Colin Louis - Community Service

Canton, Ohio

Colin Louis is Interim President and CEO of Greater Stark County Urban League.  He served 20 years in the United States Air Force as a Healthcare Administrator which brought immense training and travels that helped shape his leadership aptitude and desire to see young adults excel in all areas of life especially education. Colin leads the development of an agenda to empower African Americans in realizing their full potential, commensurate of all other Americans through education, research, advocacy, and provision of services. He works collaboratively and cooperatively to build synergy between faith based and community stakeholders.


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Joanne Taylor

Colin Louis is a tremedous young man who I have the pleasure of working with in the community. This young man has brought hope back into the lives of the at risk youth in our community. He's has impacted all of our lives. He's brings light where there is darkness, he brings faith where there is none. I have watched him touch the lives of our youth in such a positive way.Some of those youth that were selling drugs hanging on the corners everyday are now thanks to Mr. Louis are either enrolled in school getting an education or are now gainfully employed. When I enter the center where Mr. Louis works It never cease to amaze me to see Mr. Louis encouraging not only the youth but their parents as well. In conversating with Mr. Louis you always leave with a new joy and hope for better in your life.Mr. Louis is not only deserving of this award but he earned it. He is not a man who likes to be in the spotlight but he is deserving of his accolades!!! We encourage you to please give Mr. Louis his roses and make him the 2016 John Maxwell award Winner!!!!

May 27 at 10:43 AM
Aquilah Johnson

Mr. Louis is deserving of this award because not only is he a great person. Mr. Louis is father to me. When i became pregnant( I am 17) I was told that my life was over and that I ruined my life. It was Mr. Louis that told me that I am special and I can achieve anything that i want in life. Mr. Louis told me that my child was a blessing from God not a burden like everyone was telling me. He was the one who encouraged me to stay in school. No one else believed in me,but Mr. Louis did. He calls and checks on me everyday and he tutored me in those classes that i fell behind in . If i couldn't get to school it was Mr. Louis that picked me up and took me. Mr. Louis is the reason why I am not on depression medicine because I could talk to him about anything and was not judged. After my parents divorced my father became absent in my life but you know what, I don't miss him because I have and will always have Mr. Louis. Because of Mr. Louis I am now getting ready to graduate and will pursue my nursing degree.Mr. Louis not only affected my life in a positive way but countless of others. I call Mr. Louis my father because he does things that a father should do. My success is due to Mr. Louis. I thank him and would very much appreciate it if you would give Mr. Louis this award because he deserves it. I love you Mr. Louis!!! - Aquilah

May 27 at 10:31 AM
Kathleen Johnson

I have had the pleasure of growing up and working with Colin. Colin Louis is a prime example of what a Leader should look and act like. I have the pleasure of working with Mr. Louis here at the Greater Stark County Urban League. Colin has the heart of Christ. He's loving and kind and caring. Colin goes above and beyond to take care of his community. Mr. Louis has impacted our youth in a way that no other community leader has ever done. He's supportive and encouraging and guiding those at risk youth in a positve direction that otherwise they would have not known or taken. We here in the community of Stark County,Ohio are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, kindhearted,compassionate,humble,humorous young man such as Mr. Louis leading our community. Mr. Louis is more than deserving of this award and the community of Stark County will support Mr. Louis all the way. We beg of you to consider Mr.Coin Louis for the 2016 John Maxwell award.

May 27 at 10:15 AM
Dartameon Leonard

Colin Louis is by far the most innovative individual I know. He is supportive in his local community and during his time here in the Hampton Roads area I worked along side of Him in Ministry as He displayed those same skills. Colin has a heart for the people and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone's needs are met. He's been nothing but a Godly example to me and have shown me how to keep the passion in whatever it is the God assigns me to do. Colin isn't one that loves the attention of others but this top 100 nomination he's deserving off and we the community here in Newport News/Hampton Virginia will support him all the way. PLEASE consider Colin Louis in the next phase of this nomination.

May 26 at 9:11 AM