Arliss Dickerson - Faith-Based

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Arliss was a Baptist Campus Minister for 30+ years on 2 campuses in Arkansas.  He had very strong programs and part of that success was due to the fact that he is an incredible builder of leaders.  He poured himself into developing students from all walks of life into believing in themselves and helping them to achieve more than they ever imagined when they entered the campus as a freshman.  There are hundreds, really thousands, of alumni from his program working as senior pastors, missionaries, heads of companies, leaders in their communities and everything between. Nothing Arliss shared was rocket science with the students but the main thing he spoke of was--Doing things well.Arliss retired 5 years ago and still continues to help mold leaders, except now as a part-time consultant for the National Baptist Collegiate Ministries, where he leads a team that puts together a National Summit for Collegiate Ministers every few years.  He loves sharing the wisdom and lessons he learned in his 30+ years of ministry with current collegiate ministers.  He also does so through books he has written and a blog that he posts on daily.  Many people would say that Arliss helped them be who they are.

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David James

Arliss is the real deal, not just for young leaders, but for anyone who is teachable and wants to know about the nuts and bolts of life and or ministry. Thousands have gleaned from his leadership and I would be one of those.

June 02 at 7:05 AM
Lisa Rogers

Arliss walks through life with us as students. I had a tough decision to make between serving in New York City for a summer or serving in Orlando. Arliss met me for lunch on very short notice to pray over me about it. After I had come to realize that New York is where I was headed I had another problem with having very little time to fundraise a large amount. Arliss helped me with that as well. He's played a major role in my life as well as my fiancé. He'll be the officiant in my wedding this December. I am so thankful for his advice and the love he pours into students.

May 27 at 7:55 PM