Steve Finn - Family/Youth

Morgantown, West Virginia

Steve is doing amazing things for troubled boys in West Virginia. Eleven years of police work in Georgia gave Steve Finn a heart for youth. Wanting to make a bigger difference than he could make wearing an officer’s badge, Steve and his wife Dawn decided to become houseparents at Eagle Ranch. Soon after they felt led to find some land in the mountains of West Virginia to emulate something similar in establishing "Chestnut Mountain Ranch" just outside of Morgantown. Steve and Dawn, along with their three children, Abbey, Hunter, and Garrett, have been dedicated over the past 6 years to bringing the Ranch from vision to reality-- seeing first hand lives being changed! Steve looks to leverage John Maxwell’s leadership values, his faith, and a servant’s attitude in what he does. Additionally, Steve is a gifted speaker and mentor.

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James Jolly

We have had the honor of knowing Steve and Dawn for over 15 years as we worked together as police officers. Steve was an exemplary police officer and I saw firsthand his concern and compassion for disadvantaged youth even then. We got to watch and visit as Steve and Dawn committed to completely focusing their efforts to their call for service to the youth at Eagle Ranch. Steve and Dawn live their convictions as demonstrated by the daunting task of planning, building and living their vision of changing and improving countless young lives that otherwise likely would have been hopeless and hapless. Their personal sacrifices and challenges are in stark contrast to the inspiration and example performed daily by these two humble servants. I know of no more worthy a recipient for this award than Steve Finn and am awed and humbled by his friendship.

July 15 at 7:08 PM
Robert Duffy

I have visited the Ranch on many occasions and have led teams of youth from the Fredericksburg Virginia area to help support this great ministry. You have to see first hand the miracles God has performed through Steve and Dawn in making the Ranch a place of refuge for so many struggling boys.

July 13 at 10:16 AM
Dick Tash

Steve founded Chestnut Mountain Ranch on faith in God's leading. He went to West Virginia because there was no other institution helping troubled boy teens and their families in the State. Steve and Dawn vowed to follow Biblical principals and not incur any debt. They would depend on their hard work to go out, meet people, tell them the need and pray for God's results. From nothing, they obtained the land, built an Administration Building and now two large homes, each supporting a home leadership family and seven boys. More homes like this are coming. Now they are building a school that will house 70 boys. The need is great. There is always a waiting list to get to Chestnut Mountain Ranch. The vision goes on to have seven complete homes and the school program. Steve has spoken at our Friday Morning Men's Fellowship of 50-60 men here in north Georgia. His leadership and speaking skills were so evident to our men. His vision, faith and determination have made a gigantic impact on families in the West Virginia areas. The Christian values taught at Chestnut Mountain Ranch are changing the lives of these teen boys and their families. These changed lives will live on in their next generation and the ones to follow.

July 09 at 2:29 PM

Steve has changed so many lives with his hard work and dedication. It's amazing the stories I have heard and the lives he has touched. What a amazing man and orginazrion he had built. God Bless !

July 06 at 10:59 PM
Cathie Plyler

Years ago I watched as Steve felt God leading him to create a safe haven for troubled boys in West Virginia. He had a dream to build what is now Chestnut Mountain Ranch-a place that offers Christ centered teaching and guidance to boys in need of direction for their lives. I believe that God honored Steve's faith and passion to help these young boys. God clearly equipped him with amazing leadership skills. The Lord has blessed Steve's tireless work to make Chestnut Mountain Ranch a sanctuary for boys in distress. Today as in the beginning Steve continues to grow the Ranch, expanding opportunities to grow boys in need into men with a purpose.

July 05 at 8:23 AM

After spending the last 4 days volunteering at the ranch, it is easy to see the amazing leadership Steve Finn possesses which is fueled by his passion for helping those in need. God is doing great work through Steve and I, personally, am so inspired after experiencing this first-hand this week.

June 23 at 6:30 PM
Liz Wyatt

Steve Finn's leadership at Chestnut Mountain Ranch in Morgantown, WV is making a strong, positive impact on young boys and their families. I have watched Steve and their family give their all to their vision and growth for the boys homes, administration building and Christian school that are being constructed at the Ranch.

June 22 at 5:54 AM

Steve is one of those guys you want to follow. One way that he leads is by example. He is driven to work hard and trust God to provide. Steve is humble in his leadership as well and he looks out for the best in his staff more than himself.

June 17 at 8:48 PM

You know the feeling when you meet someone who is truly after Gods heart. You sense that he walks with God in a way that, I imagine, shares some similarities with Elijah. I have never met someone who has turned down such a bright earthly future in exchange for an inexpressibly brighter future for Gods kingdom. He stepped out in faith to change his and his family's path mid-career. He began Chestnut Mountain Ranch with no guarantees and there have been many times that the only way to continue was literally an act of God. This man, Steve Finn, through his life has expanded my understanding of faith and I know without a doubt that he is walking the path God is laying out.

June 17 at 10:57 AM
Kari Lynch

Steve has vision, he is driven, and is a voice for those under-served and without resource. More importantly, he is compelled by the Gospel and willingly gives himself over to the work set before him by God. It is Christ that compels and provides all that is reflected in and through Chestnut Mountain Ranch. Steve's heart is for Christ to be glorified and he is not afriad to walk by faith to allow God to bring it about.

June 17 at 8:37 AM
Kevin Armstrong

There are people you meet and know immediately that they have a quality that propels them forward. A quality the inspires people around them to work harder for the cause. What Steve and his team at the,Ranch are doing to help young boys find there way is amazing. In this small town of Morgantown, Steve has built a place making a huge impact. Excited to see the outcome of his nomination.

June 16 at 11:46 PM
Allison Woods

Mr.Finn is a man of integrity, giving so much to his community to help at risk teen boys. His vision has given hope and help to the hurting. The community of Morgantown and the greater community of WV is lucky to have him here. A true leader and visionary.

June 16 at 8:57 PM
Donna Evans

Steve Finn and his organization had been such a blessing for my son and our whole family. So very grateful!

June 16 at 11:27 AM
Karissa Loring

Mr. Steve Finn and his family have given their all to help at risk youth in our area and it's truly his passion and life's work to be of help to make a difference in the children and families lives that he works with. He has a wonderful program in our community that is unmatched and he also has wonderful staff that help him run this program without wavering. He is deserving of this award for his sincere efforts to help touch lives in a positive way and to impact the children served for the greatest good possible!

June 15 at 5:48 AM
Kim Sheets

God gives us fine examples of His children that we can learn from and try to emulate: Moses, Abraham, David, Paul, and then there is Steve. He is a man after God's own heart. He is the real deal- an honest man full of integrity, humility, faithfulness, meekness and strength. In my opinion, Steve would represent the John C. Maxwell leadership team well.

June 14 at 9:29 PM
Clay Jarrell

Steve is a hard working visionary, whose life work is to see young boys and their families come to know Christ and experience true healing. His tireless leadership is currently impacting lives, which as a result is bringing positive change to the community and impacting generations to come.

June 14 at 9:22 PM
Trina Cutright

No one is more deserving than Steve Finn. He is an amazing husband, father, boss and friend. Because of Steve and his vision to help at risk youth lives are being changed and families are being restored. He leads by example and makes working at the Ranch a joy.

June 14 at 8:50 PM
Michael T. Rae

Steve Finn is a young man who, after several years of police work, had a vision for a group ranch for young men in need of guidance and direction. He founded Chestnut Mountain Ranch and developed it from a large patch of land to a working ranch with group homes for boys in need. Steve Finn has touched the lives of dozens of young men for the better. Steve is the perfect role model for the young men. He has the support of the Morgantown community, his extended church family all over the US, his wonderful wife and three children, his extended family and a multitude of friends. The Maxwell Team would do well to select Steve Finn as their 2016 Leader of the year.

June 12 at 12:30 PM
Lisa Minor

Steve is a leader committed to advancing the gospel and restoring lives not promoting his own name. He oozes humility and a dedication to meet obstacles with a deep hope in the redemptive message of the Gospel. I count it a privilege to have met him and experience his passion for those that others have long given up on.

June 09 at 2:02 PM
Joyce Nisbett

Steve's God-given leadership abilities and his concern for young men who need love, safety from the storms of life and a Godly example, began long before Chestnut Mountain Ranch became a reality. Steve has been obedient to the vision that God placed on his heart in spite of obstacles too numerous to mention. He has worked tirelessly while listening to God's voice, and trusts God to provide the necessary tools that are needed to provide for the at-risk teens. I am confident that, under the leadership of Steve, for generations to come, Chestnut Mountain Ranch will be a place where young men's lives are transformed by the power of God in an atmosphere that allows them to become the men that God intended them to be.

June 07 at 11:22 AM
tony nunley

Steve Finn is a Godly Family Man with full intentions of following God wherever he leads. The ranch is an example of going out in faith to create a place for young men to grow up serving in a Godly environment . I encourage you to get to know Steve and become involved in the Boys Home in some way , it could be physically, financially and always prayerfully .

June 06 at 6:37 PM
Jeff Amedro

It takes leadership to build something out of nothing. It takes leadership to cast a vision so compelling that others want to work for him, raise support for him, and contribute their time, treasure and talent for him. Steve would never say they are doing it for him, but rather that they are doing it for a cause that will not only change a community, but will change the world ...of the boys he serves.

June 05 at 9:02 PM
Karen Morrow

I have had the privilege to work at Chestnut Mountain Ranch on several summer servant trips and had the pleasure of meeting Steve and hearing his story. I don't know many people who would leave the comfort and security of a successful career and step out in faith to serve God. Steve and his family risked everything, trusted God, and obeyed God's calling in his life. Amazing and inspiring! His testimony inspires and challenges me to be the servant I am called to be.

June 05 at 12:07 PM
Bradley clodfelter

Steve is one of the hardest working people I know. He also has a huge heart and is willing to help those in need. I am blessed to work under his leadership at Chestnut Mountain Ranch.

June 04 at 4:36 PM
Roberta Wade

Steve Finn has been a blessing in a family member's life. Thank you.

June 03 at 12:55 PM