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Wyandotte, Michigan

Matthew Folding currently works in the Steel Industry as a Utility Technician Lead.  He is also an ordained minister, strength/fitness coach, peer mentor, and a volunteer in the community.  Matthew is a huge influence to everyone around him to work harder, work safer, and plan be better everyday than the day before.  He is always thinking of others first and pushing and teaching others to lead.  Whether he is working, coaching, or mentoring he feels developing a strong bond with individuals is the key ingredient to successful leadership.

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Tony Bartley

It is a pleasure to have Matt as a leader in our department, he brings back enthusiasm to a much needed area of the plant . Matt has excellent skills of listening ,teaching and sharing along with the willingness to learn everyday. Congratulations Matt on a much well deserved honor as the top 100 in the country.

June 15 at 7:13 PM
Tom Borne

Matt has always had the best attitude no matter what the circumstance and is always there to help when he can. Matt leads by example because of his willingness to go above and beyond in every task that he tackles. Matt is a joy to be around in an industry that doesn't always bring out the best in people.

June 15 at 6:48 AM
Ron Burnette

I have known Matt Folding for several years. Matt works with tireless energy and passion and exemplifies the attributes of a great leader. To start with, Matt is simply a good person with a great attitude. He is a person of high integrity and has a genuine care and concern for the wellbeing of his coworkers and people in general. Possessing these great qualities serves as a natural guide in the course of good decision making and makes Matt a pleasure to work with, but there is certainly more to being a great leader. Leadership is all of those great personal qualities, but is also very much about influencing the right behaviors in others. Leadership is about taking people to levels in their professional and personal life that they wouldn’t otherwise achieve without your mentoring and guidance. Leadership is all of those things and perhaps as equally important, leadership is about being able to make the “hard right” decisions. Matt exemplifies all of these attributes. Matt has earned the trust and confidence of his coworkers and colleagues through the consistency in which he works, communicates and gives support and constructive feedback in a teamwork environment. I have witnessed the listening skills of Matt when working with others and he conducts himself with a high level of respect and humility. Matt is regarded as a great leader among his friends, family and colleagues. Because of his desire to grow, his leadership skills will only get better with time. This is a great opportunity to recognize someone who truly deserves such distinguished recognition as the John Maxwell leadership award.

June 14 at 4:47 PM
Diane Larkin

Matt, your strength and compassion to be the best person you can be shows in everything you do. The words respectful, leader, hard worker, loyal, positive are only a small portion of who you are. I'm honored to know you for you are truly a wonderful human being.

June 14 at 12:35 PM
Mike K.

Matt continues to develop his leadership abilities daily which is one the biggest attributes of being a great leader. Matt leads by looking in the mirror to improve himself on a daily basis. You cannot be a leader without followers and Matt as you can see by all the comments definitely has many followers that look up to him at work and in the community. Matt has no problem making the hard right decisions that most leaders are unwilling or unable to do.

June 13 at 10:51 AM
Heather C

John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership, but knowing how to lead is only half the battle.” Matt Folding not only knows how to lead, but demonstrates and shares his knowledge to others through his example every day in his work and his teachings in the company leader meeting every week. He is professional, focused, respectful, cheerful, and always takes the time to say hello. His passion for his work, whether performing his duties as the leader of his department, teaching the leader meeting, or ensuring the safety of team members or contractors is a shining example to all who have worked with him and has earned him the respect of his coworkers. I am fortunate for the opportunity to see such an amazing person grow and develop into the leader that he is today and look forward to seeing how far he will go.

June 13 at 7:27 AM
Brian Russeau

Matt is a great leader he has a outstanding work ethic and true passion for safety. Matt is a true leader because he will try to bring you out of your comfort zone to expand your capabilities to better yourself. Matt always shares his knowledge of the work place to better his coworkers.

June 12 at 9:31 PM

Matt is one of the nicest human beings you ever wanted to meet. His leadership and passion towards his job and fellow co-workers is untouchable. If you ever needed to rely on a person to get things done, Matt's your man.

June 12 at 12:32 PM
Amazing leader

Matt has always been a good leader since I met him, he has always gave me guidance at work, and talked to me about things outside of work. He is always looking to help others succeed and become a better teammate. I personally have grown in many ways at work by watching his ways and learning from his guidance.

June 12 at 11:30 AM
Michael Hurst

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Folding for 2 1/2 years now. He was one of the first people that I met here, since he was one of my interviewers when I was looking for employment. His passion for what he did and who he wanted me to become was a drawing force that I could respect. His consistent positive attitude towards challenges that we will face together helps those of us that work with Matt to accomplish more than we would be able to on our own.

June 12 at 11:21 AM
Gabriel Zajas

I've had the pleasure of working with Matt for several years now and I can say his leadership is second to none. His hard work, dedication and passion for excellence is an inspiration to us all. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor and award.

June 10 at 8:36 PM
Mark Chernuta

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Folding for about 18 months. It quickly became aware to me that Matt is one of those stand-out people that is involved in many of the positive things that happen around the plant. He is a great leader in his area and leads by example on his projects. He is a pleasure to work with and always has a positive attitude. Matt is also a key person in our weekly leadership meetings. He presents interesting and positive topics which encourage the others to get involved. I feel that Matt is very deserving of this award.

June 10 at 3:49 PM
Michael Shafer

“Leadership develops daily, not in a day” Matt practices the Law of Process with his consistency, discipline, and work ethic at he performs his responsibilities at our facility. He is thoughtful in his dealings with people as issues arise and shares his experiences and learnings with daily safety contacts to dozens of co-workers. Mr. Folding also builds those around him up as he facilitates weekly leadership sessions that provide a means to develop their own practices and philosophies for leading others and themselves. He is respectful of and respected by peers and company leadership alike. This is well-deserved recognition for an outstanding colleague. Congratulations, Matt!

June 10 at 3:29 PM
Heather Bryan

Matt Folding is a remarkable leader. It is a pleasure to work beside him at EES Coke. Matt has all the great attributes of what a leader should have. He is committed to building new leaders. He is very generous with his time and is devoted to helping his co-workers, family, and community. Matt’s energy motivates people to succeed. He is an extremely caring individual that has a willingness to listen, shows appreciation, and has an empathetic perspective.

June 10 at 1:49 PM
Terry Wagaman

Matt is the true depiction of a leader. He has the ability to inspire others to be better in the things they do and leads by example. He is always willing to help others out when anyone asks or if he isn't doing his own work and always with a smile on his face. His passion for his job, company, and safety shows not only in his quality of work but in his desire and willingness to teach others which is why he is a natural at co-chairing our companies Leadership program. Great Job Matt

June 10 at 1:16 PM
Brian Baker

Matt Folding is in inspiration for everyone who works at EES Coke. For example, during a leadership meeting some time ago I recall a statement that I will always remember. "Be a champion even if no one is looking". When I think of Matt I think he mirrors this statement. He is working very hard in leadership and strives to inspire everyone. I'm very proud of Matt and all of hard work. Furthermore, he always gives 100% in every aspect of the job. He is 100% accountable for himself and 100% accountable for every one he works with.

June 10 at 1:07 PM
Nicholas Slatinsky

When I think of Matt, inspiration comes to mind. He the type of leader that I wan't to be. Hard working, dedication, and motivating are just a fraction of the qualities that Matt possesses.

June 10 at 11:48 AM
Blake Smith

Matt has true passion and talent when it comes to motivating and teaching the workers and players around him. He is enthusiastic about bringing the best out of the workforce not being the best out of the work force. Matt leads through others and that's what makes him such an uplifting individual. I can devote my hard work and leadership as a team player and now as a worker to Matt Folding.

June 10 at 9:43 AM
Gary Rice

Matt Folding is an inspiring individual. His constant efforts to help develop those around him is sincere and passionate. I am confident that Matt will continue to grow as a leader and bring many others up with him.

June 10 at 9:27 AM
Jeff Gorka

Matt Folding is a definition of a true leader I've work with matt for the past five years and his ability to lead others is like no other, Matt had grown in the company because of his passion towards safety and leadership. The way matt Interacts with the team members is a special thing that only great leaders have. He was the first one to jump on the opportunity to run leadership meetings every friday and does an excellent job performing them. I would like to thank matt for coming into work everyday with a positive attitude and always willing to help others and hope He gets recongnize for his hard work and dedication.

June 09 at 7:18 PM
Daniel. Ratkov

wow matt congratulations. you so deverve to be recognized. your always someone i can count on to lend a hand or answer a question. your a valuable part of our family here at the plant so hats off to you Matt!!!

June 09 at 3:56 PM
Tracey Lehmann

I've know Matt for quit some time now and day one, I could tell he was a very passionate person with great leadership skills. He has always strived to do the right thing by others and himself. Matt looks everyday for ways to become a stronger leader while teaching others to do the same. He is an incredible young man who has a lot going for him. Congratulations Matt! You are truly the best!

June 09 at 12:43 PM
Kevin Smith

Matt Folding was my football coach in high school and my team leader at EES for around 2 years. His positive influence has led both teams to success! He cares about his people and helps them better themselves. Matt is a excellent leader and keeps getting better. It has been a pleasure to work with Matt throughout the years.

June 09 at 10:00 AM
Jason Gross

Matt continues to be somebody that follows through with initiatives. I believe one of his biggest strengths is being able to connect with people and influence through not only speaking but by his actions. He is somebody that is easily likeable simply because he listens and is respectful around his peers. Matt is somebody that you definitely want on your team.

June 06 at 3:56 PM
Anita Martinez

Matt is a very unique and blessed young man, with his many talents and leadership abilities AND interest in becoming the best leader he can be- Watch out, he is young and just getting started. We have a real asset with Matt and I can't wait to see him become one of the industries best ! Congrats Matt.

June 06 at 3:19 PM