. He has been a spiritual father to us by us giving simple bible-based and pratical instruction in God's Word. The instruction ranges from godly parenting to preparation for kingdom leadership. His bold, yet soft heart communicates God's passion for the lost and broken. That heart has been transfered to me and my family. We appreciate the gift in him. Thank you Bishop McBath.

June 20 at 8:33 PM
Pastors Clarence and Deborah Keith

When I first met Bishop McBath 26 years ago I knew this was a man with a heart for God and people. He has always put Jesus Christ first, and taught others to do the same. I remember him as a humble and powerfully anointed man of God. I always marveled at the way he was able to remember your name, especially with the amount of members he had. He has truly been a blessing to me and my family. We will always love him and his family and pray for them and his ministry. Although my family and I may belong to another church, we will always consider Calvary as home. You are so very worthy of this honor. God bless you Bishop, and continue to keep and protect you and family. We love you.The Keith family

June 20 at 7:02 PM
Lori A. Butts, Esquire

B. Courtney McBath is not just your ordinary Pastor. He's an intuitive, visionary leader whose practical wisdom has inspired me to actualize many of my dreams. I launched my law practice after careful consideration and prayer. I am presently raising two daughters who love God and have an intimate relationship with Him. Bishop McBath is an authentic and family-oriented man who pours into youth and young adults in order to propel them into their God-breathed, respective destinies. Bishop McBath is a leader for all seasons. Thank you.

June 20 at 3:43 PM
Carmelita Black

This is a great honor on the weekend of Father's Day. You are a great spiritual father to many, so thank you for leading us to a relationship with our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are blessed to have you as our leader, teacher and spiritual father. Thank you for teaching us the Word of God from the Bible that transforms lives. Our lives have indeed been transformed as we continue to grow in the Word of God, even from a distance.

June 20 at 12:17 PM
Beverly Scott

In the seven years that I have been at Calvary Revival Church, Bishop McBath has made a profound impact on my life. He has taught through the Word of God what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. He has taught forgiveness and his unique way of teaching reaching the youngest to the oldest members in the congregation. Bishop McBath not only preaches the Word but lives the life that he talks about. I am a better person for being involved in his special ministry. I feel, he is more than worthy of the honor of the award that he has been nominated to receive.

June 20 at 10:33 AM
Min. Chris Marshall

One night in 1990 I turned on the TV and was flipping channels and came across a young man preaching the Word of God. A couple of weeks later my daughter asked me to take her to a Gospel concert at a church that her friend attended. Lo and behold there was the guy who I had seen before on TV. I stayed and watched the concert but what really caught my attention was how many men were also at this affair. Never before had I seen so many men in a church setting. Never the less I started to attend CRC on Little Creek Road. Next thing I know I had to relocate to Puerto Rico and I was able to share the teachings that I had learned with church members at the church I attended. The impact of Bishop's teaching of the Word of God plus his genuine love for mankind has made a major impact on my life and the people that I have encountered.

June 20 at 9:36 AM
Takaok Moore

Bishop McBath is an spectacular preacher, teacher, leader of leaders, business leader, leaders of disciples, leaders of God's servant, great example of a man of God, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, son an more. When I walked into Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk at very first time, I was impacted by his preaching and entire service, ever since CRC is my home and Bishop is my spiritual Father. I was born and raised in Japan where Christianity is not a center of the country. I didn't know anything about Christ for most of my life. When I moved to Virginia, I was just started learning about Christ that renewed my life. Bishop's teaching of Word of God and importance of having relationship with God, and providing me opportunities to serve others made my life stronger and wiser. Bishop McBath leads us not only teaching but being an example of many, he is a very humble and loving man. Bishop is a true leader, and I want to congratulate his accomplishment. Thank God for Bishop McBath!!

June 20 at 5:42 AM
sonica Murray

Bishop Mcbath is an awesome teacher. I remember when I first went to Calvary revival church when it was on little Creek road and the word was so powerful. I never heard a word like that before. It changed my entire family. Sitting under Bishop I know he hears from God because it was some things in my life no one knows but me and the Lord and God delivered me from them. He is a true man of God. I want to say congratulations for being a nominee, and I'm speaking through faith that he will win it in Jesus name.

June 19 at 9:56 PM
Dr. Melanie Patterson

Bishop McBath is a leader among leaders. I've learned so much about life under the ministry of Calvary Revival Church. It is a privilege to be able to serve and share the talents that the Lord has blessed me with. My life has changed, my family has grown, and I have matured into a leader myself. I bless God for the obedience and sacrifice Bishop sowed over the last 26 years in Norfolk . I look forward to many more years of pure awesomeness serving with an excellent leader.

June 19 at 9:13 PM
Junius Moyler

Bishop McBath has has a tremendous impact on my life as a believer and leader. He has personally encouraged me to pursue leadership opportunities and supported and encouraged me when I lacked the confidence to accept my leadership call. This confidence has been displayed in ministry and professionally.

June 19 at 9:12 PM
Danielle Flood

I can get deep andspiritual; I can even get intellectual, but I am going to say this, if it was not for the obedience of Bishop B. Courtney McBath to do as the Lord says, I wouldn't be the Woman, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Aunt and Friend of God I am Today! I cannot think of a more deserving Man of God to receive such an award as this. The Leadership he displays among our congregation is impeccable! I am grateful to be a part of such a dynamic church under he and his wife Pastor Janeen McBath's Leadership!

June 19 at 8:22 PM
Margaret Maggi Curry-Williams

Bishop McBath was responsible for me finding my way back to church after a crisis of belief ( as dos robed by Blackaby) . He leads with extraordinary commitment to his assignment as Pastor and Bishop. His sermons are strategically empowering in building disciples, which is what God has called us to be! He is a brilliant teacher and has surrounded himself with strong and committed leaders. He leads with integrity and in loving cooperation with his wife and Co-Pastor!! He provides leadership training to the pastors in the assembly of churches, which is critical to their growth and that of the Kingdom. Although I have not always been a member of CRC, I have always admired Bishop's leadership ! Great man of God.

June 19 at 6:00 PM
Micah Harris

I am so proud of Bishop's accomplishment! Thanks for all you have taught me and many :)

June 19 at 4:47 PM
Alexandria Payton

Bishop McBath is an awesome spirtiual leader who knows how to connect with any audience . Bishop McBath and I aren't even in the same age bracket (I'm only 25 years old) yet he was able to reach me through the word . He has inspired me to keep striving for greatness no matter what leaps and bounds I had to take to get there . He always reminds us that God never gives up on us , we give up on God . I'm so thankful to have a connection with such an anointed man ! Thank you for everything you do Bishop !

June 19 at 4:00 PM
Iris Hughes

Bishop McBath, He is a great teacher and spiritual leader. He always have an inspirational word at the right time..

June 19 at 3:18 PM