Santina Fryer - Community Service

Baxley, Georgia

Santina Fryer is Founder of GLAM (Girls Leading Advocating and Mentoring) and GENTS (Guys Engaged Now to Succeed), both Mentoring and Youth Leadership Programs whose mission is to help youth DREAM, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE. Many of these students come from poverty and broken homes but GENTS and GLAM gives them an outlet to dream and prepare for more.  Santina provides college tours, leadership sessions, educational events and tutoring. She has changed the lives of over 80 students and worked two jobs to get it done. She has been allowed to run this group mentoring program within the Appling County School District. She also founded the Southeast GA Youth Coalition, comprised of youth serving organizations from 10 counties to impact youth in rural Georgia.

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Jarina James

Santina plays an instrumental role in the success of our young people, in Appling and surrounding communities. Without her, so many young people would not have access to the mentoring and travel opportunities they enjoy today. I'm so very proud of her accomplishment of receiving this nomination. Congratulations to you Santina, well deserved.

May 25 at 10:31 AM
Jada Smith

Santina is the epitome of community service, her hard work and dedication to our youth alone deserves ten awards!! She is changing lives day by day, couldn't have picked a better nominee myself. Congratulations you deserve this!!

May 25 at 6:45 AM
Haley Kilpatrick

Santina is the real deal and her heart for our youth during their most formative years is most inspiring. She serves them, leads them and teaches them through life altering experiences. Their love for each other is mutual and she has undoubtedly changed countless lives for the better.

May 25 at 6:40 AM

Congratulations, your heart is to give everyone the opportunity to succeed. You work hard at this by investing your time and resources into all community events. You are a rare breed. Thank you for all that you have done for our area.

May 25 at 6:38 AM
Leah Thomas

Congratulations Tina !

May 25 at 6:22 AM
Selina Copeland

Congratulations on making top 100, Santina! I can't think of a more deserving individual. Your passion, willingness and commitment to serve others is inspiring. Never stop doing what you love. . . It's changing lives. Our community is forever indebted to you!

May 25 at 3:55 AM
Grace Habersham

Congratulations Santina you deserve to win the 2016 John Maxwell Award. You love the community and children you mentor in your area and surrounding area. You are well spoken and very knowledgeable when speaking in the community. Whether speaking with a friend or business leader. We love having you as a speaker I our leadership meetings. You always have something new to teach or encouragement for the group. You are not intimidated by others because you understand that the information you have to offer can fix some of their leadership problems or strengthen their own leadership, if your plans are implemented. You are a leader in the community. Congratulations again you deserve the best.

May 25 at 1:49 AM
Dr. Lavonia Smith

Congratulations on making it in the top 100. Keep pushing forward!

May 24 at 10:49 PM