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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Lee Truax is the President and CEO of CBMC USA. CBMC is a non-profit organization connecting thousands of business men and women to a common cause to lead using biblical principles. Lee very much embodies John’s philosophies in what he shares and says with others. Lee is a member of the Global Leadership Team for CBMC International responsible for marketplace ministry operations around the world. He has been blessed to speak internationally on the joy of walking with God in the marketplace and the power of relationships. Lee also has a part-time role with the NFL and has served on the New England Patriots Stats’ Crew (a game day assignment) for the last 25 seasons.Prior to CBMC, Lee worked as a Senior Business Development Executive in the IT industry for over 20 years. He is a graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, PA, and also holds an MBA in Leadership from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. He and his wife Lisa have 7 children ranging in age from 27 to 11 (6 boys and 1 girl) and one grandson.



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Paul Johnson, Director of Leader Advancement, CBMC INC.

"Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations." This description from Peter Drucker speaks to the leadership heart and skills of Lee Truax. He consistently calls those around him to excellence by casting a compelling vision and then modeling the way of engagement. Lee thinks globally and has encouraged me to incorporate my personal passion for international leadership advancement into my role of developing ministry leaders in CBMC USA. In addition to being a leader worth following Lee is a skilled personal practitioner of the ministry principles and processes that CBMC seeks to develop in business and professional leaders around the United States and around the world. It can easily be said that Lee Truax is a highly effective and influential leader who lives out the characteristics of a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ. It is my joy to serve with him and my privilege to recognize him in this way.

July 03 at 12:55 PM
Alan Smith, Area Director CBMC Northland

I've had the honor and pleasure of working with Lee since 2010. ALL types of leadership pose significant challenges. Leading a ministry focused on appropriate evangelism and discipleship through the business leaders that drive our economy and our communities brings a whole new level of scrutiny from "our enemy the Devil". Despite the challenges, Lee has done an extraordinary job of leading the re-invigorating process of an 85 year old ministry. On a modest budget, Lee has taken a tight knit, lean staff to create cutting edge ways in which to reach a whole new generation of leaders born into a digital world. Lee exemplifies the attributes of a marketplace ambassador leader. He loves Jesus, listens well, cares for people, is a visionary, and willing to take calculated risks in order to push the boundaries of the status quo......content but not satisfied. The John Maxwell Team made a fantastic choice by recognizing Lee Truax as one of your Top 100!

July 01 at 10:04 AM
Tom Bradicich, PhD

Lee us a selfless leader, and well loved by his colleagues and employees. Lee's gifts and skills include vision, tenacity, resolve, and a good ethical business sense.

June 29 at 7:45 PM
Rob Gonzalez

I have had the pleasure and privilege to call Lee a dear friend for close to 35 years. During this time I have always witnessed a Godly consistency and character in the way Lee lives his life for Christ. Lee truly possesses a burning passion to know God and to make him known to the world. He has consistently led the Ministry of CBMC by example and has been a true witness of what it means to totally live your life for Christ. As the Field Operations Manager I have witnessed Lee’s leadership skills firsthand. Lee has been the visionary and catalyst to bring to fruition a revolutionary, World renowned, on-line digital resource called The Marketplace Ambassador Advancement System (MAAS) @advance.cbmc.com. Anyone can utilize the rich on-line resources available such as the 10 Attribute Study, Electronic Operation Timothy (eOT), and the Living Proof video series all free of charge. The 10 Attribute study will assist a person to become a more effective Marketplace Ambassador for Christ in accordance with 2 Corinthians 5:20 which notes that we are therefore Christ’s Ambassadors. eOT is a premier life on life or small group discipleship tool which reflects the mentoring relationship Paul had with the younger Timothy, and Living Proof is a reality based video series that encourages believers to present the gospel in a natural and believable way through lifestyle evangelism. These are some of the rich on-line resources available to everyone free of charge with the express purpose of equipping and assisting men and women to be effective Ambassadors for Christ in the Marketplace, which is Lee’s heartfelt desire. Due to Lee’s passion and leadership the MAAS has been delivered with a global focus on reaching people right where they are to help them become all that God designed them to be. As a result of Lee’s efforts this on-line ministry tool has transformed the Ministry of CBMC and continues to minister to people throughout the World for Christ.

June 29 at 3:21 PM
Steve Trice

I was blessed to be the chairman of the CBMC Board of Directors when Lee Truax was prayerfully unanimously selected to be President of CBMC. Lee's background as a committed reproducing disciple of Jesus Christ , his family and his leadership background in the information technology industry made him the right fit for an organization needing to prepare for reaching out to younger and future generations. Lee has now led the organization to design and implement leading edge interactive highly relational technology tools that both promote and facilitate the relational discipleship process that Jesus modeled 2000 years ago but is now customized for 21st century Christians. In addition Lee has surrounded himself with highly qualified people who are facilitating the expansion of the ministry to many additional cities and developing new interactive relational methods of ministry that appeal to today's busy business and professional men.

June 29 at 10:17 AM
John Posey

I have a distinct pleasure of working with Lee for the 1 1/2 years. What I have observed about Lee is first and foremost his passion for what he believes in. His ability to communicate about his vision and engage his team is off the charts. Lee truly values his team members and provides incredible opportunity to develop his team members in their gifting and talents. As a members of Lee's team I am challenged to grow and produce higher results because of the investment Lee is making in my life. I am truly grateful that my lid is lifted and that I can reach my potential. Thanks Lee for the amazing value you are bringing to my life.

June 28 at 8:35 PM
Brian Eekhout

I first met Lee Truax when he presented the vision and challenges facing Christian business and professional persons in the marketplace to a group in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lee skillfully combined a long established vision of CBMC with changing demographics, audiences and generational issues. From that vision the marketplace ambassador initiative has emerged as well as modernization and digitalization of key training and operational programs of the ministry of CBMC. Lee is a vision carrier of note and not just to large corporate audiences, I have seen Lee just as animated and enthusiastic in a small home group setting, which for me, underpins his passion and great insight into the challenges and wonderful opportunities afforded by his clear calling. His sharp mind, focus on the job at hand and ability to inspire others to take up the baton is inspiring and has ignited similar passion in countless others to do likewize. A true leader indeed.

June 27 at 1:36 PM
Phil Stone

It is a pleasure to chronicle Lee's leadership victories here at CBMC. I have been a member of Lee's management team since he came aboard as President. Under his tutelage, our ministry has flourished in a number of areas. He came with a vision to transform two of our premiere evangelism and discipleship tools, Operation Timothy and LicvingProof. Lee felt strongly that for these resources to be relevant in the 21st century they needed to be offered digitally and not just some baseline product, but rather top quality every step of the way. He ignited that stealth undertaking by rallying a tremendous donor base and today both Operation Timothy and LivingProof stand as testimony to Lee's prowess and determination to restore both off these premiere offerings. Under his leadership, CBMC is back in the national conversation in areas such as: sharing Christ with the lost, helping men who know Jesus become all they can be, and re-defining what it means to integrate your faith with your work. In 2014, Lee made a bold decision to have CBMC Inc., host the World Convention in Orlando, Florida. His decision was a tremendous success for all who attended and will serve as a model for the upcoming gala in Belfast in 2018. Lee is a hand-on leader who places a high value on being visible around the nation and around the world. His calendar reflects a keen desire to get out among his constituents across the nation and also around the globe. When I think of Lee Truax, I think of a determined leader who casts a confidant and positive vision for this outstanding ministry.

June 27 at 9:10 AM
Trevor Pascoe

I have been involved in leadership within CBMC South Africa for a number of years. Lee Truax has been a God-given gift to the CBMC ministry not only in the USA but worldwide. Lee's vision for the ministry is infectious but also extremely well directed. In SA we have been looking for changes for the CBMC ministry to be more relevant to the corporate executive leader and the technological changes have been significant. We now have our discipleship programme available on tablet and mobile as well as access to World Convention videos. The Marketplace Ambassador programme is what every Christian businessperson needs to go through and adopt. Lee has overseen these initiatives and has just launched the CBMC Leadership Institute for senior leaders that will continue to impact the marketplace with great Christian leaders.

June 27 at 7:01 AM
F J van Rensburg. Manager CBMC South Africa

Since Lee became the CEO of CBMC USA we as CBMC South Africa have really benefitted from his Leadership. His drive for new and positive change in today's challenging marketplace ministriy is an ongoing inspiration to us. His servant leadership style with strong personal testomies have touched many lives and is a real example to follow. Personal and as a ministry, CBMC South Africa, we are very thankful for a leader ,like Lee, especially in this time where clear Godly leadership is needed. Always positive, always ready to help, with a clear Vision and practical steps to accomplish it. It also show in his personal live, as father and husband - a real excample for every one. Thank you Lee for what you mean to me personal and as leader in a foren country.

June 27 at 4:45 AM
Tom Swaim

Lee and I worked together at Bethany Gospel Chapel in New England for many years. He was a great leader with vision and had gift to handle a diversity of people, age groups and situations. His impact in our community is still felt today.

June 27 at 4:42 AM
DR Agus Hartadi

Lee Truax has been a close friend and colleque in CBMC International ministry. His passion and commitment to minister are very strong. He has proved his humility and wholeheartedly leadership in anything he is responsible to do. CBMC USA has been growing significantly under his leadership and he is also on of the key players for international marketplace ministry. He and his wife Lisa has built such a wonderful family in such a distracted world. For His glory!

June 27 at 1:53 AM
Mark Whitacre

I agree with Jason Coffey's comments above. As the National Director of Field Ministry under Lee's leadership. I too have learned a lot from his excellent leadership skills. Lee has consistently cast vision for the future, led with a servant’s heart and encouraged me to develop in my leadership within the organization. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of CBMC under Lee's leadership. In addition, his communication skills (both written and verbal) are some of the best I have seen, and I have learned a lot from him. God is at work in the marketplace using CBMC, under Lee's leadership. I am very excited to see God's vision continue to unfold and watch the impact of CBMC in the marketplace in the years ahead.

June 26 at 6:11 PM
Jason Coffey

I have been privileged to serve under Lee as his Development Director for the last 4 years. During this time, he has been a constant in my life. He has given me room to develop, asked powerful questions, engaged me in strategic planning and vision casting, and has always believed in my abilities, even when I didn't believe in myself. He is a man of integrity such that his actions line up with his words, and I've seen him bring unity to CBMC, humbly lead our organization, as well as speak into the larger global marketplace ministry direction, while holding fast to the absolute truth of scripture in all decision making. His comments are well thought out, he inspires his employees to excellence, and he maintains the highest standard for himself and our organization. CBMC, and especially his 6 direct reports owe him a great deal of gratitude as he has developed us, coached us, and given us room to thrive and grow. Under his leadership, we have also seen CBMC around the globe (92 countries) grow stronger, the message has been unified through all of these organizations, and we have refocused for the next generation. We have grown as an organization 15% per year for 6 years, and I see no reason why this won't continue and accelerate under our unified direction and his biblical leadership!

June 22 at 11:37 PM