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Olympia, Washington

Shellie Willis is responsible for Partner with the Camo 2 Commerce National Emergency Grant. Within two years created career pathways, fellowships and employment opportunities. As co-chair for the Washington Military she is responsible for the Transition Council Employment Committee developed mapping and definitions for future veteran focused events in collaboration with statewide workforce development councils. Her and her team created a talent development training model with the Fischer Foundation resulting in over 150 service members and spouses receiving their Lean Six Sigma White Belt. Currently, she is serving as Pierce County WorkForce Development's Director of Strategic Initiatives where she is responsible for collecting and overseeing labor market quantitative analyses, leading workforce innovation and opportunities act local planning, convening authority for county, city and regional partners promoting career pathways, economic development impact and job creations, and hosting strategic visionary plans for executive leadership.

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Shellie is a strong, talented, motivating, and vibrant leader! It has been great working with Shellie the last three years and observing her passion and commitment.

June 06 at 10:42 AM
Sean Murphy

I have had the chance to work with Shellie for the last two plus years. She has brought her leadership, passion in serving those that have preceded her in transition, and larger than life personality to a dynamic group of individuals that make up an extraordinary team. Her work has led to new programs, and support systems have made a real difference the lives of her fellow veteran, and those in her community.

June 02 at 7:03 PM
David Krause

Ms. Willis is definitely a leader. Why? She is not a boss. She leads by example, says "we" instead of "I." She develops people. Ms. Willis has brought me out of my shell, she has coached me on how to be a better person. She gives credit to her team and she never has said, I did that. Ms. Willis generates enthusiasm (oh my God) in such a big way. Ms. Willis has never coached from behind-she is always in front and says "let's go" and we do!!

June 01 at 10:03 AM
MaryEllen Laird

Shellie Willis is a confident leader with a vision of the accomplishments she wants to reach. She has the ability to create strategic plans for herself and her team. She allows her team be responsible for themselves and values them. She builds strong relationships with team members and associates and is very considerate in her interactions with everyone. She handles conflicts appropriately and creates a positive work environment. Shellie is very motivated and has a strong sense of her primary values about what is correct and what is wrong. Her words and actions are always consistent and in alignment and she is able to remain calm in times of difficulty.

May 27 at 3:07 PM
Bruce Louis

Shellie Willis is a strong leader and a asset to her community. She has a high level of energy that never quits I did occasion to working with people of all backgrounds is astounding. She is an effective leader of cheograph and dance to children, teens, and young adults.

May 25 at 3:31 PM
Sarah Worley

Shellie Willis is a luminary leader both through her military service and her now continued service and efforts giving back to Washington's veterans, military families, and growing communities. I'm honored to work with her through a partnership with the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Hiring Our Heroes. She demonstrates exemplary leadership, passion, and commitment in her professional and personal networks. Her dedication with workforce readiness initiatives and beyond make her an unparalleled force for positive impact.

May 25 at 3:10 PM
Jaire Winesberry

Shellie Willis is a strong willed visionary with a heart of gold. Her high energy and ability to capture and engage an audience reminds me of Oprah Winfrey. I've had the privilege of working with Shellie on numerous projects and initiatives supporting Veterans transitioning back into society.

May 25 at 12:04 PM
diane najm

Shellie is an amazing leader with a heart to help women and others lead, shine and connect to resources to help them grow. I was most impressed by her inspiration and ability to motivate others.

May 25 at 12:01 AM
Mark Fischer

Shellie has consistently been an engaging and passionate leader who takes responsibility seriously. She has been very instrumental in creating a number of innovative programs and concepts to enrich the lives of veterans and their families.

May 24 at 10:17 PM
Gloria Steward

Before one can become a leader one must learn how to serve. Shellie has learned how to be a servant through her passion, her willing to help others, and her desire to make sure that others reach their goals. She also shows it through her service to the country, her community and her family.Through example she has displayed how to be a leader. Unselfishly, she goes above and beyond to make sure whomever she is helping reaches their goals.

May 24 at 8:52 PM
Sondra Phillips

I have had the honor and pleasure of having a personal and professional relationship with Shellie for nearly 20 years and one thing that has remain consistent is she “Leads by example”. Leadership can mean many different things and is a valuable characteristic in any person. As a Platoon Sergeant, Drill Sergeant or Master Sergeant in Charge leading young soldiers on and off the battlefield while serving over 20 years in the Army, that leadership is tough but has the ability to turn any group into a team that functions as a family unit. When she wears her different community leader hats you may see her take the led feeding the homeless or organizing a food, coat or toy drive; which pulls her local communities together into a cooperative, supportive and highly successful team. The precious leadership hat of Motherhood was worn as she set the example by organizing a Women’s Empowerment Conference for her then and many other teenage girls to uplift the mothers and daughters of the community; building a positive attitude amongst all and strengthen self image. Lastly, you can find this veteran leader being a key player improving the transition of her fellow veterans to civilian life creating a smoother path by leading from the front. No matter which leadership role Shellie is in you will find her up front providing a vision, a goal, setting standards, directing a team and recognizing what others bring to the table. Coupled with her nurturing spirit and confidence, Shellie’s leadership qualities has always been the epitome of an outstanding leader and she is most deserving of this award.

May 24 at 7:38 PM
Andrea Wynne

I met Shellie more than a year before she became my supervisor and from day one, everything about her said "LEADERSHIP"! She is encouraging, inspiring and hard-charging but caring. While working for Shellie, I witnessed her organize several events for the local community and for veterans at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Her passion and purpose are crystal clear and has brought resources, hope, and joy to many people. Even after I moved on to a different position, Shellie has been a mentor to me and I have been continuously in awe of her ability to connect with just about anyone in any setting. She is a prime example of a hardworking, unique and talented professional.

May 24 at 7:05 PM
Bridget M.Blossom-Love

Shellie Willis is an amazing leader, mentor, and lady. She positively touched many people's lives during her over 20yrs of military service. She continues to impact other through her endeavors assisting Veterans transition from military to civilian life. She also mentors and teaches empowerment to women. She epitomizes intelligence, strength, class, and grace. I am honored and proud to call her family.

May 24 at 6:07 PM
Brandon M. Wigington

Shellie has been my direct supervisor for three years now and I do not believe I could have had a better person to work for. It is not the most common thing to have one of your employees saying that you are a tremendous leader, but here I am doing just that. Shellie supports her staff in the good times and the bad and ensures that they are taking care of themselves first and foremost. Shellie has a huge heart and only wants the best for those around her; as part of her staff I can say she refuses anything less than that. I am quite certain that there are several people who could be deserving of this award, but I can assure you that Shellie would support and congratulate whoever was chosen, and to me that is but a small example of what makes Shellie the great leader that she is. As an employee of hers, I can honestly say that Shellie has already won the leadership award in my eyes regardless of the outcome of this honor.

May 24 at 5:29 PM
Dimas Fonseca

I met Shellie 15 years ago and the discipline she instilled me I have passed down to those I serve with. She is a leaders leader and I am honored to have her as a mentor in my life. You can only benefit by having her in your life as her positive energy influences those around her.

May 24 at 5:10 PM
Greg Mowat / Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce

Shellie is an exemplary individual, a Veteran, a 1st class collaborator, one who understands leading-ship, and a colleague of humble character! I and the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber are honored to work with her and recommend her for recognition for the many hours that she dedicates to our community, and transitioning Veterans. Shellie is an inspiration and role model in the arena of making the world a better, fairer, and more humane place!

May 24 at 4:59 PM
Kevin Hayes

I have worked with Shellie on a number of workforce training projects and found her to be a highly skilled leader. She consistently redirected energy where it was needed, making quick decisions to move away from nonproductive avenues. She recently took on a huge role helping launch the first-ever Redefining Yourself two-day workshop for more than 50 local women transitioning from military to the civilian workforce. With virtually no budget and a one month lead time, she pulled in appropriate favors from a host of connections and made the event one of the most effective in this space.

May 24 at 4:50 PM

Shellie is a star only destined to go higher. She brought all her traits as a senior non-commissioned officer into the business world and continues to live the non-commissioned officer motto of be, know, and do. Her level of professionalism and personal drive encourages others to want to be only the best and her strategic vision and innovation will create a lasting legacy in any organization she is part of. She continues to give back to active duty, veterans, and spouses and realizes that her team excels together in meeting the mission of WorkForce. She is doing amazing things for Washington State veterans and helping meeting Governor Inslee's executive order of reducing overall veteran unemployment. She is well deserving of this award and I look forward to continue getting to work with her and learn from her.

May 24 at 4:47 PM

Shellie is more than deserving of this recognition. She brings humor, empowerment, resource, training, dance and laughter to the lives she has and will impact for the many years to come. We enjoy working alongside with Shellie as she embodies the true representation of leading by example.

May 24 at 4:35 PM